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Meanwhile, back at the Election

Over at Wizbang Politics, we're continuing our never-ending quest to supply political junkies with their off-season fix. A few recent topics:

Purge, Comrade? . . . the Left monitors elected Democrats for ideological purity.

Hillary pulls ahead in Iowa . . . a new poll has the former First Lady taking the lead in a state Edwards has been organizing for nearly five years.

Rudy and Fred mix it up . . . Thompson aims at Rudy's NYC gun record; the Mayor's team hits back.

Edwards' political obituary . . . Silky Pony, we hardly knew ye.

Indiana Dems fear Hillary effect . . . her high negatives have the down-ticket worried in the Heartland.

And more . . .

Thanks to reader John in CA for this idea, which is much better than my last attempt at shameless promotion.


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Comments (3)

I resolve to kick the blues... (Below threshold)

I resolve to kick the blues and try poli anna.

Who knew the Dimocraps were... (Below threshold)

Who knew the Dimocraps were so close-minded, bigoted, and yes, fascist, when it comes to the ideology of their party members.

What big tent???

Hey, just wanted to say the... (Below threshold)

Hey, just wanted to say the new layout looks fantastic.






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