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Fabulists At The Gate

Josh Trevino explores the storied history of the fabulist-in-training DailyKos diarist "Maccabee." His crowning achievement, 'We Are Going To Hit Iran...Bigtime' is now gone from DailyKos but you can read it here and see the comments here.

The New Republic has get to be kicking themselves for missing out on this guy...

Jay Tea adds: I am kicking myself so hard, I have worn out two pairs of shoes. This is precisely the Kossack that I nailed to the wall back in January for spouting accusations with absolutely zero to back them up, to the loud cheers of the rabid sheep that are the regular denizens of the Free Democratic Republic Of Kosistan. And after forcing him to finally admit he had not bothered to save any of his "evidence" of his accusations against ten prominent right-wing blogs, he made a limp-wristed offer of "let's start over" and "let's work together."

I had this bozo, had him cold, and I let him wriggle away until, nine months later, someone ELSE finally busts him so thoroughly and completely and absolutely that he has lost all credibility, even with the Kossacks.

I don't care that it's 5 in the morning. I need to start drinking.

Paul Asks: So Markos, how's that purge going buddy?


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Comments (21)

It's awesome when the site ... (Below threshold)

It's awesome when the site admin takes authors to task for writing sketchy stories.

Like on Wizbang - when Jay wrote falsely about Harry Reid's land deal, or when Kim wrote falsely about Jews in Iran having to wear badges, or falsely about Rep. Ellison calling the cops on Tancredo, or Haditha being a hoax - they were really taken to task here. In fact they were never allowed to write here again, like Maccabee.

Besides - didn't Kos jump the shark a year ago?

jp2, you have so many hairs... (Below threshold)

jp2, you have so many hairs across your ass, you must have sat in a tub of Rogaine. It also makes me wonder if you need a weed-whacker to get your head as far up your ass as you do on a regular basis.

Speaking purely for myself, I admitted that I got one detail of the Harry Reid story wrong. I said that he'd been involved in a shady land deal; I corrected myself and said he'd concealed a $1,000,000 profit on the land deal.

As far as Haditha goes, well, that one is falling apart as we speak.

As far as the rest... in each and every case, we simply reported what others were saying. Sometimes we get it wrong. We try not to, but it happens.

If you can't tell the difference between that and just plaing making shit up like Maccabee does, then you got bigger issues than I thought.

And I didn't think that was possible.


Geesh, what a mooron, you c... (Below threshold)

Geesh, what a mooron, you can tell by the first line:

"I have a friend who is an LSO on a carrier attack group that is planning and staging a strike group deployment into the Gulf of Hormuz.
they guy doesn't know his ass from his hat.

An LSO in on the carrier and not the "carrier attack group" and there is no such thing as the "Gulf of Hormuz."

There's the Straits of Hormuz, the Gulf of Aden and the Persian or Arabian Gulf.

Wait til John in CA gets a load of this guy... he'll need a new monitor.

Oh and get this one... the story came from a female Marine with 8 years presumably on an LHA which carries helos and Harriers.

She successfully xfer's to the Navy and a "supercarrier" and is slotted ito the LSO job because she's had "experience landing F-18Cs and Cobra Gunships."

Now, I defy anyone..., anyone to find me a US Navy LHA that is capable of landing a F-18C.

And please... it has to be in one piece, not a crumpled ball of fire as it's about to be jettisoned over the side.

John in CA... are ys still with us.... can you still see what you pass thru your keyboard?

What a blithering idiot, being banned from DKos isn't enough. He needs to be banned from earth.

I wrote the above before lo... (Below threshold)

I wrote the above before looking at the linked comments....

Jeebus H. Christ in a ferris wheel, and the loonbats call repubs "sheep!"

I'm a little surprised all ... (Below threshold)

I'm a little surprised all those subtle stylists over there didn't catch on sooner. When he quotes her, she speaks with his voice.

Pulling my chair up and get... (Below threshold)

Pulling my chair up and getting comfortable....this should be a fun holiday!

Aside from the treasonous elements of this story, I can't offer much but I look forward to it being dissected by our pros.

Great post Kevin.

marc, and Hugh, this is the... (Below threshold)

marc, and Hugh, this is the flip side of Political Correctedness; the suspension of critical thinking.

Thanks, jp2, for reminding ... (Below threshold)

Thanks, jp2, for reminding us about Kos and Hackett.

Really, with a soul so evilly deluded, what can you expect but the Maccabee Manifestation.

Here's a nice little irony.... (Below threshold)

Here's a nice little irony. Had Beauchamp's story not been so prominent a month ago, Maccabee's little invention probably would have just echoed around the ward and no external notice made of it.

But it was reminiscent; what could he have been thinking?

I think the successes in Iraq have put him over the edge.

I wouldn't be at all surpri... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't be at all surprised to see a lot of leftist commenters crash and burn over the latest happenings. The war is over and the globe is cooling. That's got to be a lot more disturbing than the AntiChrist stealing an election.

KimI would only add ... (Below threshold)

I would only add that it's the suspension of disbelief. The broad conservative movement we know today was incoherent and uninformed until Buckley enforced critical thinking starting in the 1950's.
Reading the comment section Kev linked to was astonishing until some sober folks showed up.

omigod. Bush invades Anbar... (Below threshold)

omigod. Bush invades Anbar.

Great pic of him and Genera... (Below threshold)

Great pic of him and General Patraeus...I liked that grin on the general's face.

I like the grin on Hillary'... (Below threshold)

I like the grin on Hillary's face in the pic with Hsu.

Last OT comment....as kim m... (Below threshold)

Last OT comment....as kim mentioned, he's in Anbar(!)....not "Spin City". Tauscher and Moran must be chewing and spitting teeth just now.

The Dims keep diddling arou... (Below threshold)

The Dims keep diddling around with stories involving military subjects, and just like with the Bush/TANG story, they keep getting burned.

If they actually gave a shit about the military, and knew just a bit about military terminology and equipment, they wouldn't keep scraping egg from face.

But they don't give a shit; or maybe only when it's to slam the military.

Marc, my co-blogger John (a... (Below threshold)
C-C-G Author Profile Page:

Marc, my co-blogger John (and a couple of other Navy types) have chimed in on this story over at Confederate Yankee. I'll point him to this thread when I see him, tho.

Seems I see a Wizbang author's name in that thread too. -waving at Lorie-

Neptunus Lex did a pretty t... (Below threshold)

Neptunus Lex did a pretty thorough job deconstructing and fisking this story here.

The thing that I found interesting were the reports that through 1300 comments, no one called him on the inconsistencies in his tale.

When I first came across the story at CY, I wasn't past the first couple of sentences before I was going "huh".

jp2: "It's awesome when the... (Below threshold)

jp2: "It's awesome when the site admin takes authors to task for writing sketchy stories."

Yeah, right. "Sketchy".

How about: Ridiculously obvious BS tale? Because it only takes about 2 lines of the original Kos-posters posting before anyone with any real military experience (especially Navy types) can discern that the "diary" is complete nonsense.

There are so many red-flags in that posting that you'd think it was a flashback scene in Warren Beatty's "Reds". Hmmm, maybe that's why the lefties took it so seriously.

I guess Markos had to event... (Below threshold)

I guess Markos had to eventually turn on his brownshirts. Every radical movement seems to have its own version of a Night of the Long Knives. They sing their leader's praise even as he sinks the knife in with a twist.

And at the same time, Kos a... (Below threshold)

And at the same time, Kos and his mental patients claim they are the patriotic ones.






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