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(Senatorial) Crimes And Misdemeanors

Amid all the furor surrounding Senator Larry Craig and his bathroom habits, another story of senatorial scandal -- one that is far, far more serious and deserving of attention -- is going incredibly unreported.

There's a trial going on in New York City right now, featuring a Houston oilman who put a lot of energy into preventing the Iraq war in the days before the US invasion. Oscar S. Wyatt, Jr. is accused of opposing the war not for any valid means, but because he was bought and paid for by Saddam out of "Oil For Food" bribes. (Or, as I always liked calling it, "Quid Pro Crude.")

That wouldn't really be too much -- it puts him in good company, along with high government figures in France, Germany, and Russia -- but it is the lengths Wyatt went to to express his displeasure. He's accused of taking Saddam's money and using his influence to sway others into opposing the war, including a United States Senator.

It's so ironic. While my personal life is utterly falling apart, I get handed this incredibly delicious political reward. It seems that the powerful and influential United States Senator Wyatt persuaded to not only oppose the war, but encouraged to take to the Senate floor and deliver an impassioned speech against it was none other than the Lion Of The Senate, Senator Edward Moore Kennedy (D-Chivas).

There are no accusations against Kennedy that he himself was involved in corruption, that he allowed himself to be bribed into opposing the war. And, quite frankly, I would be astonished if there was. Kennedy has always been "above" such things; his corruption is purely on the personal level, while politically he's always adhered to his own twisted and perverse and misguided principles. He's always struck me as the quintessential "useful idiot."

In another delicous twist, Kennedy's speech at the time cited his opposition to the war based on numerous factors, including the fear that Saddam might unleash his arsenal of Weapons of Mass Destruction on the region.

As Bryan noted, Kennedy will most likely survive this scandal largely unmarred. His political career seems as indestructible as his liver -- he's survived vehicular homicide, infidelities, numerous personal scandals, family disgraces, even allegations of treason before, and is still pretty much as powerful as he's ever been.

So we Kennedy detractors find this revelation bittersweet. It reaffirms our opinion of him, but we know that in the end it'll mean absolutely nothing in the long run. He will remain in the Senate as long as he wishes, he will retain his power and influence, and will soon be swept under the rug and forgotten along with his long list of other offenses.

For the day, though, we can fantasize that this scandal will take root and finally bring his political career -- and the catastrophic harm he has inflicted on our nation -- to its long-overdue end.


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Comments (38)

Yet another Senator with a ... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

Yet another Senator with a pants retention problem.

Bad as he is, the potential replacements might well be worse - and as of now both State Senators are compromised and cannot again run for President.

And this might thwart the aims of Lenin more than anything else.

I don't see how there can b... (Below threshold)

I don't see how there can be any scandal that would take Kennedy down, considering Massachussetts has been re-electing him for decades. Perhaps if there were some proof that he were a crypto-conservative or some such. But as that's not in the least bit plausible, it ain't happening.

He could be totally offensive to the Democratic base, and MA would still send him back to the Senate. Massachussetts and the Kennedys deserve each other.

My God. Had Reuters named ... (Below threshold)

My God. Had Reuters named a Senator with an (R) half a dozen major US papers would have picked it up it seconds after it hit the wire and Wyatt would have been just an aside in the story. And guess what? The AP had it too. So that's two major wire sources and virtually no one picked it up. Even the WaPo couldn't bring themselves to mention Kennedy while reporting on the story, but alluded twice to a US Senator's involvement with Wyatt.

They were, in essence telling their readers, If you want to know who the Senator is, find out yourself, because we're certainly not going to report it."

This is funny though, "Wyatt could face more than 60 years in prison." Wyatt's 83.

And this from the group tha... (Below threshold)

And this from the group that wails continually about Bush Derangement Syndrome? Oh, the irony and the hypocrisy is delicious.

Wow, JFO started my morning... (Below threshold)

Wow, JFO started my morning with an assinine comment. I detected no hatred. I see resignation in the fact that Kennedy can and does anything but cannot lose his seat. Um...I think that is the truth. JT, I loved the line about Kennedy on the senate floor fearing Saddam would release WMD's on his neighbors. The hypocricy of the left. The gift that keeps giving. ww

JFOAnd this fr... (Below threshold)


And this from the group that wails continually about Bush Derangement Syndrome? Oh, the irony and the hypocrisy is delicious.

So your point is? Oscar S. Wyatt, Jr is a current story right?

The fact he may have had an influence on a U.S. Senator is a current story right?

You're right on one point: It's ironic and the hypocrisy is delicious when you and your ilk drone on incessantly about Rove and others yet apparently get your panties in a bunch about a story on Wyatt, Jr and Kennedy.

I don't thinnk "convincing"... (Below threshold)

I don't thinnk "convincing" Teddy to speak out about the Iraq war would require much exertion.

But tipping off Saddam about troop movements? Now there's a textbook example of treason.

Poor deluded Jay Tea,... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

Poor deluded Jay Tea,
If this were really a scandal, the MSM would be covering it. Since they aren't, it must not be real.

Haven't you learned anything?

Oh please, JFO. If it had ... (Below threshold)

Oh please, JFO. If it had been a republican named and was not mentioned here, you'd be researching your ass off and would subsequently be accusing us of ignoring malfeasance from the right. Now is that irony or hypocrisy? I forget.

There are too many 'useful... (Below threshold)

There are too many 'useful idiots' in Congress. Eddie just happens to be one of the worst.

Joe Wilson wrote an op-ed o... (Below threshold)

Joe Wilson wrote an op-ed on 2/6/03 in the LATimes arguing against the invasion of Iraq on the grounds that Saddam would use his Biological and Chemical WMD on our troops. He is a traitor or a coward, or both.

Wyatt dealt with Saddam to the extent of giving him information about our armed forces. He is a traitor or damnably greedy, or both.

Kennedy hypocritized himself on the Senate Floor. He is a traitor or a political prostitute, or both.

The upcoming Wyatt trial will be revelatory. It should include handwritten notes in Arabic from Saddam's inner circle.

The War is over; the Cowboy's roped the dopes.

Steve L. when heve you hear... (Below threshold)

Steve L. when heve you heard of the MSM covering any scandal on the left? Name one.

Wyatt's earlier co-defendan... (Below threshold)

Wyatt's earlier co-defendants made plea agreements. I wondered why Wyatt didn't. Maybe he wasn't offered one, or maybe he thinks 'not liking the administration' is excuse for crime.

Oscar Wyatt better not acce... (Below threshold)

Oscar Wyatt better not accept any rides from his buddy Ted between now and his trial, not even with a life preserver on.

"The War is over; the Co... (Below threshold)

"The War is over; the Cowboy's roped the dopes"

quoth the Analcle of Delphi

FF, read up. Spiritual lea... (Below threshold)

FF, read up. Spiritual leaders from all factions in Iraq have declared a Fatwa against Violence, and political leaders have agreed to a compromise.

Al-Qaeda overplayed it's hand, but despite the help of MSM and the Democratic Party, couldn't resist demonstrating its fundamental savagery and nihilism.

Still waiting on an actual ... (Below threshold)

Still waiting on an actual comment on Craig from Wizbang.

When the story broke, the media and Democrats were attacked here, but nothing on Craig whatsoever. What's the deal? We already know you hate the media and Democrats. Why don't you address the Craig story?

JP2,Still... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:


Still waiting on an actual comment on Craig from Wizbang.

When the story broke, the media and Democrats were attacked here, but nothing on Craig whatsoever. What's the deal? We already know you hate the media and Democrats. Why don't you address the Craig story?

OK, Craig's a pervert. Hey look, Kennedy is still traitorous scum!

SteveL's comment has got to... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

SteveL's comment has got to be satire. No one could be that delusional.

Can they?

Don't you guys get it? JP2... (Below threshold)

Don't you guys get it? JP2 wants to hear Jay, Kevin, Paul, Cassy, Lori, Kim, et al denounce Craig. Preferably in unison. And if one of them doesn't, he will use it to accuse the entire right of excusing Craig's behavior and being a great big bunch of meany hypocrites.

JP2, by all the evidence presented, Craig is a disgusting person and shouldn't be in the position he holds. I know you won't count my opinion, nor several others who posted the same sentiments in the thread about Craig, because I know that's not who you want to hear it from, but there it is nonetheless.

Absolutely, Jay. The only r... (Below threshold)

Absolutely, Jay. The only reason this pacifist liberal senator opposed the war is because he was bribed.

Let's take a long look at Wyatt, shall we? Where is he from? What are his political affiliations? did he bribe anybody else? Whose campaigns has this Houston oil baron contributed to?

What? No material, factual, palpable, demonstrable answers? I didn't think so. Quick, 24 is on! Time to put your brain back in the thimble.

It's great that all you morally and intellectually ah, disabled people have a place like Wizbang to air out your lies. Maybe it'll keep you off the streets.

WD, you need to work on you... (Below threshold)

WD, you need to work on your reading comprehension ... or do a better job of hiding the fact that you didn't bother to read the post.

The left is in a mess. Eit... (Below threshold)

The left is in a mess. Either they furthur damn a miserable soul in closet hell, or they make irrelevant referance to the politics of the poor soul. They are so beside themselves with hypocrisy as to think that sin considers ideology.

Whose campaigns has this... (Below threshold)

Whose campaigns has this Houston oil baron contributed to?

James Oberstar (D-MN) 2001/$1000 2004/$1000
Martin Frost (D-TX) 2003/$2000 2004/$1000
Richard Gephardt (D-MO) 2001/$1000

This is just three of dozens of Democrats he donates to.

Then there was the DCCC:

And in 2007 he gave to Lampson, Richardson, Cornyn, Rockefeller.

His wife, too, is a major contributor to Democrats.

Now I really must get back to my 24 reruns, ta ta!

Pardon the "WD": buck fever... (Below threshold)

Pardon the "WD": buck fever.

It seems to me the subject is corruption, and the usual guilt-by-association thing that you kids just love. There is a trial in which Wyatt has been accused of taking bribes in the oil-for-food scandal. Part of the evidence the defense would like omitted is excerpts from the diary of Mubdir Al-Khudhair, in which the diarist suggests Wyatt provided the Iraq government with information about when the invasion.

Still with me?

The diarist also suggests that Wyatt convinced Kennedy to make a speech against the war -- as noted above, the anti-war pacifist liberal senator: he needs reasons to oppose a war advocated by a conservative Republican president. Jay Tea concludes that the reasons this antiwar liberal senator enumerated in his speech were a smoke screen: what a twist, eh?

The CLEARLY implied thread is that money passed from Wyatt to Kennedy. One might naturally wonder where else Wyatt's money has gone -- if in fact ne were opposeed to corruption, and not merely a neoconservative fool echoing whatever lies happen to be in the echo chamber at the moment.

So an unsubstantiated reference to a speech in an employee's diary is proof positive that Kennedy took this bribe and subsequently made this speech. Mubdir Al-Khudhair says so; it must be true.

Which reminds me: you people took Ahmed Chalabi's word about WMD in Iraq as gospel. How's that going?

Jay will no doubt weigh in this now. See if you can stick to the thread, Jay. And tell me why it's significant that Wyatt has provided funds to Kennedy (if, in fact, he has), and that the thousands of dollars to ultra-conservative Republican Senator John Cornyn are irrelevant to the discussion.

And you're quite right about the "MSM" ignoring this story. It's only been reported by International Herald Tribune, Reuters, the Houston Chronicle, the New York Post, Toronto Star, Fort Worth Star Telegram, Newsday, Forbes -- should I go on? Because it seems like there are thousands of these suddenly non-MSM news organs.

Which MSM news organs do you read and/or follow? If you're not reading or following them, how do you know that they're not covering something? Because Rush told you? Or are you still getting your facts from Chalabi?

I'll stand back and watch you spin now.

astigafa: You have really ... (Below threshold)

astigafa: You have really out done yourself this time. Great job in the "what people really mean" category. I mean, seeing as how you're the only one who has derived such hidden meaning there....

My favorite is yesterday wh... (Below threshold)

My favorite is yesterday when Ted Kennedy made a statement about Alberto Gonzalez retiring. He said something about how he hopes now we will get someone in there who respects the laws, etc.

Respects the laws??? Hey Teddy, how's your son doing? When he crashed into that cop car high on drugs, how much time did he do? And when he assaulted the airport security guard a few years back, was that not against the law? Did he pay for that? (oh wait, he did, as in he "paid them off" to not prosecute - lol) Oh and what was the law on driving someone off the bridge while driving drunk and then not reporting it till the next day?

Respecting the laws indeed. ROFLMAO. You can't make this stuff up.

As I said in the first thre... (Below threshold)

As I said in the first thread on Craig, I think he should resign.

I also think those who continually insist on particular subjects being covered here ought to be banned permanently. Obviously, they need to start their own blogs so they can control the content to their liking.

Sometimes people just need a little push. They will thank us later.

As for Kennedy, I can't conceive of him being susceptible to bribery. First of all, he has a sizable family trust which has been quite adequate to service his needs so far. Secondly, why would someone need to bribe him to rail against American influence, particularly when wielded by a Republican Administration? Talk about "gilding the lily" . . .

Two things that Ted Kennedy... (Below threshold)

Two things that Ted Kennedy will be remembered for are:
1) He killed Mary Jo
2) His Father was a bootlegger connected to the Mobs

Let us look at this"... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Let us look at this
""One diary entry also states that "Wyatt allegedly convinced Senator Edward Kennedy to deliver a speech against the war with Iraq,"

Whom alleged this to this Iraqi?
So THIS is the proof? A scumbag like a good ole Texas oil boy would never brag about something that never took place ...cough Harkin cough ....and if we can't have the facts spelled out to us by a website "Hot Air" who will spell our facts out....
Kennedy is an arrogant slime...however,; anyone believes this grasp still believes ALL the WMD's were smuggled into Syria...

Nogo war, its more proof th... (Below threshold)

Nogo war, its more proof than many of your allegations have had.

nogo, get real. Re-read th... (Below threshold)

nogo, get real. Re-read the paragraph which starts thus:

There are no accusations against Kennedy that he himself was involved in corruption, that he allowed himself to be bribed into opposing the war. And, quite frankly, I would be astonished if there was.

Did you bother to read it in the first place or were you all to eager to pound away at your keyboard before you got that far?

I'm of the mind that Kennedy doesn't need any prodding to stand up on the Senate floor and expound on anything as long as it's in opposition to a conservative view. That Wyatt would simply take credit for Kennedy's garrulous habits is more likely.

Let's set aside the fact that you and astigafa are both setting up strawmen to beat down. The WaPo felt the need to allude to "a Senator" in their story, twice, but no need to mention who it was. On no. That might open up questions as to Wyatt's own political persuasion. Because we all know that all greedy oil execs are Republicans, right?

Asti, read Oyster's comment... (Below threshold)

Asti, read Oyster's comment #33 for what I was about to say. I specifically said I did NOT think Teddy was bribed into his position. But Wyatt claims he influenced Kennedy NOT into opposing the war, but to make that speech -- and that certainly deserves investigation.


Oh, since you are here - an... (Below threshold)

Oh, since you are here - any opinion formed on Craig yet? (Note: Craig != media/democrats)

Watch Tucker Carlson make a... (Below threshold)

Watch Tucker Carlson make a joke of CREW and Melanie Sloan about the Democrats' hypocrisy about homosexuality.

Just heard on a radio show,... (Below threshold)

Just heard on a radio show, as drop music for a story on Senator Craig:

Hello, it's me,
I've thought about us for a long, long time
Maybe I think too much but something's wrong
Something's here that doesn't last too long.
Maybe I shouldn't think of you as mine.

Hey astigafa, I propose we ... (Below threshold)

Hey astigafa, I propose we investigate the real reason Kennedy engaged in this treason. I suspect it has little to do with money and a lot more to do with the fact that he is a political monster, beholden to a failed ideology and a thoughtless electorate.

See Robert Tracinski throug... (Below threshold)

See Robert Tracinski through RealClearPolitics to see how the Democrats lost the Vietnam War, and are now losing the moral high ground they thought they won back then.






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