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Would-be assassin to be paroled

Arthur Bremer, whose attempt on the life of Presidential candidate George Wallace in 1972 left Wallace paralyzed and three bystanders wounded, will be paroled from a Maryland prison in December, Ben Nuckols reports for the Associated Press:

"It appears at this point in time that Arthur Bremer will be leaving the Maryland Division of Corrections sometime in late 2007," said Mark Vernarelli, director of public information for the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services. "He has served all of the sentence for which he can be held."

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Bremer has served 35 years of a 53-year sentence for shooting Wallace and three bystanders at a presidential campaign stop in Laurel on May 15, 1972.

Read it all at the link above. Bremer has served longer than the typical Maryland inmate for similar crimes, and can't be legally held much longer. Still, political assassination - whether or not successful - is really an assault on the political system as much as on the targeted individual. These people ought never see the light of day again.


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Its too bad some did,nt dri... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Its too bad some did,nt drill him right throught the head and the same for JOHN HINKLEY

I disagree. To say that jus... (Below threshold)

I disagree. To say that just because it is politically motivated makes it somehow a worse crime, is buying into the bogus argument behind hate crimes laws.

I'm with Steve.Tho... (Below threshold)

I'm with Steve.

Though, someone doing something awful to a certain sitting President would probably be made the King/Queen of MA.

A side note, Bremer had a s... (Below threshold)

A side note, Bremer had a significant effect on Electoral politics. He stopped the momentum of Wallace's campaign and McGovern went on to the nomination. A contested nomination in 1972 may have emboldened conservative Southern Democrats. I've always wondered if a successful Wallace convention fight in 1972 would have eclipsed James Earl carter's political ambitions.

Amazing. You get 53 years ... (Below threshold)

Amazing. You get 53 years but the most they can make you serve is 35 years. The legal system is definitely Bizarro World.

Jim,Sorry, but can't... (Below threshold)

Sorry, but can't agree that killing an important politician, or attempting to kill one, is a worse crime that killing or attempting to kill some convenience store clerk. Stephen has it right.

1972 might well have been f... (Below threshold)

1972 might well have been far more interesting had Wallace not been shot. For instance, it happened in May . . . had Wallace survived to fight on, would there have been a Watergate break-in a month later?

Actual footage (warning: graphic).

Stephen, Mike, and Yo ~ I don't see it as akin to "hate crime" laws. We already have laws making it a separate crime, for instance, to attack a federal official in performance of his duties, and several states have special laws protecting firefighters and emergency personnel. That's my take - naturally, you have every right to disagree.

I'm with LenS... how can th... (Below threshold)

I'm with LenS... how can they not continue to hold him when he's got 18 years of his sentence left? Is it a lack of space in the prison?

JimHadn't considered... (Below threshold)

Hadn't considered that but the Watergate angle is intriguing.

BTW,I think current ... (Below threshold)

I think current sentencing guidelines would indicate that Bremer served far more time than simmilarly convicted defendents then and now serve. I caveat that with the admission that I don't know if Bremer had any prior offenses that might aggravate the charge in the Wallace shooting. But if he didn't, he served far longer than other perps served for similar crimes.
That said, an Alabama jury or parole board would have been the least of his concerns....

Well, Artie may be getting ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Well, Artie may be getting paroled, but his penis still has 4 life sentences.

John Wilkes Booth was shot ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

John Wilkes Booth was shot in a tobaco barn in KENTUCKY the assasin of GARFEILD was HANGED and the assasin of McKINNELY was FRIED

"That's my take - naturally... (Below threshold)

"That's my take - naturally, you have every right to disagree."

And I do Jim. I do.

I agree that those laws exist and that they are similar to the position taken in your original post. But for the reasons I stated in my original comment, I don't agree that they should.

It goes to the idea of justice being blind and all being equal before the law.

Bremer received a quantity ... (Below threshold)

Bremer received a quantity of mercy he never gave to Governor Wallace and the bystanders. George Wallace suffered from terrible pain and bowel problems as result of this shooting, and the resulting health problems probably contributed to his eventual death. No one should have suffered so much because of the acts of some nut like Bremer. Bremer certainly received a real break.

It was tragic that so much violence took place with figures on both sides of the racial debate during 1960's and early 70's. The killing of Rev. Martin Luther King was another tragic case of someone killed because of his views on this racial debate as well as some civil rights workers and those simply attempting to register African Americans to vote in the South or little schoolgirls simply worshipping in a church before a bombing took their young lives. It was indeed a tragic era for America.






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