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Finally, We are Seeing Some States Crackdown on Illegal Immigration

First in New Jersey, Attorney General Anne Milgram has issued a directive that orders police to ask suspects of violent crimes their immigration status and to report suspected illegal immigrants to the Feds:

The requirements, which go into effect immediately, apply to suspects arrested for specific indictable offenses and for driving while intoxicated, Milgram said. If the suspect is unable to prove he or she is legally in the United States, the police officer is required to notify Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, she said. The policy also specifies that prosecutors and courts be notified.

Local officers cannot inquire about the immigration status of crime victims, witnesses to crimes or persons requesting police assistance, she said.

"The overriding mission of law enforcement officers in this state is to enforce the state's criminal laws and to protect the community that they serve," Milgram said. "This requires the cooperation of, and positive relationships with, all members of the community. Public safety suffers if individuals believe they cannot come forward to report a crime or cooperate with law enforcement."

The 7-page directive also sets guidelines for municipalities that apply to federal immigration officials for Section 287(g) authority, which deputizes local, county and state officers to enforce federal immigration laws. While the directive grants the full exercise of federal immigration authority at county jails and state prisons for incarcerated undocumented immigrants, Milgram said, street cops participating in 287(g) could invoke federal immigration authority only after an arrest is made.

Morristown's application for 287(g) authority, the first in the state, has generated heated debate in the Morris County community. One other New Jersey municipality has inquired about the program, according to ICE officials, who would not identify the town.

This is undoubtedly in response to Jose Carranza, one of the illegal immigrants who viciously hacked and then executed four New Jersey college kids after being charged with raping a five year old girl. Michelle Malkin has the details of what these animals did to the college kids, which has similarities to MS-13 style killings. Officials are now acknowledging that these criminals have MS-13 gang affiliations. Michelle also included a list of the attorney generals in all fifty states and DC. Call them and insist that they do what New Jersey's AG has done.

Additionally, illegals are leaving Oklahoma in record numbers in advance of a new state law that will focus on deporting illegal immigrants back to their home countries. Note in this article, however, that those who are leaving in fear of the law aren't even described as illegal immigrants; instead, they're simply described "Hispanic."

Tens of thousands of Hispanics have left the Tulsa area. And, a law designed to crack down on illegal immigration hasn't even taken effect yet. But, there's a catch.

East Tulsa is where the majority of Hispanics ended up settling. They came by the thousands and now they're leaving that way, too. And, it's all because of one word -- deportation.

Business owner Simon Navarro came to America for a better life. And, he found one on Tulsa's east side.

"I have 11 years here in Tulsa," he says.

But, a tough new state law has much of Tulsa's immigrant population fleeing for fear of deportation.

Of course, the author of this piece ignores the fact that Mr. Navarro just didn't come to America but crossed into this country illegally, yet he's being portrayed as the victim.

So where are the illegals going?

Most illegal immigrants are ending up in either Kansas or Arkansas. But, that may not be for long. Arkansas is about to adopt a law like Oklahoma's. Kansas is considering the same thing.

These states are all moving in the right direction, but more has to be done.

Update: Well, isn't this just lovely. The US government is one of the biggest employers of illegal immigrants:

If President Bush is serious about getting tough on U.S. employers who hire illegal aliens, he can start with his own administration, which employs thousands of unauthorized workers, says the top Republican on the House immigration subcommittee.

A 2006 audit showed federal, state and local governments are among the biggest employers of the half-million persons in the U.S. illegally using "non-work" Social Security numbers -- numbers issued legally, but with specific instructions that the holders are not authorized to work in the U.S.

"Let's clean up our own house, let's especially clean up the federal employment of all those working for the federal government," said Rep. Steve King, Iowa Republican and ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee's immigration subcommittee.

According to the 2006 audit by the Social Security inspector general, 17 of the 100 worst employers using employees with non-work numbers were government agencies: seven federal agencies, seven state agencies and three local governments. That means the government knows who those employees are, but usually does not go after them.

Only who knows how long the government has been hiring illegals; I have a hard time believing that the practice just began with President Bush.

On a related note, recently deported Elvira Arellano argued that the US broke the law first by not enforcing its own immigration laws to begin with; therefore, those who cross the border illegally shouldn't be held accountable. Although she probably didn't mean to, her point actually helps the anti-illegal immigration cause because it's what we've been arguing for a long time. When the government refuses to enforce our borders, we encourage more illegals to flood the country.


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Comments (13)

Just out of curiosity, how ... (Below threshold)

Just out of curiosity, how do we know Mr. Navarro is here illegally? I couldn't glean that from the article.

Hopefully no one will get h... (Below threshold)

Hopefully no one will get hurt as the lights come on and these cockroaches start scrambling.

Cities and counties in Nort... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

Cities and counties in North Alabama are adopting new ordinances requiring confiscation of vehicles for driving without a license, or driving on a suspended/revoked license. There's been a huge uptick in these offenses here in the last few years, and the numbers are showing that drivers without a valid license are nearly always illegals. Plus, this offense is associated with more serious offenses (DUI, leaving the scene, failure to appear on a previous charge, stolen cars). Police are realizing that the previous policy of just writing a ticket and letting them go amounted to catch-and-release. Now, the vehicles will be confiscated, and the offender will have to show a valid license to get it back. Plus, ownership of a vehicle cannot be transferred while it is in confication.

And soon the infamous and n... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

And soon the infamous and notorious ACLU will sue claiming these forgein crinimals have the right to stay knowing how evil the ACLU is

It seems Bush is the bigges... (Below threshold)

It seems Bush is the biggest employer of illegals.


Kim;This is OT but j... (Below threshold)

This is OT but just had to ask;

Over at JOM you indicated Allawi as a favorite son along with Sistani. How do you get your advance talking points?http://www.iraqslogger.com/index.php/post/4040/subscriptions/subscriptions/splash.html Very disturbing.

Hos did that happen?<... (Below threshold)

Hos did that happen?

Irrelevant link deleted. Cleo, if you want to establish the topic for discussion, start your own blog. And if you need the time to set that up, I'm quite ready and willing to make certain you won't be wasting your time around here.

Of course none of this is e... (Below threshold)

Of course none of this is evidence that merely threatening to deport illegal aliens will accomplish the task as they leave on their own - no, no - of course not. Didn't anyone tell Oklahoma that they can't possibly figure out how to deport every illegal alien in their state so they shouldn't bother doing anything? Their plan clearly cannot work. Time to set up taxpayer funded loitering stations for hopeful illegals to get a job and maybe offer to pay to bring their families to the US and set them up with some of that welfare stuff. Ayuh.

When you pickup your "day l... (Below threshold)

When you pickup your "day laborers" at Home Depot you best check 'um for machetes.

Did someone mention the Huf... (Below threshold)

Did someone mention the Huffington Post??!!
Bwhahahahahahah.... We could use a good laugh.

I know of one FOOLPROOF way... (Below threshold)

I know of one FOOLPROOF way of getting ALL illegals out of the U.S.

Have them start voting Republican.

Tough crackdowns from DC to San Francisco will come faster than Bill in Monica's orals.

Did he just say that ?........ (Below threshold)

Did he just say that ?.................................Yep, he sure did.

Hey, I got one: Just make a law that they must inhabit the neighborhoods of those who make it easier for them to stay/get here. Then, tough crackdowns would happen faster than john edwards can say, "Yes, there ARE 2 Americas and you're a tenant in mine. Here's your '3 day notice to quit'. Have a nice day y'all -and stay outta my dumpster."

ICE crackdown in San Fransi... (Below threshold)

ICE crackdown in San Fransicko? Ha! Highly unlikely. The scumbag mayor there doesn't want the Feds messing around. Along with NYC, it's the most notoriously "sanctuaried" city in the U.S. So far, the Feds have only done a few busts in Marin Co. There are at least 5 million illegals in the Bay Area, and at least 15 million in CA alone. Don't believe the numbers by the CENSUS. Supposedly, illegals are moving out of CA for GA, N.C., etc. A lot going on out there...






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