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Check out the new RightRoots

If you have not already visited the new, improved RightRoots site be sure to do so and to share the link with anyone you know who wants to help elect conservatives to office. In a mere three months leading up to the 2006 elections RightRoots was able to raise $300,000 for conservative candidates for the House and Senate. The concept is still the same, to provide a quick and easy way to contribute to a slate of conservative candidates, but things are being done a little different this year. Now, instead of being offered a limited slate of candidates, the site will allow contributions to be made to Republican candidates in any national race. What I like best about the site now is that you can choose your own slate of candidates to support depending on what issues are most important to you. For example, if you want to support candidates that oppose earmarks, there is a place to click to find those candidates. If you want to see Republicans take back the Senate you can choose a key Senate races slate. There is also a great search feature that allows you to search by state, candidate, or even opponent. (I wonder how many people have entered the name "Murtha" or "Pelosi" into that search box.) Be sure to take a look and if you have some extra pocket change, toss some at your favorite candidate.


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This is definitely a HUGE i... (Below threshold)

This is definitely a HUGE improvement, and it could be a big help.

Patrick Ruffini has been correctly warning that Republicans cannot wait until next year to begin building online networks, and I would expect he's been a force in this effort, as has our own Lorie Byrd.

Congratulations to all the principals!

Another right-wing site who... (Below threshold)

Another right-wing site whose success will rival that of Media Mythbusters and The Victory Caucus.

Brian, you forgot one from ... (Below threshold)

Brian, you forgot one from your list.

America Coming Together.

And to think, Media Mythbusters and The Victory Caucus have done it all without getting fined by the FEC or any other Fed agency.






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