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Four-star Veep? . . . Are Republicans looking at retired Gen. Tommy Franks as running mate?

Purple passion for Paul for President. . . Ron Paul supporters are dedicated and enthusiastic . . .

CNN: Craig to resign . . . Their sources say he will resign any day now . . .

Thompson to enter race next Thursday . . . After nearly six months of "exploring," Thompson indicates he will finally take the plunge . . .

Some Thoughts About Why The Democrats Nominate Horrible Presidential Candidates . . . A look at the dynamics of why they end up with McGoverns, Dukakises, and Kerrys . . .

Sen. Nelson: "Forget party rules.". . . "We're Democrats, darn it! Rules are for Republicans! We don't need no stinkin' rules!"

Huckabee drawing more attention . . . after 2nd at Ames, Iowans and the media are turning out for the former Arkansa Governor . . .


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Tommy Franks would be very ... (Below threshold)

Tommy Franks would be very refreshing as a VP candidate but I doubt any candidate would want to bring him on.

"Sorry, I'm not buying i... (Below threshold)

"Sorry, I'm not buying it. For one thing, Franks is closely identified with the "old" pre-surge strategies and former SecDef Donald Rumsfeld, so his candidacy would invite criticism of those plans"

Tommy Franks is closely identified with the smashing victory part of this Iraqi "affair", not the Hail Mary "surge" part of this "nation building" now tarbaby.






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