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When Correctly Viewed, Everything Is Lewd

Tom Lehrer, in his classic song "Smut," opens with an explanation as to his pet cause -- pornography.

I do have a cause though. It is obscenity. I'm for it. Unfortunately the civil liberties types who are fighting this issue have to fight it owing to the nature of the laws as a matter of freedom of speech and stifling of free expression and so on but we know what's really involved: dirty books are fun. That's all there is to it. But you can't get up in a court and say that I suppose. It's simply a matter of freedom of pleasure, a right which is not guaranteed by the Constitution unfortunately.

That's always rung true to me. I find very little objectionable, as long as it is restricted to consenting adults. (This is not to say there isn't a LOT out there I find distasteful or down right repugnant, but I won't object to others enjoying it.)

But every now and then I find something that I simply cannot turn a blind eye to. Something to disgusting, so appalling, so virulently objectifying of human beings, that I have to raise my voice in protest.

And this is one of them.

This needs to be stopped, and stopped NOW.


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Comments (23)

I am at work and thinking h... (Below threshold)

I am at work and thinking hard. Do I trust JT or not. Should I click on that little blue word.
Do I dare face the wrath of IT and Admin. Nah. I think I will just stick with wishing there was a NSFW warning.

Yes, as in Not Safe For Wif... (Below threshold)

Yes, as in Not Safe For Wife...JT is gonna incur the wrath of married men everywhere for that little link.

/sick sick sick lol

Oh, and yes, when the linke... (Below threshold)

Oh, and yes, when the linked page loads, the word "porn" is in it, so if your IT people scan sites by wording, you're better off not linking to it from work, IMHO.

/still shaking from that sixth picture

I'm all sexed up now :)... (Below threshold)

I'm all sexed up now :)

Jay, you are inimitable. An... (Below threshold)

Jay, you are inimitable. And I'm with ya!

What a disappointment. ... (Below threshold)

What a disappointment.

There is nothing but foreplay on the link.

(sorry to give it away for those that went to the comments before going to the link)

Jay.....Your humor h... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Your humor has been missing for awhile...
thanks for this...
....and yes I made coffee for the wife...
then showed this to her...started her day off with a laugh also.
Have a great weekend... we are off to one of
those wild traditional geezer hippie labor weekend parties in the beautiful Colorado Mts..
...we will be drinkin good wine...smokin' great dope...eating the smoked pig and looking in an old mine on this property in search for the lost testicles of the Democratic Party.....
Peace and whimsy to all..

NogoDon't forget t... (Below threshold)


Don't forget to look for these folks too:

Hmmm...I can't speak for the other places you mentioned....but living in Denver when we had our blizzard last December..the MSM ignored the hundreds of lives lost...they ignored how 40% of Denver left town and have yet to return...

nogo -- those belonged to t... (Below threshold)

nogo -- those belonged to the DEm Party?? I thought they were Rocky Mountain Oysters!!

No wonder I felt a wave of righteousness looking at the pics.

"...we will be drinkin g... (Below threshold)

"...we will be drinkin good wine...smokin' great dope..."

That explains a lot of your comments...perhaps all of them. ;-)

After clicking on the link and getting a good laugh, I started thinking about what I do every day, being a stay-at-home Dad. Now that I'm finished with this comment, I'm going to be searching for tiny little video cameras in the house today.

I just threw up in my mouth... (Below threshold)

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Wait, wait ... hold on a se... (Below threshold)

Wait, wait ... hold on a second ...

"hippie labor"

What no picture of a Unicor... (Below threshold)

What no picture of a Unicorn ?

Why not have all mythical creatures ?

Of course hetero males do all of these things we just wouldn't use those vapid excuses as to why we did it. Its nobody's damn business why.

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!</... (Below threshold)


Way gross...waaaaay!

*Looking at the pictures, a... (Below threshold)

*Looking at the pictures, and hearing "I am Woman" in the background* yep!.. PORN!

Downright subversive . . .<... (Below threshold)

Downright subversive . . .

What is it they say? I know... (Below threshold)

What is it they say? I know it when I see it!

Whoa, baby!, ... (Below threshold)
rrita m:

Whoa, baby!, This link just speaks to me...;-)

Men doing housework is sexy... (Below threshold)

Men doing housework is sexy. Then again, men working up a sweat doing manly labor things is also sexy. I'll take either one, as long as the man isn't shiftless. Shirtless, yes, but not shiftless.

Jay, funny stuff. Both your... (Below threshold)

Jay, funny stuff. Both your feature and your link are great. Just the mere mention of outrageous and offensive material got my attention.

That's how the game is play... (Below threshold)

That's how the game is played, Paul.

And notice how many women reacted so positively to it? Now they'll associate me with those thrills.

I really shouldn't be giving away these trade secrets publicly, though...


J:Not only is it "... (Below threshold)


Not only is it "virulently objectifying"...it also promotes unrealistic expectations and hedonistic fantasies. ;)

I love how the gag lurches ... (Below threshold)

I love how the gag lurches so many of the subsequent comments back and forth across the offended-numbnuts vs. deadpan-snarky fence, kind of like Schrödinger's Cat.






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