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Recent topics over on the Politics page (also accessible by the new tab at the top of this page):

Edwards targets other Democrats . . . Who knew the Silky Pony could snarl and snap so - and all without getting a single hair out of place?

ANOTHER Hillary donor on the lam . . . Yep, this one's a Pakistani wanted by the FBI. Someone should design a chart so we can follow the money around the world . . .

Soros group hit with huge fine . . . but naturally they've shut down, so no one will actually pay the fine.

Hillary giving some of fugitive donor's cash to charity
. . . Because, as we all know, if you get caught cheating, it's okay as long as you don't keep the money, right?

Warner retirement could give Virginia seat to Dems . . . It turns out there IS a down-side to John Warner's possible retirement: the Democrats could take the seat. Not to mention the devastating blow Warner's departure would deal to the Senate's Pomposity Index . . .

Edwards: sacrifice your SUVs . . . well, not the ones HE rides around in, of course. He needs them. He means your SUVs . . .

Other topics will be covered as events warrant.


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Comments (14)

And Levin would have to buy... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

And Levin would have to buy a new poodle.

The war is over and the glo... (Below threshold)

The war is over and the globe is cooling. You did not hear it first here.

The yearly 2% financial man... (Below threshold)

The yearly 2% financial management fee on 137 million would be 2.74 million dollars demonstrating a 3/4 million dollar fine is a joke

That the fine is uncollecti... (Below threshold)

That the fine is uncollectible turns the joke downright shaggy.

As leeward often says, "thr... (Below threshold)

As leeward often says, "throw these (Democratic) clowns out of office".

(too bad then afterwards we get Republican clowns instead of real conservatives, but
R clowns are still infinitely better than
D clowns).

Jim, like you I'm no fan of... (Below threshold)

Jim, like you I'm no fan of Hillary Clinton. However because of her role as the prohibitive favorite for the Democratic nomination, she will receive most of the large and sometimes questionable donations from donors hoping to influence her possible government. No questionable donor will waste money giving to Dennis Kucinich, with no chance at all.

The biggest reason that less questionable donations have been logged by the Republican candidates for president so far is that it is not yet clear who is the front-runner yet. Once that becomes more clear, donations, both good and bad will follow as competing interests will want to gain influence with a potential nominee. But so far the billionaire founder of Ebay and some big real estate interests have been the most active in the Romney campaign for example, hoping to gain some influence over his policies.

Many bad donors or interests are not all that partisan. They will donate to anyone likely to win to gain influence, so the problem is hardly that of one political party or the other. Both parties will continue to receive tainted donations. It is only when a candidate actually solicits such questionable donations or organizes attempts to conceal the source that it becomes a real problem for a campaign. So far there is no proof that Hillary Clinton went that far, and is at least making it clear that tainted donations are unwanted by her campaign. That part is at least somewhat encouraging. But politics is run by big money and not the great public service profession like it really should be. It is becoming way too much like an oligarchy form of government system similiar to Russia, where powerful interests jockey for power and influence in the government.

Paul, you apparently don't ... (Below threshold)

Paul, you apparently don't realize how many hundreds of millions of Chinese Hillary's husband sold down the river for his grubstake in '96.

Clinton moved the managemen... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

Clinton moved the management responsibility of high tech export from State to Commerce.

Shortly thereafter, Paul, our best missile stuff was sold to the Chinese and curiously, North Korean systems also have improved by leaps and bounds.

The Chinese and Asian contributions to Clinton and the DNC are now legendary and many. Too, the US company that profited from the sale also made an extraordinary contribution. And this does not include the brown paper bags of cash that were seen, but never made a formal record.

And now you are going to try to sell us that this is some accident because she is the front runner?

You think the Marc Rich contribution to the Library was also an accident? Oops, another mistake?

You are deluded man. Wake the hell up.

Kim, I'm well aware of the ... (Below threshold)

Kim, I'm well aware of the Chinese donations problems with the Clintons and I don't like it one bit. No foreign entity should have that much influence over our government policies. That is simply plain dangerous. As I said before, I'm no fan of Hillary Clinton. Please take me at my word on that.

OK, Paul. Remind you if I ... (Below threshold)

OK, Paul. Remind you if I do it again. With those two it's kind of reflexive. There are about 100 million good reasons for the 50% negative ratings she carries. Everybody I know has a different reason to be most pissed off at them, and very few will admit the pair has no flaws.

Sorry, 'remind me'. Previe... (Below threshold)

Sorry, 'remind me'. Preview is for the precise. What do the redlines under some of my words mean?

Reading between the lines o... (Below threshold)

Reading between the lines of Hooson's post, when he says he's no fan of Hillary, and almost laments not much big (tainted) donations to Dennis . . . looks like he's a Kucinich fan.

Paul, what I don't understa... (Below threshold)

Paul, what I don't understand is: IF Hillary really wants to distance herself from the Hsu donations and send a message against tainted campaign money, which is she only giving one quarter of the amount bundled by Hsu from the Paws and Lees - just two families - away?

Why not get rid of it ALL? She's got millions in the account, why not shed a few more thou to clear her name?

Also, why give it to charity? Isn't the usual procedure with such donations to return them to the donor? Or can't they be found?

Or can't they be f... (Below threshold)
Or can't they be found?

See, when the loot is delivered in a non-descript gym bag, near a trash can, underneath a bridge in a park at midnite, it's kinda' hard to exactly trace the money back to it's origin. Especially when the note enclosed with the loot simply says, "From you know who. You owe me big time and we'll be watching."






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