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100 arrests in immigration raid

Reuters reports:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement expects to arrest "more than 100" people in a raid on a Koch Foods Inc. chicken plant in Ohio on Tuesday, and the company's Chicago headquarters has also been served with search warrants.

It appears there is reason to believe the company systematically violates immigration laws. The warrants are currently being served, and the story is developing.

UPDATE: At least 160 arrests so far, according to Reuters


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Comments (6)

Now will they deport them o... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Now will they deport them or give them free assilum?

Hopefully some of those arr... (Below threshold)

Hopefully some of those arrested will be Koch management.

More proof that Chuckie is ... (Below threshold)

More proof that Chuckie is correct and that Justice isn't able to accomplish anything.


Calm down folks. Remember, ... (Below threshold)

Calm down folks. Remember, always turn to a judge for wisdom. Which leads me to recall the case of an illegal who enlisted his young son to sell drugs for him. The genious judges conclusion: It can't be a crime to be here illegally, otherwise, paroling the scum would cause him to be a criminal for the 3rd(30th?) time. (Don't you dare mention the "D word" you racist, nazi, republican, originalistas!)

My guess is that Justice is about to have angered a very socially conscious Clinton appointee. (Gee, aint it great that republicans are such gentlemen that they never make a peep about commie pinkos like R.B Ginsburgh, your average child molester enabler, the majority of the 9th circuit and all of the other perverts in black robes that are raping the constitution daily ?)

Here's what you can bet WON... (Below threshold)

Here's what you can bet WON'T happen: The arrest of the owners of the company for conspiracy to commit felony crimes.

Any company with 1 illegal alien working there can certainly claim such a person slipped through the guantlet of questions I had to answer truthfully when I got hired.

Any company with 100 illegal aliens working there is prima facia guilty of a criminal conspiracy.

If you want legal immigration to be the way of America, you have to throw the crooks in jail.

"Eduardo, I don't think we'... (Below threshold)

"Eduardo, I don't think we're in Colorado anymore."

(Reference to the raid in a Colorado meat packing plant just before Christmas.)






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