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Bay State Baby Boom

For years, Massachusetts has been losing population. People have been fleeing the People's Free Democratic Socialist Republic so quickly, they are in danger of losing a Congressional seat after the next census -- or two.

Well, I know a couple of people who are working to fight that trend. And they've just celebrated another victory.

Congrats, Jay and Deb.


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Congratulations to the pare... (Below threshold)

Congratulations to the parents!

When I saw this it had a rating of 1/5 (1 vote cast). The Lefty trolls must be upset that a human successfully made it out of the womb. They prefer babies are killed, not born.

You say it's your birthday?... (Below threshold)

You say it's your birthday? It was my birthday too ! (except I'm at 41). Happy Birthday to you! A good date to be born on.

This is sure to get over po... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

This is sure to get over populationists wackos like PAUL EHRLICH upset you know how this carcked urn whines about over population espeacly in his two books THE POPULATION BOMB and THE POPULATION EXPOSION proves he is a nit wit






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