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Good Riddance

Despite being arrested and deported back to her native Mexico, it looks like we might have Elvira Arellano to kick around some more.

For those unfamiliar with her story, she first came to the United States (illegally, of course) in 1999. She was arrested and deported. She came back a couple of years later, got a job (with a stolen Social Security number) at O'Hare Airport, had a son (the perquisite "anchor baby"), and then was arrested again and ordered deported.

Instead, she hid in a storefront church and claimed "sanctuary." She hung out there for about a year until she got bored and went to LA to address an "immigrants' rights" rally. (One thing that never comes up at these is that LEGAL immigrants already have the rights that they're demanding. It's the ILLEGAL ones that are lacking.) Afterwards, officials arrested her and put her on the first flight home.

(Her son, who she could have taken with her, is staying with people who were already his de facto guardians.)

Well, she's continuing her crusade to come back to the United States, but on her terms. She's become a celebrity in Mexico, with the Mexican Senate championing her. And she's also trying to shift the blame for her crimes and consequences:

"The United States is the one who broke the law first. By letting people cross over without documents. By letting people pay taxes."

Um, no. Ma'am, you broke the law first when you entered the country illegally.

Quite frankly, her argument sounds an awful lot like the rationale a lot of rapists use. In essence, according to Ms. Arellano, the US "was asking for it."

As much as I'd like to thoroughly lambaste this egotistical, self-centered, arrogant leech, I'm going to rise above that and make her an offer:

I'd like to see the United States, as a magnanimous gesture, agree to set aside her criminal conviction and prior deportations and allow her to act like any other would-be immigrant. Have her go through the entire legal process to come to the United States, to be treated like anyone else.

That, of course, will be utterly unacceptable to Ms. Arellano. She doesn't want equal treatment, she wants special treatment. To her, the fact that she has successfully infiltrated the United States and borne a son who has American citizenship entitles her to cut to the head of the line, to be treated deferentially, to be immune from the laws and regulations that everyone else has to abide by.

The United States, as is often stated, is "a nation of immigrants." But while we need and ought to welcome most all immigrants, we must reserve the right to choose who we do -- and do not -- accept. And Ms. Arellano has demonstrated at every occasion that she is precisely the sort of iimmigrant we do not need.


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Comments (17)

Except. This nation was bu... (Below threshold)

Except. This nation was built on the vigor of immigrants, and she sounds pretty vigourous.

Better run and hide, now.

Well, 'vigour' looks wrong,... (Below threshold)

Well, 'vigour' looks wrong, and so does 'vigorous', though neither are.

It's all our fault, Jay. H... (Below threshold)

It's all our fault, Jay. Haven't you figured that out yet? We LET her break the law. This is a word I really hate to use, but that is one stupid broad. If I were the administrator of the hospital she had her kid at, I'd send the Mexican Senate the bill I'm betting she didn't pay.

This just helps those of us... (Below threshold)

This just helps those of us who want enforcement of our laws in the fight against the flood tide. I hope she continues to speak up. It only helps us. I think she was somewhat disappointed in the lack of caring about her plight. One day of news coverage and the media went on to other stories. Telling. ww

Our nations collective IQ j... (Below threshold)

Our nations collective IQ just went up 3 points-good riddance indeed.

I actually disagree (with t... (Below threshold)

I actually disagree (with the 'equal treatment' part). Since she has already been convicted and deported, she should be at the absolute END of the line. Only after all the the otherwise legal immigrants are considered, should she be considered. And she can expect that to happen 3 or 4 days after never.

Now she should be happy. She's getting her special treatment afterall.

Not to mention the fact tha... (Below threshold)

Not to mention the fact that, upon arrival back in Mexico, her first words to the press were that she was glad to be back "in my county - Mexico."

Why should we allow someone the benefits of citizenship when they don't even deign to identify themselves as American, or wanting to be an American? Kick this self-aggrandizing b*tch to the curb.

Elvira Arellano is the new ... (Below threshold)

Elvira Arellano is the new Cindy Sheehan.

The US is not the exception... (Below threshold)

The US is not the exception at the 'nation of immigrants'.

There are very few present day countries that are populated mostly by the original inhabitant. That includes all of Europe. In fact most places are populated by a second, third, or forth wave of settlers. So I don't see how the US is the exception that owes any special entitlement to immigrants most other countries, including Mexico, do not offer.

Are countries created by pe... (Below threshold)

Are countries created by people spontaneously
materializing out of thin air? I would think every nation is a nation of immigrants! So this whole
nation of immigrants nonsense is load of s**t.

I'm for making the intentio... (Below threshold)

I'm for making the intentional illegal use of a social security number a felony punishable by several years in prison, as well as inserting 'to an existing citizen' after the word 'born' in Section 1 of the 14th ammendment.

Kill the anchor baby program, as well attempt to curb the employability of an illegal and the rampant identity theft that occurs.

Just wait till some hollywo... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Just wait till some hollywood director will want to make a movie about her and OLIVER STONE or MICHEAL MOORE will be waiting with a contract

"For those unfamiliar wi... (Below threshold)

"For those unfamiliar with her story, she first came to the United States (illegally, of course) in 1999. She was arrested and deported. She came back a couple of years later..."

Her son is 8 years old right? And she didn't have him when she was deported in 1999, correct? Can you say someone is lying about her little boy's citizenship or about when he was born? In order for him to be a citizen, he needed to be born in 1999, but according to all the reports I have seen, her son wasn't born until she came back to the US, which wasn't until 2002, again according to numerous reports.

I'm not that worked up over... (Below threshold)

I'm not that worked up over the issue, but as it stands now the argument stopper is that Mexico has horrific rules against immigrants in their country, so they have no right to comment on American policy.

Never thought we'd hear the... (Below threshold)
Uncle Pinky:

Never thought we'd hear the U.S.A. as "attractive nuisance" argument. That takes some big brassy ones.

Illegal is illegal is illeg... (Below threshold)
Linoge Author Profile Page:

Illegal is illegal is illegal.

Why is this so complicated?

The real question is why ar... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

The real question is why aren't we erecting THEL towers along the border to keep em from crossing?

It'd be like a huge bug zapper!






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