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Div. I-AA Appalachian State Defeats #5 Michigan

And they defeated them on Michigan turf. It was a shocker but an exciting one to say the least. My favorite part was when Michigan attempted to kick a field goal in the last seconds of the game to win by just one point only to have the App. State's defense block it and run the ball back into Michigan territory. Watch video highlights here.


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Comments (20)

Incredible! When I first s... (Below threshold)

Incredible! When I first saw the score I figured they had reversed the teams by mistake.

It's not quite little Charminade upsetting #1 Virginia in basketball 20-some years ago, but still pretty doggone impressive.

The big question is, does M... (Below threshold)

The big question is, does Mike Hart think Michigan was still the better team? Mark it down, 2007 is the last year Lloyd Carr will be UM's coach. Too bad, OSU fans were enjoying all the victories lately.

It's really a bad day for the Big(11)10, and it will definitely cut down on the excitement factor on the OSU-UM game this year...a little.

Why is Michigan ranked pres... (Below threshold)

Why is Michigan ranked preseason #5? They get manhandled on their prior year bowl game, can't win their conference and their conference champion gets slammed by an SEC team in the National Championship?

If David Halberstam were alive he would be writing The Reckoning II: The Inflated Reputation of The Big Ten.

Despite Michigan's loss tod... (Below threshold)

Despite Michigan's loss today/last season and OSU's loss in the title game, the Big(11)10 had a winning record against the SEC in the Bowls last season.

Kinda blows that overrated canard out the window.

Tom,Incoming canar... (Below threshold)


Incoming canard...I know that SEC comment hurt but,
Big Ten : 2-4 in Bowl Games in 2006-2007, including the debacle in the Championship Game.

Wow, Michigan is going down... (Below threshold)

Wow, Michigan is going down the drain as a state, and now its football at UM is joining it. Maybe their governor can tax other sports in the state to give to the football team so it can improve their program...

"OSU fans were enjoying all... (Below threshold)

"OSU fans were enjoying all the victories lately."


That championship game ... um ... it never happened.

TomHere is the tom... (Below threshold)
HughS:I love that ... (Below threshold)


I love that OSU is #2 on that tombstone. :)

yo:Appalachian Sta... (Below threshold)


Appalachian State's win today was very therapeutic for me. Made me forget all about last year! :)

HughS:I see that t... (Below threshold)


I see that the tombstone isn't in any order, but 4-1 and an .800 winning percentage is still pretty dang good.

TomI see that ... (Below threshold)

I see that the tombstone isn't in any order, but 4-1 and an .800 winning percentage is still pretty dang good.

You must be speaking of OSU....which still has a reputation to protect. OSU should leave the Big Ten to protect its reputation.
Michigan is a disgrace...#5? Begging last year for a BCS Championship repeat of the conference?

HughS:As Homer J. ... (Below threshold)


As Homer J. Simpson would say, "Heh, heh, heh...yeah." :)

TomIf you need a goo... (Below threshold)

If you need a good divorce lawyer, just say. The relatives in Ann Arbor are ruining your reputation.

Surely Tressel is looking for one. One is judged by the company you keep.

Appy State!!!!!!!!!!

App State are no slouches. ... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

App State are no slouches. True they are D1AA, but they are the two time Div 1 AA National champs in football. Simply put, come game time.. They Ball.

They are supringly fast too. The team was mostly made up of people who were riding the bench at D1 schools in the ACC like NC State and Wake Forest, Virginia and other Atlantic coast schools like South Carolina, West Virginia, etc. They have the talent in the starting 22, they just don't have the depth of the bigger schools.

Michigan decided to sleep on a D 1AA team, and forget it was also the two time D1AA national champs. Pity..... Now my figiting Illini can take home the crown baby

DNC zaps Spartans. Three H... (Below threshold)

DNC zaps Spartans. Three Hundred Dead.

College team beats a pro te... (Below threshold)

College team beats a pro team. I always like it when that happens.

Penn State and MI State bot... (Below threshold)

Penn State and MI State both raked their victims over the coals today. I bet Appy would have creamed them worse than they did UM - PSU and MSU were smart to pick willing victims, Appy is not one of those schools. Nonetheless, my favorite team is always the one playing against the Wolverines.

"Nonetheless, my favorite t... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

"Nonetheless, my favorite team is always the one playing against the Wolverines."

You're a gentleman and a scholar LOL :)

I don't care which conferen... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

I don't care which conference is the best, just love college football especially when moments like this occur.

App State, consisting of players who were probably passed over by big time division 1-A schools going into the big house at Michigan and fighting out a victory over some of the most highly-recruited players in the nation.

Gotta love it, gotta respect them if you are are Michigan fan, and the inspiration for all those who are made of the same thing without the wearing an exalted uniform.






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