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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

Glowing red lights indicate those machines shut down to conserve energy as control room supervisor Joe Samuels shuts down additional machines at the Farmers Rice Cooperative in West Sacramento, Calif., Thursday, Aug. 30, 2007. With temperatures throughout the state hovering around 100 degrees, the California Independent System Operator called for a reduction of the state's power usage. The rice coop was among 2,200 large Pacific Gas & Electric Co. customers with standing conservation arrangements to cut their energy use, helping to save an estimated 600 megawatts. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed. A new edition of the Weekend Caption Contest™ will debut Friday morning.


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Comments (123)

Oops... (Below threshold)


In case of emergency press ... (Below threshold)

In case of emergency press the 'MF Red Button' -- "Hmmm, I wonder what MF stands for."

Ted would do anything for t... (Below threshold)

Ted would do anything for the perfect cup of coffee.

"Over the sound of klaxons,... (Below threshold)

"Over the sound of klaxons, Frank hurries to shuts down production as the "Evil Green Bunny" alarms echo through the control room..."

"Tap your foot all you want... (Below threshold)

"Tap your foot all you want... but I'm afraid I can't do that... Dave."

As you can see from the pho... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

As you can see from the photograph, he is clearly signaling his desire for a homosexual liaison with his left hand...

Let's see. Where did that b... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Let's see. Where did that button marked "Iran" go?

"Great Scot, Marty! That's... (Below threshold)

"Great Scot, Marty! That's the third fried flux capacitor this week!"

I'm giving her all she's g... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I'm giving her all she's got, Captain!

Watch closely as the nerd c... (Below threshold)

Watch closely as the nerd caresses the technology before making love to it.

Diebold introduces its larg... (Below threshold)

Diebold introduces its large print version of their voting machine.

"Well, that's the last of t... (Below threshold)

"Well, that's the last of the vacuum tubes."

And the number one advantag... (Below threshold)

And the number one advantage to dating a guy from the nuclear plant? He's got a third testicle!

No I'm not a Nuclear Techni... (Below threshold)

No I'm not a Nuclear Technician, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night... with Larry Craig.

A rare glimpse of the top-s... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

A rare glimpse of the top-secret Democrat conspiracy generation machine.

Idaho's high-tech bathroom ... (Below threshold)

Idaho's high-tech bathroom surveillance system. Heaven help you if you've got a wide stance...

John Edwards programs his n... (Below threshold)

John Edwards programs his new home security system...

And you thought Florida's o... (Below threshold)

And you thought Florida's old voting machines were complicated!

A technician resets a tripp... (Below threshold)

A technician resets a tripped circuit breaker in Al Gore's "carbon neutral" basement.

Karl Rove manipulating the ... (Below threshold)

Karl Rove manipulating the vast right wing conspiracy machine.

This is the powerplant for ... (Below threshold)

This is the powerplant for Al Gore's home. To offset it, they're reforesting the entire state of Nebraska.

...and this chart traces al... (Below threshold)

...and this chart traces all of Hillary's campaign contributors and sorts them by nationality and fugitive status..

Greet-ings Pro-fess-or Fal-... (Below threshold)

Greet-ings Pro-fess-or Fal-ken

It takes two hands to handl... (Below threshold)

It takes two hands to handle the WOPR

The new New Orleans' three-... (Below threshold)

The new New Orleans' three-billion dollar levee detection system was about to be demonstrated, when it was realized that Mayor Nagin neglected to order an 'On' switch.

'This is all Bush's fault!' he shouted.

D'Oh...Not another nuclear ... (Below threshold)

D'Oh...Not another nuclear leak. I hope Mr. Smithers doesn't find out...

John Edwards tweaks his new... (Below threshold)

John Edwards tweaks his new state-of-the-art flowbee hair cutting system.

The machine they use to mak... (Below threshold)

The machine they use to make Hillary look human is sucking up more and more power.

Hmm, very odd. I've bookma... (Below threshold)

Hmm, very odd. I've bookmarked "Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest Winners" on this thing's browser, yet I still see no results, even though the OS time tells me that it is indeed Sunday evening.

"Naw it can't travel in tim... (Below threshold)

"Naw it can't travel in time, but a 1.21 gigawatt sub-woofer does have its merits."

Finally after 30 years and ... (Below threshold)

Finally after 30 years and billions of dollars of grant research money, technicians put the final touches on the "global cooling" tracking computer in anticipation of new ice age that was predicted in 1978.

I apologize for my cold han... (Below threshold)

I apologize for my cold hands, but can you turn your hard drive and cough, please?

"Deep Thought, what do wome... (Below threshold)

"Deep Thought, what do women want?"

"Hmmm... Uh... wouldn't you rather have the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything?"

"I think Rove said this was... (Below threshold)

"I think Rove said this was the button that controls foreign policy. Or was it this one?"

"Could somebody ask Rove wh... (Below threshold)

"Could somebody ask Rove where the Hurricane Controller is on this thing before he leaves?"

Stephen Macklin #35: You b... (Below threshold)

Stephen Macklin #35: You beat me to it! ;-)

Tipper ? Is that the one ?... (Below threshold)

Tipper ? Is that the one ? said Al as he desperately tried to find the right curcuit breaker for the kitchen.

It the MSM coordination roo... (Below threshold)

It the MSM coordination room, John was working furiously to ensure the Hillary funding scandal get replaced by the three-month old bathroom story he had held in reserve.

Crap, lets try again:... (Below threshold)

Crap, lets try again:

In the MSM coordination room, John was working furiously to ensure the Hillary funding scandal get replaced by the three-month old bathroom story he had held in reserve.

A worker drone deep in Hill... (Below threshold)

A worker drone deep in Hillary Clinton's Campaign Headquarters fine tunes the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Machine.

His office packed, his last... (Below threshold)

His office packed, his last talking points outline left for the President...Karl Rove spends his final moments on his last day in the White House underground bunker shutting down the weather machine.

Dr. Frankenstein attempts t... (Below threshold)

Dr. Frankenstein attempts to reanimate John Edwards' presidential campaign.

Experts are already fine tu... (Below threshold)

Experts are already fine tuning Hillary Care.

Yes I know it's 42. But wha... (Below threshold)
douglas adams:

Yes I know it's 42. But what's the question!!!!

New Orleans.. New Orleans..... (Below threshold)

New Orleans.. New Orleans...let's see yup here it is..lot's of black people there...ok that's it...This Halliburton Hurricane machine is sweet.

I am your new supervisor, M... (Below threshold)

I am your new supervisor, Mister Borg.

Please, come closer.

No, closer.

No, that's not drool, it's - condensation.

Edwards campaign employees ... (Below threshold)

Edwards campaign employees work the power plant at his mansion.

Thanks to global warming al... (Below threshold)
Baron Von Ottomatic:

Thanks to global warming alarmism, citizens around the USA will soon experience the joy of California-style rolling blackouts.

Heeding the wisdom of her a... (Below threshold)

Heeding the wisdom of her advisors, Hillary acquires a S.O.U.L.*

Un-natural Habit

RNC staffer fine tunes the ... (Below threshold)

RNC staffer fine tunes the Republican primary process.

Controlling the Gorebot is ... (Below threshold)

Controlling the Gorebot is so highly automated that it only requires one technician.

42.... (Below threshold)


Back in 1982, the USSR trie... (Below threshold)

Back in 1982, the USSR tried to market its own desktop PC, with little success.

Kevin demonstrates the Capt... (Below threshold)

Kevin demonstrates the Caption Contest Judging Machine, declaring that the results should be completed by Sunday.

"I, Proteus, possess the wi... (Below threshold)

"I, Proteus, possess the wisdom and ignorance of all men, but I can't feel the sun on my face. My child will have that privilege...wait a minute... Larry Craig? What have you done with Susan Harris?"

Daisy, Daisy, give me your ... (Below threshold)
Jim in Cleveland:

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. I'm . . . half . . . crrrraaazzzzyy . . . allllll . . . forrrr . . . the . . . . . . love . . .

eenie, meenie, miney, moe, ... (Below threshold)

eenie, meenie, miney, moe, catch a trident by it's toe...

Captian i have found the pr... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Captian i have found the problem of why we cant rach warp 10 we have blown a fuse

GPS has come a long way!</p... (Below threshold)

GPS has come a long way!

The DIY iPhone left a lot t... (Below threshold)

The DIY iPhone left a lot to be desired.

In the wake of "irregularit... (Below threshold)

In the wake of "irregularities" in campaign contributions, a worker adjusts the Clinton money-laundering machine.

"Why, that power leak has ... (Below threshold)

"Why, that power leak has unbalanced the ship, and she's starting to drift! I can't hold her in place that long!"

John McCain adjusts his mas... (Below threshold)
retired military:

John McCain adjusts his master plan to get elected President in 2008.


Al Gore - "The red light is on. This provides conclusive proof that Global Warming is Real and caused by man".

Answer: 42. Question: How ... (Below threshold)

Answer: 42. Question: How many convicted felons are HillRaisers?

The control panel for the A... (Below threshold)

The control panel for the Automatic Woman Arouser (TM) was... complicated.

(Cannot believe I actually wrote that, but there you go.)

"Idaho, we have a problem!"... (Below threshold)

"Idaho, we have a problem!"

If you wonder what Karl Rov... (Below threshold)

If you wonder what Karl Rove is doing these days, he's in his secret hideaway, fine tuning the master strategy for the 2008 elections.

"G-14! Your last 'Super-Meg... (Below threshold)

"G-14! Your last 'Super-Mega-Powerball Bingo' number is, G-14."

Google beefs up with nuclea... (Below threshold)

Google beefs up with nuclear powered storage in anticipation of Whoopi's debute on the View.

Arnold just couldn't resist... (Below threshold)

Arnold just couldn't resist, once he found out the states' power supply was controlled by "The Clapper".

The new simplified stereo c... (Below threshold)

The new simplified stereo controls for Al Gore's 19,000 sq. ft. "green" home.

The Clinton campaign announ... (Below threshold)

The Clinton campaign announced today that Dr. Charles Forbin has been hired to implement Colossus, the universal health care initiative frequently referred to as HillaryCare.

Abduls lawn may have been s... (Below threshold)

Abduls lawn may have been sub-par, but that was all about to change with the installation of his new, "Death to a Thousand Lakes", sprinkler system.

In order to enhance the eff... (Below threshold)

In order to enhance the effectiveness of gay Republican jokes, this machine will erase all memory of what went on in Clinton's Oral Office.

It was cumbersome but, once... (Below threshold)

It was cumbersome but, once he got all of the girls seated, Lances new "Fluffy Max 3000" was the best hair dryer in the bus.

Bush: "And by ho... (Below threshold)

Bush: "And by holding two circuits, I can direct any hurricane to hit an area marked (D). These two here will send the next one to ... Whoops! That was an (R)."

"The guy at 1304 Oak St. wa... (Below threshold)

"The guy at 1304 Oak St. wants his 'juice' on huh ? Well, I'll give him some fricking juice!"

Albert Gore lends a hand in... (Below threshold)

Albert Gore lends a hand in the China war room!

It was a lot of work but, w... (Below threshold)

It was a lot of work but, with the help of "H.A.L.", Carl was always able to satisfy his women.

As Carl left the White Hous... (Below threshold)

As Carl left the White House the countdown could be heard in the basement halls.....



The new Rove-O-Matic takes over as the Democrats eternal foe!

"Honey! It says here that y... (Below threshold)

"Honey! It says here that you flushed another tampon!" Computerized house monitoring systems are very useful but tragically, they cause the ruination of many a marriage.

Fred left the house in a hu... (Below threshold)

Fred left the house in a hurry that morning, but he'd soon find out the importance of rubber souled shoes.

"'Oh, the new voting machin... (Below threshold)

"'Oh, the new voting machines will make voting so much easier' my butt. I've been in here for half an hour! 14 candidates for 'dog catcher'?! Proposition 419 'Yes, I do not believe that our state should not not ever always require or also never prohibit the exclusion or adoption of rules expressly forbidding marriages between people of the same sex or car color. Vote here for Option 1 or here for Option 2'??!! What?! Where does this line go?! They all cross! OUCH! That button to vote for Gore is hot! Strange, the rest of the machine seems to be getting cooler as I go along. Ok, there, last switch - accept. No, wait! DAMN! Did I just vote for Buchanan?!"

-Ed's experience in the voting machine laid out by Florida Democrats

The Norman Hsu contribution... (Below threshold)

The Norman Hsu contribution flowchart is tweaked by an anonymous Senate staffer.

You think this is big? You... (Below threshold)

You think this is big? You should see the cloaking device they use on Hillary Care 2009!

The year is 1969.T... (Below threshold)

The year is 1969.

The man, still slender, is Albert Gore, Jr.

With a final tweak, the internet is born.

Dustin Hoffman tabulates mo... (Below threshold)

Dustin Hoffman tabulates move ons e-voting results from His Bel aire guesthouse.

In the house of the future,... (Below threshold)

In the house of the future, a switch de-bounce array will connect any combination of wall switches and keypad systems. (No, I'm not kidding.)

"G10""Damn, you su... (Below threshold)
Mighty Dwight:


"Damn, you sunk my battleship"

In his movie "Another Incon... (Below threshold)

In his movie "Another Inconvenient Truth" Al Gore shows that there is general consensus the he did invent the internet.

"On...Off...On...Off..."</p... (Below threshold)


This guy clearly has a duct... (Below threshold)

This guy clearly has a duct tape fetish..

Nigel Tufnel finds life aft... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Nigel Tufnel finds life after rock 'n roll.

Al Gore meets his soulmate ... (Below threshold)

Al Gore meets his soulmate ...

"That was easy!"... (Below threshold)
Lindy R. Dole:

"That was easy!"

(Deep in a bunker in Iran)<... (Below threshold)

(Deep in a bunker in Iran)
"Boy when Mahmoud finds we're only refining Geraniums reproduction, he's gonna be pissed."

OK computer, but when I tol... (Below threshold)

OK computer, but when I told my department I could replace them with one computer, I was thinking about you doing work, not sucking up coffee and surfing videos on the Internet!

Deep under the depths of th... (Below threshold)

Deep under the depths of the wicked Whitehouse, funded by the evil capitalistic Halliburton and the vast right wing conspiracy, in his secret lair, the diabolical Dick Cheney makes the final adjustments on his lifelong magnum opus, his destiny, the global warming machine, conspiring to starve innocent children, displace the homeless, deny health care to senior citizens and to destroy the habitat endangered species throughout Mother Earth all in the name of tax cuts for the rich.

Microsoft's prototype fo... (Below threshold)

Microsoft's prototype for the iPhone-killer was recently greenlighted.

Looking for the switch to f... (Below threshold)

Looking for the switch to flush the Grand Old Potty's Toiletgate...

In Soviet Russia, sentence ... (Below threshold)

In Soviet Russia, sentence diagrams YOU.

Another father can't find W... (Below threshold)

Another father can't find Waldo.

"Man I wish I knew how to f... (Below threshold)
Lindy R. Dole:

"Man I wish I knew how to fix that friggin' flashing 12:00"

Miss South Carolina couldn'... (Below threshold)

Miss South Carolina couldn't find us either.

"Rolling blackouts are so m... (Below threshold)

"Rolling blackouts are so much easier with the PowerFade 3000!"

Klaxons shatter the silence... (Below threshold)

Klaxons shatter the silence at DNC Headquarters as it's GAYDAR Early Warning System springs to life with a "bogey" alert -- closeted Republican officeholder entering public restroom in Upper Sandusky.

WOPR: "Shall we play a game... (Below threshold)

WOPR: "Shall we play a game???"

ALGORE: "Let's play 'Global ThermoWarming Hysteria"!!!"

Frank programs the new comp... (Below threshold)
Bob S:

Frank programs the new computer needed to keep up with all of Hillary's inconsistent statements and policies

Lets See, If I turn this on... (Below threshold)
Vegas Vic:

Lets See, If I turn this one down it creates a power shortage and the price of electricity goes' UP. Ahh What the Hell, daddy needs a new Mercedes Benz!

Placard in Democratic Under... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Placard in Democratic Underground Museum of Liberal History

"Here we have a picture of Karl Rove in the early 1980s"

Dang, with the lates... (Below threshold)

Dang, with the latest primary schedule, I'll have to reschedule Iowa's caucuses to be held last Friday!

Sherman heard a disturbing ... (Below threshold)

Sherman heard a disturbing voice emit from the "Way-Back Machine" as the red lights came on:

"Quiet, you!"

A member of the McCain team... (Below threshold)

A member of the McCain team looks for the one green light on still functioning in his political machine...

John Edwards getting change... (Below threshold)

John Edwards getting change from His piggybank

A member of the Edwards tea... (Below threshold)

A member of the Edwards team also strives to find a solo green light indicating His political machine ever functioned...

With his identity protected... (Below threshold)

With his identity protected, "Danny" shows us how he spends every morning firing up the Democrats spin machine.

2 years and countless mothe... (Below threshold)

2 years and countless motherboards in series later, the answer was always the same: "Use the !*%!!#*! buses you freakin' moron!" Still, the chocolate city mayor worked on, tryne ta cipher how George Bush destroyed his beloved Nah'lens.

Hillary Clinton's Bll Clint... (Below threshold)

Hillary Clinton's Bll Clinton Tracking System.

"Dude check it out, it's ge... (Below threshold)
Devin OSullivan:

"Dude check it out, it's getting turned on by me"

1). The other tech... (Below threshold)

1). The other technicians did not appreciate Al's constant humming of 'Smoke on the Water'

2). Illegal Aliens performing jobs American Nuclear Physicist won't do.

3). 220, 221, whatever it takes

4). At last I have the Illudium pu-36 Explosive Space Modulator.

5).In his basement in an undisclosed location north of Canada, Rodney works on the Wizbanginator generating massive quantities of captions, albeit of questionable quality.

All your watts are belong t... (Below threshold)

All your watts are belong to us!

Barack Obama re-programs hi... (Below threshold)

Barack Obama re-programs his foreign policy machine.

Update: <a href="ht... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

Update: Winners announced. Click on the link to read the winning entries. The contest is now closed. A new edition of the Weekend Caption Contest™ will debut Friday morning.






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