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Green On Green: So Delicious, It's Obscene

There is nothing quite so delicious as watching two of your adversaries go after each other. And there's a wonderful case going on right now.

The other day, I got a press release from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a name almost Stalinesque in its irony). They have decided to go after the self-designated leader in the fight against "global warming," none other than Al Gore, himself.

It turns out that eating meat is a big contributor to global warming, according to PETA, so they're calling on Al Gore to go vegetarian -- and they're going to pull some of their patented stunts to try to embarrass him (and, as usual, get themselves scads of publicity, like this posting.)

I was thrilled to get the press release from PETA, because it gave me a chance to steal a photo from my occasional colleagues and not only e-mail it to PETA, but publish it here:


For a little context, look here: from the year 2000, PETA has, at its Virginia "shelter," killed at least 70% to 90% of the animals it has taken in.

For years, the Iran-Iraq war was my metaphor for situations where I wish both sides could lose. Right now, the Hamas/Fatah fighting is my current conflict of choice, but Gore vs. PETA is running a close second.


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Comments (44)

This is what happens when p... (Below threshold)

This is what happens when people pander to extremists, it's never enough until you're exactly like them.

Al Gore set this bear trap (or should I say, manbearpig trap), and then stepped directly in it as he walked away.

Wow...Just, wow. "They bad... (Below threshold)

Wow...Just, wow. "They bad, but you badder" because of the fumes. I'm already wary of anything labeled "Global", but yeesh!

PETA is an extreme organiza... (Below threshold)

PETA is an extreme organization, where I often cannot support either their means or goals.

I'm personally a vegan because of a genetic defect with my blood where I cannot tolerate animal proteins in my blood, so I cannot eat any meat, cheese, eggs, milk, fish or honey. And I love animals and oppose their suffering or deaths in needless ways. But PETA often goes way too far and I cannot support them on many issues. It is up to everyone to choose their own best dietary needs without the dictates of PETA, although I personally feel great with a vegan diet.

If some like to eat anything, and feel sluggish and tired all the time, then continue to eat a high fat diet that slows blood flow, heightens heart attack and stroke risk, reduces sexual function and clouds thinking ability as well. But I personally choose to feel healthy and active by comparison. Moderation in the average diet is probably an important factor as well.

Surely they jest.===... (Below threshold)

Surely they jest.

Vick shoulda ett some uv do... (Below threshold)

Vick shoulda ett some uv dose dere doggies. Dat way he coulda sed dat dem dogs was victims of huntin not dog fightin.

So we're not supposed to st... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

So we're not supposed to step on a bug or eat a fish.

Its Okay, mind you, if a fish eats another fish, but you? Noooo!

Tip for you new vegans: Don't eat the bushes close to the house.

So Paul,You are pr... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

So Paul,

You are pretty much left then with a diet of Koolaid. That explains a lot.

I am always at a loss at th... (Below threshold)

I am always at a loss at the double standard tolerated by those on the Left. I have read the justification of Michael Vick and his dog fight issues because of his inner city upbringing.

And for AL Gore, come on the carbon offset program???Double double standard.

As to me and my thoughts over PETA, It is almost as ironic as the NEA supporting a woman's right to choose and protecting the children!

Vick was involved in dog fi... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

Vick was involved in dog fighting, and was involved in killing 8 dogs. Oh what a mass murderer! I know of people who do more poaching (Illlegal hunting) in a single season. Look, lets unwad our panties a sec and stop hypervenilating. Many are being more melo-dramatic about the Vick thing, than a high school girl with a zit or two. Funny how libs want to let out child molesters, rapists and other violent criminals under the auspicies of compassion, but now want to tie Vick under the bus and go on a cross country "Twisted Logic" tour.

In a country were abortion is not only legal, partial birth abortion is advocated under the auspicies of "A woman's right to choose aht she does with her body", I can't believe people are so "Shocked, Shocked I tell you" about dogfighting. Is it disturbing? Yes. So is the meth epidemic, so is kiddie porn, so is abortion, so is child prostituion. If we want to get bent out of shape, items on the above list should create more of a perspective.

PETA needed a boost into relevancy, and Vick gave it to them. Their tactics are out of the Jesse Jackson book of fundraising: Harrass the person and use their plight for PETA's gain. They either get money to go away or get face time on the camera. One of the spokespersons for PETA even said that "Vick's future actions to rectify this incident will determine how hard they advocate against his reinstatement to the league". In other words, "Give us enough money, and we'll leave you alone." Ask Beyonce and Pamela Anderson about that trick.

PETA kills animals then complain about the plight of animals? WTF is up with that logic. I remember they had a campaign where they had pictures of Black slaves next to pictures of animals in chains, with a caption like "Both are inhumane". NICE

I know everyone needs a gimmick, but this is getting ridiculous.

Robert, I don't drink koola... (Below threshold)

Robert, I don't drink koolaid. It involves processed sugar which feeds many diseases and contains artificial flavors sometimes created from chicken cartilage or nasty chemicals. Only organic juices for me, thanks. Soy gives me an upbeat, positive view of the world as well, a natural antidepressant. Robert, look at your diet as contibuting to your negative view of the world. The more you reduce blood flow from the heart, the more depressive and negative your thinking becomes.

Biliousness and choler inde... (Below threshold)

Biliousness and choler indeed.

Paul, it's the estrogens. That's called a power flash.

Where are you gonna get you... (Below threshold)

Where are you gonna get your fix when you decide monocultured soy beans is bad for Gaia?

Ah, yes. Locally grown for... (Below threshold)

Ah, yes. Locally grown for the elites. The other six billion or so can just go scratch dirt.

So Paul,Your docto... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

So Paul,

Your doctor prescribes only organic juices and soy?

This is some medical condition you got Paul.

I suspect you are as full of it on this as you are on everything else.

As to your relentless positive attitude, I shall henceforth expect nothing but relentless positive comment on Bush and Iraq from you.

Nobody likes Paul. I saw h... (Below threshold)

Nobody likes Paul. I saw him in the garden eating worms.

Robert the Original ... (Below threshold)

Robert the Original and Kim: I've reported yyour comments. I disagree with Paul Hooson a lot, but nothing he has written here is partisan, mean-spirited or offensive. Your comments are, esp. R the O. You're both adding absolutely nothing to the conversation here, and will make good fodder for when the WizBang Blues cite us for being a**hats.

l, I love you, but you don'... (Below threshold)

l, I love you, but you don't recognize satire on 'green-on-green' when it rares up and bites you in the asshats. And Whizbang Blue deals with me by banning me. Cow Ward Lee Lyin.

Robert, my doctor doesn't p... (Below threshold)

Robert, my doctor doesn't prescribe my diet, but is impressed with my excellent blood recovery from rheumatoid arthritis and other serious complications because of my diet. The rhematoid factor in the blood has dropped down from high to normal range due to my diet. At 52 I like to motorbike, play basketball, etc., a far cry from needing a cane to walk some days before. I take no drugs. Not even aspirin. But take some prescription vitamins such as calcium and vitamin D.

When I was badly injured in a motor scooter crash earlier this summer due to some sudden pothole damage to my motorbike, I refused any painkilers for my 18 injuries for example. I had injuries to my ribs, legs, hands, etc. But I didn't want to get involved with any drugs to fight the pain. I was suddenly thrown over the handlebars at 25mph and run over by my own 200lb. bike which crashed on my leg.

I will certainly give Bush and Iraq any positive reviews when either situation warrants it. I'm certainly that honest. On immigration he certainly attempted to play a role of moderate for example to help to meet the need of business for workers as well as to stem the flow of illegal immigrants. But many in his own party rejected this moderation. Bush often plays the role of moderate in a party being pulled sharply to the right by some. In Iraq, the U.S. has seen some benefit from the surge, however it is the government of Iraq standing in the way of the much of the needed progress. And it is the continued violence on the part of many Iraqis making their own nation dangerous as well. Only when the people give up on this violence can the situation improve in a much larger way. With such a small force of just 160,000 Americans in Iraq, a land of 25 million persons, the people in Iraq need to do more to create a safer climate and provide better border security against Iran and other foreign threats. Is this positive enough to satisfy you, Robert?

Kim, I'm cetainly not in fa... (Below threshold)

Kim, I'm cetainly not in favor of Wizbang Blue banning your comments. Sometimes they are profound and wise, sometimes they certainly are not. But you have the right to voice any respectful opinions in my view.

Sure, Paul speaks with the ... (Below threshold)

Sure, Paul speaks with the facade of inoffensiveness. What's offensive is that he is utterly blind to his dissonance, and so reliably spouts all the politically correct, and nonsensical, claptrap which is au courant. Do you have a better method than the 2X4 with which I've been unable attract his attention?

Okay Langtry,A rel... (Below threshold)
Robert the Original:

Okay Langtry,

A relentless positive attitude:

Like, for example, when Paul wrote on another thread that the emerging Clinton campaign finance scandal was merely a result of her front runner status.

And it would behove all of us to live in this La la land, and skip and dance, and make light headed comments that make no sense, and nobody should call one on it, 'cause "Can't we all just be nice?"

Me? I think you should both drink some prune juice to help get rid of the crap you've been spreading.

Wiz Blue? I could give a rip.

Oops, sorry, Paul. Yeah su... (Below threshold)

Oops, sorry, Paul. Yeah sure, I love you, too. You're my pet donkey.

langtry, I'm the guy who ge... (Below threshold)

langtry, I'm the guy who gets those complaints, and I'll tell you what I'm gonna do about 'em:

Kim, R t O, tone it down a bit, will ya?

Also, please don't contribute to the thread hijacking. That stuff doesn't relate to Vick or PETA or Gore.

Although I gotta admit Kim's "eating worms" was pretty mild for her, and actually made me smile a little.


Hey, the more radical moron... (Below threshold)

Hey, the more radical moron organizations in-fight, back-stab, and generally make lives miserable for each other, the less time we have to spend illustrating just how crazed, fact-free, and self-centered they really are. I got nothin' against other people doing my work for me.

Oh, and Paul, humans are omnivores. We have been successfully processing animal meats and proteins for going on... what... a few million years now? And before Langtry gets his thong in a bunch, I have nothing against Paul being a vegan - it is his choice, and I am happy it makes him happy. However, his continual and completely unnecessary holier-than-thou attitude is just disgusting (though what I have come to expect from the vegetarian/vegan crowd).

Jay, it's a Nineteenth Cent... (Below threshold)

Jay, it's a Nineteenth Century reference no one will get.

And: You da man. Paul is worth listening to. And responding to.

Paul H: Blood type A?... (Below threshold)

Paul H: Blood type A?

Donne, I think, said no man... (Below threshold)

Donne, I think, said no man is an island.

Hooson might put the lie to that.

He's the closest thing to a sane, rational human being over at Blue.

Sometimes I think we oughta follow the advice of Corporal Hicks from "Aliens..."


Linoge, PETA wants to dicta... (Below threshold)

Linoge, PETA wants to dictate the diet of everyone in some more auhoritarian manner. I only offer some testimonials that a vegan diet has certainly improved my life, that's all. I'm no fan of PETA's strongarm tactics which sometimes go far outside of simply offering healthly diet information like some more responsible sources do.

I'm very happy that many in the Christian community such as some doctor programs on the Trinity Broadcast Network seem to promote the health benefits of a vegetarian or vegan diet. These religious programs have been the biggest influence on my vegan diet, and I thank them. I have far more respect for someone like Dr. Cherry on TBN or the Adventist LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE program than the extremist group PETA.

What, Nuke it from orbit?</... (Below threshold)

What, Nuke it from orbit?

Nah, Wizbang regular will get the fallout.

Vick missed his escape rout... (Below threshold)

Vick missed his escape route by not claiming canine-combat to be part of his "belief system". What's a little blood sacrifice in the name of "belief"? The muslims get away with beheading Americans and other "subhumans", without so much as a hiccup from the media and others. The ACLU would support Ookie's "freedom of religion", surely. Then again, Vick could be dyslexic and "not believe in DOG", in which case, he should go for the Korean defense: "canine cuisine".

"It turns out that eating m... (Below threshold)

"It turns out that eating meat is a big contributor to global warming, according to PETA"
umm.... and the U.N.

and everyone else who's looking into it...

just calling a spade a spade.

Kim:<blockquot... (Below threshold)


l, I love you, but you don't recognize satire on 'green-on-green' when it rares up and bites you in the asshats.
Got me there. As for R t O, I maintain my original stance. Jay Tea has the right approach -- I complain because I just don't want to see us turn into the mean-spirited, doctrinaire jerks I see at other sites.
Oh yes jojo, the U.N.... (Below threshold)

Oh yes jojo, the U.N.

The same U.N. that just uncovered vials of nerve gas in their office building in New York.

These paragons of credibility.

So who's "everyone else who's looking into it"


There's not even a concensus that man-made global warming even exists...and you're saying eating meat is contributing to it. Nice one.

PETA...Strike oneThe... (Below threshold)

PETA...Strike one
The UN...Strike two
and everyone else...Yer out!

I've asked my self over and over, Why would Vick do this? It couldn't have been for the money. The guy was a super star starting quarterback for the NFL fer cryin' out loud.

It had to be for pleasure - and that's just sick.

I'm really curious. Does the man have any remorse for it? Does he know it's wrong or does he merely recognize that it's illegal?

Nobody sees the analogy bet... (Below threshold)

Nobody sees the analogy between pro football and pro dogs.

I see PETA has been using h... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

I see PETA has been using his VICK incedent to drum up big cash for themselves so they can kill more animals and PETA has killed more animals then vick has

Hooson:Robert,... (Below threshold)


Robert, look at your diet as contibuting to your negative view of the world.

You're outta your mind!

Besides that I smell a rat, first you claim to be a vegan "because of a genetic defect with my blood," then end that comment with, "If some like to eat anything, and feel sluggish and tired all the time" etc... "But I personally choose to feel healthy and active by comparison."

So which is it, do you have a genetic defect that forced the diet on you or did you choose your lifestyle "to feel healthy and active?"

I smell a rat... or is it a cow fart full of methane?

Oyster:I'm rea... (Below threshold)


I'm really curious. Does the man have any remorse for it? Does he know it's wrong or does he merely recognize that it's illegal?

None of the above needed Oyster, he's found Jeeeeeesus!!!!

Langtry, a good board is ra... (Below threshold)

Langtry, a good board is rare and fragile beastie, and I have sinned. I have offended some good people, and I regret that. Besides the fact that it is difficult to predict what would offend any one in particular, I'd like to excuse my behaviour by claiming that it is not my fault. I do, however, double underline all this crap.

Anyone ever seen that Penn ... (Below threshold)

Anyone ever seen that Penn and Teller video about PETA? It's both funny and informative.

"Nobody sees the analogy... (Below threshold)

"Nobody sees the analogy between pro football and pro dogs."

Once again, kim (I called you on that in a different thread when this story broke), because there isn't one. Nobody fights to the death in any football game.

Your closest analogy would be UFC.

There is one, but it is ine... (Below threshold)

There is one, but it is inexact.

Paul? Surely your conditio... (Below threshold)

Paul? Surely your condition, as extensive and rare as it is, would have a name, right?

"There is one, but it is... (Below threshold)

"There is one, but it is inexact."

Right. Because there are pads to protect the players and rules for safety in football. Very inexact.

I will say, however, there are some nutty fans that would like to choke some players and opposing fans after some games are over.






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