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IBD Editorial Cartoon: They're Back

It's so darn spot on.


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Run for your life! Hsunami... (Below threshold)

Run for your life! Hsunami coming.

One thing I noticed lately ... (Below threshold)

One thing I noticed lately is the lack of lefties spouting off how much Republicans are going to get spanked in 2008. It was pretty prevalent right after the 2006 mid-terms but waned when the Democratic Party choices took to the debate circuit and the lack of the "mandate" being fulfilled.

With all the whining from the left about the Bush family dynasty in the White House, it's even sadder for left when their front runner is just the "wife" of a sexual predator whose long term presidential legacy will be remembered as such along with campaign donation scandals topped off with pay-offs for pardons.

Yep, they're back and absolutely nothing has changed.

Another thing I've noticed ... (Below threshold)

Another thing I've noticed is how many on the left are motivated by hatred - and not just towards Republicans.

I've had Obama supporters tell me how evil Hillary is, Hillary folks ranting about the "uninvolved" Democrats, et bloody cetera. And they don't realize that people notice it.

One Obama fan I know will spend half her day whining you all about the nasty stuff Hillary's been pulling, complaining about the dirty tricks and "lies" (most of which are actually true). Then, when you mention the bile she just spewed, she'll tell you you're crazy, and has no ill will versus Hillary. I'm tempted to record her and play it back so she can hear the anger she emits.

The Hillary folks are pretty dim, too. When you mention the massive number of people who HATE Hillary, they get this odd, confused look, and explain that it's not really true at all, besides, she gave the money back, and have you heard the latest thing about Obama...?

Cirby, its not exclusive to... (Below threshold)

Cirby, its not exclusive to Democrats but I've noticed too that Democrats are more often excited by personality while Republicans are more often excited by ideas.

More from the liberal left-... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

More from the liberal left-wing news media and rat finks like REX BABIN and the other liberals and the WASHINGTON COMPOST and NEW YORK SLIMES

SPQR,Personally, I t... (Below threshold)

Personally, I think they (prog-libs) have a higher ratio of folks that can only see people as "us or other".
If you do not belong to us, you must be of the other. We must defeat the other, so the other must be bad. And so on.

It doesn't matter if the other is only a little different, just that there is a way to draw a dividing line.
Some grow out of it, some are just wired to be that way.
And others know better, but can use this "feature" to manipulate the ones too simple or sheltered to realize what's going on.
A house painter from Austria did very well with a core of people like that once.






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