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Nerve gas found at UN

Vials of the deadly nerve gas phosgene have been discovered at the UN in New York. They may have been left over by UN inspectors from pre-war Iraq, reports Brian Ross for ABC:

CORRECTION: Phosgene isn't a "nerve gas," but rather a "choking agent." It was used in WWI combined with chlorine gas. I posted the article from ABC News, and apologize for the error. I'm leaving the title of the post unchanged for continuity's sake.

United Nations weapons inspectors discovered six to eight vials of a dangerous nerve gas, phosgene, as they were cleaning out offices at a U.N. building in New York this morning, federal authorities tell the Blotter on ABCNews.com.

The federal authorities said the office, in a U.N. building near headquarters, was being evacuated and the White House had been notified at 10 a.m.

New York police and fire officials reported to the scene around 12:15 this afternoon.

Read the whole report at the above link. Why would they keep nerve gas in the building, no matter what purpose it may have served in inspections?


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Comments (32)

Why would they ... (Below threshold)
Why would they keep nerve gas in the building, no matter what purpose it may have served in inspections?

Because the chances of there being two separate caches of nerve gas at the UN would be astronomical.

Because, I dunno, they're i... (Below threshold)

Because, I dunno, they're idiots?

What do I win?

Wait a sec, I thought Sadda... (Below threshold)

Wait a sec, I thought Saddam's having nerve gas was just a lie the neocons told.

Conclusive proof of WMDs at... (Below threshold)

Conclusive proof of WMDs at the UN, proving our invasion was justified! Wait...

Geez that Koffi has a lot o... (Below threshold)

Geez that Koffi has a lot of NERVE..

Pretty sloppy work, as the ... (Below threshold)

Pretty sloppy work, as the UN weapons inspectors can't find phosgene in their own offices for 10 yrs.

I Guess Joe Plame fibson's ... (Below threshold)

I Guess Joe Plame fibson's time would have been better spent at the UN instead of Neegaire.

"The items were recovere... (Below threshold)

"The items were recovered from a former Iraqi chemical weapons facility, Al Muthanna, back in 1996, but just noticed on an inventory list yesterday, according to UNMOVIC."

When was the last time these guys did an inventory?

"Former U.N. weapons inspectors told ABCNews.com that vials of phosgene had also been used by inspectors in Iraq to help calibrate air sampling instruments."

Is that where they go to calibrate their air sampling instruments? A UN building in New York?

"The chemical also has numerous commercial applications in the manufacture of plastics and pesticides."

Ah yes, dual purpose. Everything ever found in Iraq at any point was dual purpose - which of course means it was definately used for the more benign purpose.

Can anyone say "regime chan... (Below threshold)

Can anyone say "regime change"?

Phosgene is not a nerve gas... (Below threshold)

Phosgene is not a nerve gas but a choking agent:


As Jim Reports:"Unit... (Below threshold)

As Jim Reports:
"United Nations weapons inspectors discovered six to eight vials of a dangerous nerve gas, phosgene,.."

From ABC:
"United Nations weapons inspectors discovered six to eight vials of a dangerous chemical warfare agent, phosgene,.."

Anyone notice the difference?

I think Michelle Malkins should rip you a new one for distorting the facts and misleading the public like she is so famously known for.

Barney, ABC edited the stor... (Below threshold)

Barney, ABC edited the story to change their original "nerve gas" to "chemical warfare agent". Its pretty obvious if you read the comments on the ABC story.

Never mind, but it was fun ... (Below threshold)

Never mind, but it was fun to read all the "Bush found the Iraqi WMD" digs in the comments section. Priceless.

Never mind, Barney? You me... (Below threshold)

Never mind, Barney? You mean your little slam about Jim and Michelle Malkin "distorting" the facts should just be ignored when in fact, Jim correctly quoted the news item and you once again showed you did not know what you were talking about?

I don't think "never mind" is going to cut it, Barney.

How blindingly stupid do yo... (Below threshold)
Mikey NTH:

How blindingly stupid do you have to be to take that to an office building as opposed to a chemical weapons depot? Apparently UN level stupid.

Way to show your rear there... (Below threshold)
Mikey NTH:

Way to show your rear there, Barn. Classy, all the way.

you see barn, when you call... (Below threshold)

you see barn, when you call someone names and it turns out you were the one that screwed up, you're supposed to apologize, at a minimum. way to act like a liberal, now you just need to blame the people you insulted to complete the cycle.


"He said there was no evacuation of staff at U.N. headquarters and other surrounding offices." Cripes, they shut down a local school for a day because a janitor finds a broken thermometer that MAY have contained mercury (yes, that stuff the most of played with in science class) at one point in a closet that no one has opened in years. But they find phosgene at the UN and no one even bats an eye.

"Phosgene is not a nerve... (Below threshold)

"Phosgene is not a nerve gas but a choking agent:"

You got a point there barn....Id much rather choke to death then have My nerve's shot!

"when you call someone name... (Below threshold)

"when you call someone names and it turns out you were the one that screwed up, you're supposed to apologize,.." falze

I did not call anyone any names.

Come on it was satire. Haven't any of you read J. Swift? Jim made an honest mistake by sourcing ABC News. He should have been more careful to verify the data and to immediately correct the mistake when it was know to him, but he did not so this must be a deliberate attempt on the right wring media to distort the facts.

Isn't that the kind of stuff you guys say on the right whenever an error is reported by the MSM?

That was the satire part (the Swift part as well). That said, I apologize for anyone that my comments may have offended.

Now Barney's parodying hims... (Below threshold)

Now Barney's parodying himself; and apologizing with faint praise. Barney, try, just try to be honest. Once in your life is enough.

Truly, if you can yield a p... (Below threshold)

Truly, if you can yield a point now and then it makes your defense of other points much more credible. This is Rhetoric 101. How many times do you have to repeat the class?

Hazardous material at the U... (Below threshold)

Hazardous material at the U.N.?

I thought Kofi retired? Of was he just picking up his retirement check?

Barney ~ I've updated, but ... (Below threshold)

Barney ~ I've updated, but so did ABC. That's what their original post said. At least I noted the correction - they apparently just changed it. You can see that from the quote I pasted from their article.

It is still a chemical weapon, of course, just not a "nerve agent."

Of course, I'm sure you will explain to us why it's okay to store a "choking agent" in an office building.

That was pathetic Barney an... (Below threshold)

That was pathetic Barney and confirms my opinion of your integrity.

An agency less competent th... (Below threshold)

An agency less competent than FEMA, yet much revered by the Left.

I actually have a neighbor who flies a U.N. "flag."

I guess they fancy themselves "Citizens of the World."

It's just got to be venal, ... (Below threshold)

It's just got to be venal, SPQR. No one suffers those blows to his intellectual integrity blithely.

If you get a choice between... (Below threshold)

If you get a choice between Phosgene or Nerve Gas, choose Nerve Gas. It will kill you quicker.

SPQR:That was ... (Below threshold)


That was pathetic Barney

You've just been nominated for the Department of Redundancy Department.

I plead guilty marc.... (Below threshold)

I plead guilty marc.

Hey look at where their hid... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Hey look at where their hiding all that fear gas and goof gas

Well, at last, the Iraqi WM... (Below threshold)

Well, at last, the Iraqi WMD's do exist. This is the ultimate proof that all the Wizwarriors have been correct all along.

They sprayed liberals with ... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

They sprayed liberals with fear gas that why their afaraid of everything and they sprayed AL GORE and GREENPEACE with goof gas that why their acting so stupid






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