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Breaking: Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has Resigned

Fox News Channel says that this information comes to us via a senior administration official. Apparently, he called the president to say that he is done.

The New York Times has more:

Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, whose tenure has been marred by controversy and accusations of perjury before Congress, has resigned. A senior administration official said he would announce the decision later this morning in Washington.

Mr. Gonzales, who had rebuffed calls for his resignation, submitted his to President Bush by telephone on Friday, the official said. His decision was not immediately announced, the official added, until after the president invited him and his wife to lunch at his ranch near here.

Mr. Bush has not yet chosen a replacement but will not leave the position open long, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the Attorney General's resignation had not yet been made public.

Mr. Bush had repeatedly stood by Mr. Gonzales, an old friend and colleague from Texas, even as he faced increasing scrutiny for his leadership of the Justice Department, including his role in the dismissals of nine United States attorneys late last year and questions about whether he testified truthfully about the National Security Agency's surveillance programs.

There have been a lot of rumors that Chertoff will replace him.

Press conference has been scheduled for this morning at 10:30am.

Update: Don't forget that just a couple weeks ago, when Karl Rove announced his resignation, we learned that Bush's Chief of Staff Josh Bolten said that those who weren't prepared to stay for the remainder of Bush's term should leave by Labor Day. Gonzales' resignation seems to fall in line more with this than with any pressure from critics for him to leave


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Comments (81)

What great way to start the... (Below threshold)

What great way to start the day.

Here we go - Congress is ou... (Below threshold)

Here we go - Congress is out - another recess appointment! How about doing nothing Mr. President.Only then will our coutry be saved !

I'm shocked, SHOCKED, I say... (Below threshold)

I'm shocked, SHOCKED, I say, at this stunning news!

/sarcasm off

Good riddan... (Below threshold)
civil behavior:

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

They've been working on this one. First the brain (Rove)and now the mouth Gonzo). What are Dick and Bush so afraid of?

"I've had all the fun I can... (Below threshold)

"I've had all the fun I can stand. I'm outta here."

Maybe he will nominate Harr... (Below threshold)

Maybe he will nominate Harriet Miers?

Recess Appointment, and I'm... (Below threshold)

Recess Appointment, and I'm betting on Kmiec.

and "civil" behavior takes ... (Below threshold)

and "civil" behavior takes the derogatory gutter language low road. I am just so very shocked.


Chertoff? No! Isn't there a moderate democrat senator from a state with a Republican governor?

cb, my take: Rove is more i... (Below threshold)

cb, my take: Rove is more important elsewhere, and Gonzales no longer has the credibility to clean up the Justice Department. His successor will.

By the way, the War is over and the globe is cooling. You think I'm joking.

Definitely a recess appoint... (Below threshold)

Definitely a recess appointment, it would be a circus otherwise. Kim, you bring up an interesting name.

And in regard to my first comment, holy cow, doesn't anybody have a sense of humor anymore; and nobody could see this coming? Sheesh.

Actually, both Kims bring u... (Below threshold)

Actually, both Kims bring up interesting names.

I don't think there will be... (Below threshold)

I don't think there will be a recess appointment.

It's nice to see 2 serial p... (Below threshold)

It's nice to see 2 serial perjurers gone from our executive branch. Now, if only the rest of the liars would leave. Oooops - we'd have no executive branch.

I am glad Gonzalas is gone.... (Below threshold)

I am glad Gonzalas is gone. He is no friend to the "enforce illegal immigration" folks. Of course I am not gleeful like JFO and the other liberal trolls that take comfort in anything that weakens us as a country.

Kim, I believe you are right. ww

WWWhat "wekaens us... (Below threshold)


What "wekaens us as a country" are serial perjurers at the highest levels of our government.

Hmmmm...since when was Gonz... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm...since when was Gonzales convicted of perjury?

Just a thought. Can any of ... (Below threshold)

Just a thought. Can any of the lefty crybabies name one "private" citizen that the AG spied on? You hear all this crap that the Justice Dept. is spying on private citizens but never any proof. Just a smoke screen put up by the bootlickers to cover their whimpy rear.

The accused perjuror who mo... (Below threshold)

The accused perjuror who most damaged the country lately is Val Plame.

"What 'wekaens [sic] us as ... (Below threshold)

"What 'wekaens [sic] us as a country' are serial perjurers at the highest levels of our government."

Couldn't agree more.


Wonder how much the lib-id... (Below threshold)

Wonder how much the lib-idiots complained when Hildebeasts fave man, Janet Reno was AG.

Look at how she handled the Waco disaster, how many people did she and Klinton kill? How many blind eyes did she turn to corporate accounting fraud, which CRUSHED Wall St, I believe, in Feb 2002.

Me, Id nominate Coulter as a recess appt AG. Libs love to stir up the beehive, look at the morons who've already commented here. Might as well do to them what they do to us conservatives.

JFO what weakens this count... (Below threshold)

JFO what weakens this country is statements like you just made that has no factual basis other then your hate for Bush because your side got their rear punched out not once but twice. You cannot come to grips that more people believed in him then that guy that married the catsoup lady. The people elected someone that did not let a scratch cause him to tuck his tail and run. They elected someone that was loyal to his men such as the one that is now the headline of the day. He did not cut and run like Mr. Catsoup did. As and after thought, has AG been convicted of anything?

Hope he did,nt let the door... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Hope he did,nt let the door hit him in the backside as he left

Actually jhow, you misguide... (Below threshold)

Actually jhow, you misguided idiot, what strengthens this country is the truth and the freedom to dissent. But cro-magnons like you are clueless, instead relying on the anger, xenophobia, hatred and bigotry that rules how you think and react.

JFO - do you ever read what... (Below threshold)

JFO - do you ever read what you post?

Go to HuffPo, DKos, DU and tell me that you can't find rampant, unabashed xenophobia, hatred and bigotry. So much so that it makes any that you'd find on this site PALE in comparison.

Your point on truth and dissent are spot on, but you framed it in such a way that you come across as a complete douchebag.

Gonzales press meeting 3/20... (Below threshold)

Gonzales press meeting 3/2007:
GONZALES: I'm not going to resign. I'm going to stay focused on protecting our kids. There's a lot of work that needs to be done around the country. The department is responsible for protecting our kids, for making our neighborhoods safe, for protecting our country against attacks of terrorism, to going after gangs, going after drug dealers. I'm staying focussed on that.

I Gonzo doesn't think much about the "kids" any more. I guess they are all protected now and terrorism is no longer a problem, so Gonzo can now retire knowing that his work is done.

A libnut talking about prot... (Below threshold)

A libnut talking about protecting our kids?

WOW, you really are clueless arent you?

How many million have libs helped abort? How many millions of kids died because of libs, in SE Asia, in Serbia, in Iraq, in Africa, hell, how many kids are dying in all of those 'big blue cities' govenred by the nuts who say they do a better job. Guess we could also bring up NAMBLA(they wont) and how lib judges give less punishment to a child molestor than to a petty thief.

Libs protecting kids?? That's funny, who can we convict for failing to protect you? Someone obviously failed.

Since Gonzales was so busy ... (Below threshold)

Since Gonzales was so busy with defending his actions in congressional hearings just for doing his job, it's no wonder he's resigning. Someone else will be able to do the job more efficiently until Congress can come up with another fishing expedition.

JFO and his ilk don't even ... (Below threshold)

JFO and his ilk don't even realize how their hatred has altered their reason. JFO would say "Hey, soldiers died today as well as citizens in Iraq" in a celebritory way because it may weaken GW. They care not that the deaths occured only that it hurts GW. Same with Gonzalas. AS I said earlier, I am glad he is gone. He likes to convict Border agents and give illegal drug smugglers a free get out of jail card. But, I am not gleeful. I am saddened that we keep taking our eye off the ball. The left is trying to win little skirmishes while the total war is being lost. Pathetic, but predictable. ww

Good one, jhow66, Mr. Catso... (Below threshold)

Good one, jhow66, Mr. Catsoup. I gotta remember that one.

Apparently Chertoff is OK with Schumer, which makes me suspicious.

Gonzo said (in his press br... (Below threshold)

Gonzo said (in his press briefing) that his worst days were better than his fathers best days? Does that include the day Gonzo was born, or the day his father married his mother?

Gonzo's resignation starts ... (Below threshold)

Gonzo's resignation starts on Sept. 17 -- so there willl be no recess appointments since he's officially resigning after Congress comes back into session.

"Recess Appointment, and... (Below threshold)

"Recess Appointment, and I'm betting on Kmiec."

Another silly from The Analcle of Delphi, the Queen of Fartune Kookie Kwips.

The resignation is effective 9/16, not likely to fall into a "recess" appointment.

32. Posted by FreedomFries ... (Below threshold)

32. Posted by FreedomFries | August 27, 2007 10:37 AM

Dude ..., do the math: Kim made her "prediction" an hour and a half before Gonzo announced the date.

Her prediction was off, sure ... so what?

Does this mean I can call you the Asshole of Delphi?

Too late, FF. I've already... (Below threshold)

Too late, FF. I've already talked about Schumer. It's a deal. If Schumer's in on it, I'm suspicious.

Oh, yeah. Thanks, yo. Fre... (Below threshold)

Oh, yeah. Thanks, yo. Freedom Fries is green with envy.

"Does that include the d... (Below threshold)

"Does that include the day Gonzo was born, or the day his father married his mother?"

Barney, the days were one & the same, the latter event after the first.

You pitiful fraud FF; I've ... (Below threshold)

You pitiful fraud FF; I've maintained that one of the lost messages of Jesus was to legitimize illegitimacy.

Gonzo the Goofus began, "<i... (Below threshold)

Gonzo the Goofus began, " Thirteen years ago I entered public service to make a positive difference in the lives of others."i>

Yep, a positive difference in the life of Gov. Bush, freeing him of jury duty so he would not have to admit a DUI citation publicly.

Wooooe. Must have hit where... (Below threshold)

Wooooe. Must have hit where it hurts with old JFO. Did I say that you could not dissent all you like. Please use everyday words in describeing this "misguided idiot" so that I will not have to look them up. They might make me want to go set in the corner and cry. Truth? Let me see now. There was the Xmas visit of Mr. Catsoup, John Murtha and his coldblooded killers ,Dingy Harry and his "the war is lost", Nancy Peelooser and her draining of the swamp (got clogged with Del Monte cans), Jim Webb and his I am not a kinkyhaired prevert, etc. Need I go on. Truth? Yeah, sure.

FastFood can't you come up ... (Below threshold)

FastFood can't you come up with something better then that? Wally World sells straws by the case. Cheap.

I love how you guys can sti... (Below threshold)

I love how you guys can still have fight in ya, and throw around witty insults like "libtard" when your world is crashing down around you.

"... world is crashing down... (Below threshold)

"... world is crashing down around you"

How is Gonzo tailin' out crashing? There seems to be a good deal of bipartisan glee on this issue.

Its not like Bush lost his Sec. of State, Defense, Commerce and Energy before the start of his second term, or his Ag. Sec run off before he could be indicted, ... or whatever.

Point being, Cabinet members leave. A lot take off before the end of the second term.

The world is not crashing ... your logic may be, but the world is just fine, thank you.

Actually, I take back my pr... (Below threshold)

Actually, I take back my previous snark. It's been so damned long since the Dems have seen one of their own in second term (Clinton and then ... um ..., hm ... ), they're just not used to how the process works.

My apologies, I didn't mean to make light of the fact that other than Billy boy, Dems who do find their way into the Oval Office can't seem to figure out how to stay there.

yoI alwqys read wh... (Below threshold)


I alwqys read what I write. Nice strawman , schoolyard stuff on your part. You sound like a kid in grammar school. We're not talking about Kos we're talking about the cro-magnon Howe and his fellow cave dwellers.

You people can be so pathetic. When the subject of misfeasance or malfeasance in this corrupt administration is brought up, rarely do you folks either defend it or condemn it. Rather, the evil work Clinton, or Klinton or whatever you nuts call him today is brought up in defense. I said you have 2 serial perjurers in this admin - one has been convicted and the other is running as fast as he can back to Texas. That's "current" affairs - not past history.

Nice Barney. Why do you pos... (Below threshold)

Nice Barney. Why do you post here? Why not go over to the KOS or Huffpost where hate is the rule of the day. There you can call Gonzo an "ignorant wetback", or a "JD Yardape", or any of the other things I've seen posted there. I do like your creativity disparaging his father. Nice touch.

Boy, watch congress' approv... (Below threshold)

Boy, watch congress' approval ratings REALLY skyrocket now.

Keep haranging and witch hunting, PLEASE....right up to Nov 08

Geez, Barney-Your case of B... (Below threshold)

Geez, Barney-Your case of Bush Derangement Syndrome
is flaring up into uncharted territory today..

metprof, so you think this ... (Below threshold)

metprof, so you think this kind of hate "but at least Anna Nicole Smith slept with her old man, which is more than can probably be said of Hillary in the last few years." came from KOS or DU. Nooooooooooooooooooo.it's from the resident Byrdbrain who seems to be quite proud of this, her contribution to another blog. If you want hate, you'll find plenty of it right here from your Wizkooks and the posts that engender their kind comments.

"Gonzales' resignation seem... (Below threshold)

"Gonzales' resignation seems to fall in line more with this than with any pressure from critics for him to leave."


"After months of unfair treatment that has created a harmful distraction at the Justice Department, Judge Gonzales decided to resign his position and I accept his decision." -GWB (WPE)

It must be nice in la la land, but do try to come down occasionally.

JFO:I alw... (Below threshold)


I alwqys read what I write.

Sorry man, but that's funny.

Ha ha another BushCo crimin... (Below threshold)
Nick Hogan:

Ha ha another BushCo criminal goes down! See ya, Gonzo. Nice legacy you leave. And of course the Chimp praises him on his way out. Hardly a surprise.

What a great way to start the week.

So wingnuts, what's the excuse going to be this time? The horrible evil press?

Oh wait, let me start...Clinton! Kerry! Sheehan!

I love it,, the whole Bush house of cards comes a tumbling down, and the usual morons here are sulking like 5 year old children who didn't get any ice cream!

JFO - 1 - 2 serial... (Below threshold)


1 - 2 serial perjurers in this admin

Who? Where's a conviction of perjury?

2 - the reason I bring up Clinton is to demonstrate that the evils for which you condemn Bush are the same evils conducted by damned near all Presidents.

It's the matter of ignorant hypocrisy that I'm bringing up, not that I'm trying to deflect.

As for Kos, et al, you're the one who brought up the caveman mentality. Again, I admitted to there being such in these threads. By bringing up the Lefty blogs, I merely wanted to point out what unabashed and maniacal cave-dwellers look like.

I don't think you've seen one call for a coup, or assassination or some other silliness called for, or condoned, here. Over there, you see it all over the place.

It's not that I'm saying the right is NOT evil, and dastardly. I'm simply stating that the right is LESS so, when compared to the port side counterparts.

I don't think you've see... (Below threshold)
Nick Hogan:

I don't think you've seen one call for a coup, or assassination or some other silliness called for, or condoned, here. Over there, you see it all over the place.

I could dig into the archives and find many a post from some loser here named Scrapiron who regularly posted about killing immigrants and liberals.

53. Posted by Nick Hogan | ... (Below threshold)

53. Posted by Nick Hogan | August 27, 2007 1:38 PM

It's the "condoned" part that makes my argument.

If I'm wrong, I'll retract; but, while the folks here (myself included) are nuts, I don't think we're all that dangerous.

Let's see the links.

Maybe the next AG will do t... (Below threshold)

Maybe the next AG will do the job Gonzales wouldn't and indict 25+ democrat senators for treason. The case is there and should be easy to prove in court since most of them are camera hogs and comitted treason on film. Maybe they will also apply current 'American' law to the 12-20 million criminals that have sneaked into the country and shovel them back across the border. That would be good riddance to bad rubbish.

Chertoff AG....Riiight,<br ... (Below threshold)

Chertoff AG....Riiight,
He'd still be over his head if he was mowing the White House lawn

Nick Hogan is on to somethi... (Below threshold)

Nick Hogan is on to something. The Bush administration is in the process of collapse.

I predict that he will no longer be president by the third week of January 2009.

Bottom line:Gonzal... (Below threshold)

Bottom line:

Gonzalez persisted in what was, at best, complete and total incompetence and a failing memory that strains belief - for months, at a top post that affects the entire country.

Yet it took months of consistent investigation, embarrassing and undignified testimony, and laborious documenting of his at-best-incompetence for Bush to finally do the right thing.

Just like Rumsfeld.

Well, at least Gonzalez is out, and something approaching accountability is occurring.

Must be joyous orgasms in m... (Below threshold)

Must be joyous orgasms in moonbat-land. On-going, multiple orgasms. But nothing like those that would come if Rove, Cheney or Bush were indicted/impeached.

"I could dig into the ar... (Below threshold)

"I could dig into the archives here find and find many a post by some loser named Scrapiron who regularly posted here on killing immigrants and liberals"

Marvelous Nick

By the way.. when are Chucky the schmucky Shumer and the rest of Congress going to resign with their abyssmal 17.823% approval rating??

What a bunch of sinister clown's

Freedom fries, nice that yo... (Below threshold)

Freedom fries, nice that you can quote one person on this site.

So you feel bashing Hillary about her marital affairs is comparable to the racist slurs I previously noted (many, I might add). Why am I not surprised.

How about the posts on Huffpost (I'm guessing 50+) wishing Tony Snow to die, or stating he deserved the cancer he was diagnosed with? I suppose you feel that's comparable with jabs at Schumer about running to the mike at every opportunity.

Like stated above about JFO, you should really read your posts before hitting the submit button.

Some time back I saw someone say to have you liberals save all the posts you make from now on. When you're older retrieve them from the filing cabinet and show them to your grandchildren. I'm sure they'll be surprised, unless you're advocating they be as hate-filled and bitter as grandpa.

Maybe the next AG will ... (Below threshold)

Maybe the next AG will do the job Gonzales wouldn't and indict 25+ democrat senators for treason.

Amen. The american people are ready for that. Adios Alberto. We'll get someone to get tougher on the dems. You were not our guy.

Does t... (Below threshold)
Aog Author Profile Page:
Does that include the day Gonzo was born, or the day his father married his mother?
Barney, the days were one & the same, the latter event after the first.

I would love to hear from FF why, exactly, he thinks this is an insult. Is he claiming there is some moral taint from out of wedlock birth?

Or if not, what the point of the comment was.

#13: And if we went after t... (Below threshold)

#13: And if we went after the traitors three fourths of Congress would be gone led by Nancy, Harry, Dickie, Eddie,&Teddy.

Buckeye, if you went after ... (Below threshold)

Buckeye, if you went after traitors, Gonezalez would be a first target. A man who swears to "uphold the Constitution of the US" but who really intends to swear an oath of loyalty to The Chimp is indeed a traitor.

Yeah, Gonzo looking for tra... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Gonzo looking for traitors would have meant indicting Bush and Cheney when they first started implementing their warrantless wiretapping program.

You know, violation of FISA and the Constitution before 9/11, that didn't even prevent 9/11.

It's nice to see 2... (Below threshold)
It's nice to see 2 serial perjurers gone from our executive branch. Now, if only the rest of the liars would leave. Oooops - we'd have no executive branch.

Interesting that jfo would say Rove and Gonzo are perjurers, when neither have been indicted nor convicted as such.

Yet, jfo and his fellow travelers will scarcely acknowledge that the last President was a proven perjurer, and they are willing to overlook that and try to proclaim him a great president. In fact, many of them are willing to elect his unindicted aider and abetter wife to the White House and drag her sack of dirty laundry husband back with her.

Jim, you once again have yo... (Below threshold)

Jim, you once again have your "facts" completely wrong and quite amazingly incompetently so. There was no terrorist surveillance program before 9/11 and violation of FISA ( which is dubious given the questionable constitutionality of FISA ) can't be treason.

Grow up and smarten up.

And if we went aft... (Below threshold)
And if we went after the traitors three fourths of Congress would be gone led by Nancy, Harry, Dickie, Eddie,&Teddy.

Don't forget Jay Rockefeller.

Why would Chertoff leave a ... (Below threshold)

Why would Chertoff leave a lifetime appointed job as a Federal Judge on the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to become Secretary of Homeland Security and possibly now to replace Alberto Gonzales?

I wonder where his intentions stand being a Jew with dual citizen ship to Israel.

Who left the door open to a... (Below threshold)

Who left the door open to anti-semites today?

AHA Wetback!!! You may be o... (Below threshold)

AHA Wetback!!! You may be onto something here. Damn Jews at it again, huh?

Please vacate this site and head to the Kos ya racist asshole.

Another immoral Bush Admini... (Below threshold)

Another immoral Bush Administration official resigns in utter disgrace, the lying before Congress having caught up to him. Gonzo joins, among others, his predecessor, Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, Powell, Mr. Heck-of-a-Job, Card, the Four Leakers (Rove, Armitage, Fleischer, and Libby), and Bush's Little Crony, Harriet.

Dang, you conservatives are basically down to Rice, Shooter, and The Chimp. But don't worry, conservatives. We both know you'll find plenty more immoral Republicans for you to thrust upon the nation!

Forgetful me! In my last p... (Below threshold)

Forgetful me! In my last post I failed to mention arch-neocon, Wolfie, who left the Bush Administration only to be thrown out of the World Bank for flagrant cronyism! And recess-appointee, the undiplomatic John Bolton couldn't last either. Before long, he'll be joined by Tony Snowjob, who'll have to do his spinning elsewhere.

Egads! How quickly and con... (Below threshold)

Egads! How quickly and conveniently you forget, John in Ca et al. Ever hear of one Scooter Libby? The CONVICTED perjurer from the executive branch? But then it's really funny that you put Rove in my writing when of course I didn't. A Freudian slip if ever there was one John. Goddamn that's funny.

I do stand corrected and should have known better. Gonzales is not a convicted perjurer. Just a serial liar who has been caught in more lies then a 3yo addicted to sticking his hand in a cookie jar.

Herman, actually you didn't... (Below threshold)

Herman, actually you didn't mention anyone from the Bush administration who left for "immorality". Libby was the only one convicted of any crimes among those you list.

JFO, actually you seem unable to actually describe any of the "lies" Gonzales told. This is of course consistent with the ignorance you usually display.

SPQR, once again you are mi... (Below threshold)

SPQR, once again you are misinformed.

Bush's violation of FISA, that was running pre-9/11:


"A former telecom executive told us that efforts to obtain call details go back to early 2001, predating the 9/11 attacks and the president's now celebrated secret executive order. The source, who asked not to be identified so as not to out his former company, reports that the NSA approached U.S. carriers and asked for their cooperation in a 'data-mining' operation, which might eventually cull 'millions' of individual calls and e-mails."

And, as you weren't aware of this, here's a fuller set of info on the warrantless FISA-violating, Constitution-violating eavesdropping the Bush administration started because they felt like it:


As for treason, Bush et al took violations to uphold the Constitution. If the Democrats can be called treasonous for opposing the will of Bush, than Bush can be called treasonous for violating the law of the land that he explicitly swore to uphold.

And SPQR, do you honestly t... (Below threshold)

And SPQR, do you honestly think Gonzalez wasn't lying or intending to deceive, when every single time he "couldn't recall" or "misstated things", it just happened to get him off the hook?

Either the guy was so lazy and incompetent that 4th-tier law students like Goodling were running the entire department for him, and he didn't even know it and didn't even keep track of what they did - or he was evading himself out of accountability for his own decisions.

I think the latter is more likely. But either way the country deserves better, and it says something about Bush's character and judgement that it took months of testimony revealing this before the world, before Bush would let him go.

SPQR:The lies are ... (Below threshold)


The lies are legion. I don't need to list them go check out what the REPUBLICANS have said. Nice try - though pretty weak for you. Use your googlie thingie and you can sit back and spend the afternoon reading about them. Try starting with "the Ashcroft" lies. That'll warm you up.

Apparently I give you too much credit for credibility. If you don't think this guy is a dissembler and liar then you are in fact an unthinking "true believer."

Jim, call details is not... (Below threshold)

Jim, call details is not wire tapping and is not eavesdropping. The legal level of protection of call detail records is quite different under the law than actual content of calls. You don't know what you are talking about. Not to mention that violating the Constitution is not defined as "treason". Geez, you are clueless. Try again.

As for Gonzales, it is obvious that you have no clue what Gonzales' answers were even about.

JFO, you clearly also have no idea what you yourself are whining about. You have no idea what Gonzales is alleged to have lied about, no idea what his statements were, etc. Your total ignorance but loud commentary is typical of your incompetence in discussing current affairs.

SPQR, does this honestly so... (Below threshold)

SPQR, does this honestly sound to you like it's just call details?

the NSA approached U.S. carriers and asked for their cooperation in a 'data-mining' operation, which might eventually cull 'millions' of individual calls and e-mails."

The word "details" isn't even in there! Why are you putting it in??

Seriously, wouldn't it be easier just to admit you're wrong?

And Congress disagreeing with the President isn't defined as 'treason', either; but it seems that many Republicans think it should be so defined. Hence my point, which you are avoiding - if Democrats in Congress can be called treasonous for doing their jobs according to the Constitution, then certainly Bushco can be called treasonous for many wanton attempts to violate their oaths to the Constitution.






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