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The Flying Imams Finally Drop Suit Against John Does

From The Becket Fund:

One week after being asked by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty to sign on the dotted line, the "flying imams" did just that, dismissing all claims against the unidentified passengers who reported the suspicious behavior of six imams aboard a U.S. Airways flight in November. When the attorneys for the imams included the unidentified passengers (who they listed as John Does) in the complaint, The Becket Fund demanded that the passengers be dropped from the suit and announced that it would represent for free any passengers who were identified and formally named. When the imams' attorneys pressed ahead, the Becket Fund submitted an amicus brief, asking the court to dismiss the claims, and then sent another letter with a blank notice of dismissal for the imams' attorneys to sign. Following further briefing, the imams' attorneys today relented and finally dismissed the John Does.

It's about time. The whole idea of suing people because they report suspicious behavior is not only ridiculous but it's also offensive because it's an nothing more than an attempt to intimidate, bully, and frighten Americans into silence, which would allow would-be terrorists to go about their business without any fear of being seen.

Michelle Malkin has more including the motion for dismissal filed by the imams' attorneys.


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Comments (11)

Interesting Board of Direct... (Below threshold)

Interesting Board of Directors of that Becket Fund. Kudos to 'em.

A,ll bet the lawyers will b... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

A,ll bet the lawyers will be disapointed

As predicted. There was ne... (Below threshold)

As predicted. There was never need for the John Doe law.

As jpe said.... (Below threshold)

As jpe said.

So I presume that jim and j... (Below threshold)

So I presume that jim and jpe will be picking up any legal bills the John Does incurred so far, and will be glad to do so if the Imams reinstate their suit.

Look up "Sword Of Damocles," guys. That's what these John Does get for doing what we've all been told to do, what we all say we should do -- watch for and report behavior that strikes us as suspicious.


jpe and jim have no friggin... (Below threshold)

jpe and jim have no friggin clue. Let one of them get slapped with a suit from these bozos and have to fork out the big bucks for a lawyer. They'll be wailing a different tune. Until then, I have nothing to say to either on the matter.

Well, I may be making a mas... (Below threshold)
Linoge Author Profile Page:

Well, I may be making a massive assumption, but I think it is safe to say that both jpe and jim are completely safe from being subjected to a suit like this one, Oyster. I mean, neither one would have dreamed of reporting the imans, because such a thing would obviously be a case of racial profiling, islamaphobia, and general purpose hatefulness.

Jpe and jim are way too nice for that kind of thing.

No doubt, they'll also be v... (Below threshold)

No doubt, they'll also be very polite when they present their necks to the local reps. of, "The religion of perpetual outrage", when their "recruitment program" gets underway.

I'll bet the John Does can ... (Below threshold)

I'll bet the John Does can countersue. They've been damaged.

Hmmm, I wonder why they dro... (Below threshold)

Hmmm, I wonder why they dropped the suit so suddenly? I mean, it wasn't even an out-of-court settlement or backroom deal, but a total cave-in. Could it be that they realized there were things they didn't want coming up in discovery?

I wondered a little too, OM... (Below threshold)

I wondered a little too, OM, but assumed the Becket Fund presented them with an airtight case.






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