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Jay Tea's Evil Thought Of The Day

The whole Senator Larry Craig thing is still going strong, and it's having all sorts of repercussions all over the place. And one of those places is inside the sick and twisted recesses of my brain, where I managed to draw a few connections that I probably should not have, but felt like sharing anyway.

I have an assignment for you, the readers, and you are expected to present your answers in the comments section.

The challenge is this: David Brock and Jeff Gannon: Compare and contrast.

You will be graded on knowledge of subject matter, creativity, and thoroughness. And yes, spelling and grammar will count. I'm kind of anal picky about that.


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Comments (39)

Jay, you should compare Cra... (Below threshold)

Jay, you should compare Craig with Sen. Vitters. Why are Republicans calling for Craig to resign and not Vitter? Both committed a crime. Is it because Craig solicited sex from a man while Vitter solicited sex from a women?

I guess all those calls of gay bashing hypocrisy are way off base?

I heard this one today: Larry Craig, the Senator that put the "boys" in Boise.

No big deal, Jay, but your ... (Below threshold)

No big deal, Jay, but your links are "reversed". The David Brock one leads to Jeff Gannon, and the Jeff Gannon one leads to David Brock. It threw me for a loop at first.

Tom, I think Jay may have b... (Below threshold)

Tom, I think Jay may have been sending the not-so-subtle hint that Brock and Gannon are two sides of the same coin. Heads or tails, both are losers.

Barney ~ Sorry, I must have missed Vitter being charged and convicted of any crime, or even admitting to a crime. What is the statute of limitations on "consorting" in DC, anyway?

Wow Jay, such amazing wit y... (Below threshold)
Nick Hogan:

Wow Jay, such amazing wit you display. Not too anal? Oh I get it, Brock and Gannon are both gay. Ha ha ha, wow that's SO funny. I would never think of that one. Boy right wing humor is such a zinger isn't it? I m sure it plays to the dim bulbs here, they think it's a riot.

Brock always used his real name, has a real degree, and didn't stay the night at the white house on multiple occasions that he's never explained. His only sin is he used to be a right wingnut, then changed his course after being used by them. That's what really irritates the wingnuts, he is a turncoat that started Media Matters.

gannon, however is a male hooker who still fucks ugly old men for money(but he's the top only), uses a fake name to hide from someone for some reason, has no degree in journalism, and asked some of the most idiotic questions ever in the history of the WH press room (cue idiot Helen Thomas bashers now) and still has never explained why he spent the night at the whitehouse all those times or how he got a WH press pass so easily and quickly.

And what did the supposed liberal press do about the Gannon story? not a goddamn thing. Nothing. If it was the other way around, during a Dem presidency and it was learned that a fake reporter who is also a male hooker was hanging around, then every bloviating loser like Rush Limpballs and Brit "my dead gay son" hume would be screaming from the rooftops about how outraged they were that this was going on.

And now Gannon has his little book out, on a vanity press no less because no publisher would touch it, wherein he derides the evil, librul media. Of course, he didn't interview a single person for his book, nor does he come clean (sorry) about his hooker days.

Two big differences between... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Two big differences between Craig and Vitters

Craig was attempting to get sexual release from another man ( crime of solicitation)..squeamish to many...unacceptable to fundies

Vitters, for sexual release paid prostitutes (a crime)and did role playing with him in a diaper..squeamish to many...more acceptable because it was with women.

The real Difference? Idaho has a Republican Gov. who would pick a replacement ...in LA the Gov. is a Dem.......jist sayin'.

Don't know if its what you ... (Below threshold)

Don't know if its what you are looking for, Jay, but as I've noted elsewhere, we are seeing two things in the left's reaction to Larry Craig. The first is the usual enthusiasm for some thinly veiled homophobia towards people who are their political enemies. The second, and at times I think more offensive, is the plantation mentality. The idea the Left has that they own the thoughts of gays. If any gay does not toe the ideological line, then they are attacked with a virulence unmatched. Don't stray off the plantation, gays are told, or you will be hunted down.

"..or even admitting to a c... (Below threshold)

"..or even admitting to a crime." by jim

Vitter's comments on his phone number found in a "madam's" customer list:

"This was a very serious sin in my past for which I am, of course, completely responsible,"

"Several years ago, I asked for and received forgiveness from God and my wife in confession and marriage counseling," ... "Out of respect for my family, I will keep my discussion of the matter there -- with God and them. But I certainly offer my deep and sincere apologies to all I have disappointed and let down in any way."

Jim, if Vitter did not do anything wrong then why is he apologizing for committing a serious sin? Is this like Craig saying he pled guilty to a crime he did not commit?

A big tip of the hat to Nick for a well thought out reply.

Barney ~ I didn't say Vitte... (Below threshold)

Barney ~ I didn't say Vitter "didn't do anything wrong." But you knew that, didn't you?

I asked where he admitted committing, or was charged and/or convicted of, a CRIME.

Is English your second language, or is it just that truth is always your last alternative?

"I asked where he admitted ... (Below threshold)

"I asked where he admitted committing, or was charged and/or convicted of, a CRIME.

Is English your second language, or is it just that truth is always your last alternative?" jim


"Barney ~ Sorry, I must have missed Vitter being charged and convicted of any crime, or even admitting to a crime." (jim #3)

I addressed your question on Vitter admitting to a crime.

So don't give me your BS "second language" or "truth" insults when you are the one with the memory problem.

Brock is a Clinton paid pol... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Brock is a Clinton paid political hack. Brock is in Hill-dog's pocket book.

Gannon was essentially pointing out liberal bias by throwing a softball to President Bush. To the best of my knowledge he wasn't planted by anyone in the white house, nor does he have any monetary ties to President Bush.

The way the Clinton's operate is by creating these think tanks and interest groups that come up with "non-biased" articles, studies and reports. These are all funded by the Clinton's of course to make their stance on certain things as close to a statement of fact. Look at Media Matters. They are the website where the major news networks cherry-pick their stories from. It's all funded by Clinton Inc. and Soros Inc. The way they do it is to put up the facade of being non-biased.

Gannon was attacked for trying to be the balance to the typical accusatory tones and insinuations, or the regular media drumbeat. It was incredible to see how the liberal media jumped all over Gannon after he asked a question that they didn't like and it didn't fit their little template of "Bush Lied!!".

Not sure if Craig should re... (Below threshold)

Not sure if Craig should resign - though I think it would be a good idea.

I do have the question of why is Barney Franks still in Congress?

It's ok to solicit male prostitutes if you admit to being gay?

Or, is it ok to solicit prostitutes ONLY if you're gay ... and a dem?

Bonus points, I guess, for leaving a woman to die in a river.

Barney, haven't you already... (Below threshold)

Barney, haven't you already learned today that you are not competent to be attacking others' ?

Oh, and i would like to poi... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Oh, and i would like to point out that Barney basically hijacked the comments section (some of you have helped him) and took the conversation away from the actual point. This post has nothing to do with Vitters or Craig. Maybe you guys can search through the archive, or go to an actual post about either person and post things there.

And to the non-trolls here, don't let Barney or any of the other trolls drag you into an argument about something way off topic. Essentially it gives credence to their points where there is none.

Here's the difference:... (Below threshold)

Here's the difference:

David Brock lied for Republicans in the past. He's since recanted, and now runs Mediamatters , which exposes the lies, distortions and ineptitudes of conservative pundits and the so-called Liberal media. Oh, and he's gay.

Jeff Gannon/Guckert was a gay prostitue who worked for a thoroughly non-credible conservative web advocacy outlet "Talon News", that masqueraded as a news agency, who 'somehow' became a member of the White House press corps. He would send fawning questions to the President any time real questions became too tough for him.

Think that about covers it...

This is relevant how, by the way? Because both of them were gay? I'd think a more relevant comparison would be people in politics who cheated on their wives...because no one here has a problem with people being gay, right?

Compare & Contrast,<p... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Compare & Contrast,

Well Barney G & Nick Hogan would give hummers to both Gannon & Brock, but they'd enjoy it a lot better with Brock than with Gannon.

"Tom, I think Jay may ha... (Below threshold)

"Tom, I think Jay may have been sending the not-so-subtle hint that Brock and Gannon are two sides of the same coin. Heads or tails, both are losers."

Doh! I (obviously) completely missed that. Thanks for pointing that out.

Best comparison<a hr... (Below threshold)
nogo war:
I wanted to compare on-lin... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

I wanted to compare on-line porno sites they ran to see which one was better...
couldn't fine one for Bock...
Here is some info on Gannon's

How about this, David Broc... (Below threshold)

How about this, David Brock and Media Matters blew the whistle (no pun attended) on Gannon and Talon News, and both listen to Rush.

From the very Wiki article:... (Below threshold)
Nick Hogan:

From the very Wiki article:

Guckert first attended a White House press conference on February 28, 2003, and there asked a question of then White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer. At this time Guckert had never had an article published, and was not associated with any kind of news organization (Talon News had not been created yet[5]). However, Gannon states that he was editor of his high school student newspaper, as proof of having some journalistic experience.

Cool. Like the scene in Full Metal Jacket

Hartman: You gotta be shittin me! You think you're some kind of fucking Mickey Spillane?

Joker: Sir, I wrote for my high school newspaper, sir!

Hartman: Jezuz H Chryss, you're not a writer, you're a killer!

Joker: A killer, yes sir!

And why change your name if you are a real journalist? I can understand Leslie Blitzer wanting to sound more manly, but Guckert? I've heard far far weirder, hard to pronounce names than that. From the wiki article:

Guckert's response was that the alias Jeff Gannon was a professional name used for convenience, saying that his "real last name is hard to spell and pronounce," and that the Secret Service was aware of his identity.

Or maybe he didn't want anyone to know his night job?

More wiki

Furthermore, it was said that, highly unusually, Gannon was issued one-day press passes for nearly two years, avoiding the extensive background checks required for permanent passes, and sidestepping Guckert's inability to gain the necessary Congressional press pass. Guckert applied for a Congressional press pass in April 2004 but was denied one by The Standing Committee of Correspondents, a group of congressional reporters who oversee press credential distribution on Capitol Hill, on the grounds that Talon did not qualify as a legitimate and independent news service.[10] On his resume Guckert said he is a graduate of the Leadership Institute Broadcast School of Journalism, a two day seminar for "conservatives who want a career in journalism."[11]

A true weekend warrior.

And just couldn't resist an... (Below threshold)
Nick Hogan:

And just couldn't resist another wiki quote:

During the Committee meeting Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee claimed that Gannon had engaged in "a penetration of the White House, maybe a security breach, and I do not believe it can be answered with self-investigation.

Me not now enuff to komment... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Me not now enuff to komment on des 2 peepholes.

(I'm gunning for top prize in The Most Ignorant and Grammatically Incorrect category.)

David Brock "used" by the r... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

David Brock "used" by the right? Leftists love to spout that claptrap don't they? David Brock was hired to do investigative work. If he found the work distasteful or unethical but did it anyway the only thing it proves is that David Brock will do anything for money. His convictions apparently come cheap. Now he is being "used" by George Soros. Big difference.

While I am indeed concerned... (Below threshold)

While I am indeed concerned about the "sick and twisted recesses of your brain", JT, I'm not sure if we're to compare and contrast the two individuals themselves or the issues that surround them.

For one thing, neither of the Wiki entries were unbiased. It was quite favorable to Brock and almost glowingly told of his transformation from the hateful-right to the loving-left. It appears that hateful-right he speaks of in his book, "Blinded by the Right," was, at least to some degree, fabricated.

Towards Gannon (or Guckert) it was unflattering in every respect possible detailing every "scandal" and accusation without ever stating that 90% of the accusations were found to have nothing substantial to support them.

Oddly enough, it was Media Matters that initially doused the Gannon matter with gasoline sending the Kos kids into a spiralling frenzy over the matter. (See this) And it grew to ever widening proportions from there. Whether Brock did it thru his henchman, Atrios, to keep his own name out of it is a good question. But Media Matters seemed to be leading the pack. Everytime someone met with a dead end, Media Matters seemed to give them their next clue.

Brock has been consistent in one way only; his attacks were once directed toward the left and now they're directed toward the right. Some seem to be of the mind that he has redeemed himself this way; something Guckert will never be able to do in their eyes unless he begins attacking the right.

But Guckert? Wow. Bad move on his part to think he could expose himself to the media (no pun intended) without someone finding out about his past activities. That was just plain dumb.

#11 asked my question. Why ... (Below threshold)

#11 asked my question. Why is Barney Frank still in Congress?

Why didn't this "story" break 3 months ago? Maybe to counter some of the bad publicity surrounding the Hsu/Hillary scandel?

You know how Craig said he ... (Below threshold)

You know how Craig said he was not making hand jesters but was only picking paper off the floor? Well the audio is in, and the paper he was picking off the floor was toilet paper!!

Who picks toilet paper off of the floor of a public bathroom? Was he going to wipe his ass with used toilet paper, or was he just going to sniff it? That should be enough to get him kicked out.

From my local paper<... (Below threshold)
nogo war:
Both are whores (in Jay's m... (Below threshold)

Both are whores (in Jay's mind).

Craig should not resign...e... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Craig should not resign...everybody needs to back off...after listening to this

why would he plead guilty?

Wow-After listenin... (Below threshold)


After listening to the audio tape...

First of all-why does the officer mention that "he doesn't call the media-and do that other kind of crap"...?

Ghee that wouldn't be an implied threat after he is sure that Craig is fearful of being hauled off to jail or of going to court.

Then he-the officer- says-"I don't want to sit here like some guy with all the power"..

[Napolean complex...must feel great to make a Senator squirm when you are low guy on the totem pole at the squad house pulling "crapper duty".]

Then the officer tops the whole thing off by making the political observation that-'no wonder we are going down the tubes"..

Ya the economy hasn't been this bad since Carter or Hooverville and the war is worse than WW II or Vietnam...

Ghee he doesn't sound like a Liberal.....

Ya riiiiigggghhht....

I've no sympathy for Craig,... (Below threshold)

I've no sympathy for Craig, but this Minneapolis PD clown is pretty pathetic.

Towards Gannon (or... (Below threshold)
Towards Gannon (or Guckert) it was unflattering in every respect possible detailing every "scandal" and accusation without ever stating that 90% of the accusations were found to have nothing substantial to support them.

I'm interested. Was anything proven untrue, that was quoted here?

Gannon/Guckert did work for Talon News, he was a journalistic nobody, he was there to throw softball questions when Bush got flustered by actual reporters asking him real questions, and he previously worked as a gay prostitute.

And what allegations about Brock that have any validity, do you feel weren't listed in the Wikipedia article? Is it the alleged Soros connection?

"If any gay does not ... (Below threshold)

"If any gay does not toe the ideological line, then they are attacked with a virulence unmatched" SPQR

Hey Spuqqer, would that be the imaginary line between two toilet stalls?

"The real Difference? I... (Below threshold)

"The real Difference? Idaho has a Republican Gov. who would pick a replacement ..." nogo war #5

If Idaho had a Democratic governor the Wiznuts would all be arguing that Craig was set up and/or entrapped by a liberal cop.

One thing for certain; there would be a deafening silence amongst Republicans in calling for any resignation.

So Barney doesn't know the ... (Below threshold)

So Barney doesn't know the difference between a "sin" and a "crime?"

We'll have to add that to the list of things he doesn't know - fortunately, storage space is cheap nowadays.

FF, since you have no resp... (Below threshold)

FF, since you have no response for my comment, you make a smart ass response. That's all you got? You are wasting people's time.

Barney,Your boy is a... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

Your boy is a political hack. Gannon was a gay prostitute and still showed how easily your hacks will not address an issue but will seek something in someones past to destroy them instead of actually addressing the issue.

Liberal attack machine: Destroy character, do not touch the issues.

One difference is that Gann... (Below threshold)

One difference is that Gannon is a member of the Grand Old Potty and Brock isn't.

Jim, there were a lot of qu... (Below threshold)

Jim, there were a lot of questions, speculations and allegations about Guckert that simply were never proven. Remember, the burden of proof lies with the accuser. In the Wiki article these accusations are alluded to mostly in the links and some details about these accusations are gotten from them. these links were carefully chosen as they contained all manner of things that the article was careful not to slander with, but there are few, if any, links showing that there is no proof that he was involved with exposing Plame, slept at the White House, had affairs with anyone there, was a member of Thune's campaign, etc. The article also says he got his press pass under an assumed name (this one turned out to be completely false. He wrote under an assumed name but got his pass under his real name).

Wiki article editors are watched carefully for the use of false information directly in the article, but the links are a free-for-all for gleaning all manner of nastiness. What they basically did was use the links as citations for all the allegations mentioned in the article and dozens of others not mentioned, but no links or mention of the allegations that were either false or unproven.

Conservatives are not the only targets for this kind of garbage. Liberals have been treated unfairly too. I've found a good deal of Wiki to be a cesspool of defilement and while not outright false, they are filled very misleading information.

Guckert was sleazy for his past, but he was largely condemned simply for being an outspoken conservative and gay. Very little of what he ever actually said was given much attention.

As far as Brock goes, I haven't made any allegations that I haven't already stated. I don't have any reason to believe he's done anything illegal, nor would I attempt to build any sort of conspiracy around him based on links to partisan people's opinions. Although, in all fairness, I think it should be noted that Soros' largesses have contributed to his success. Soros is a very controversial figure and the link between him and Brock is substantial. Otherwise, I have little or no interest in the man.






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