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Not Ready For Prime Time

Every now and then, I wonder if we're right to keep our distance from Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group that won election to head the Palestinian Authority. If we ought to bow to the reality of the situation and make the best of it, to see if we can make progress towards a permanent, fair, just, and peaceful solution.

And then I remember just why they're on the list of terrorist organizations -- usually because they do something to remind me.

The Israeli city of Sderot has been literally under siege for years. They have been bombarded by rockets launched from the Gaza Strip on a daily basis. The fact that so few Israelis have been killed by this has been due to a combination of factors -- the inaccuracy of the rockets, the short supply of the rockets, the relatively low explosive charge of the rockets, and the innate incompetency of the Palestinians doing the building and launching of the rockets. It certainly hasn't been through any sense of compassion or temperance or mercy or humanity on behalf of the Palestinians.

This week, one of those unguided rockets managed to strike a day-care center. And the Palestinian terrorist faction that claimed credit -- Islamic Jihad -- immediately said that they regretted the error.

Whoops, my bad. Rather, they said it was a "back to school present" for the people of Israel.

By the grace of god, no children were physically injured. A dozen of them were treated for shock, but that doesn't really matter, does it?

Meanwhile, Hamas can't be bothered to attempt to control the territory they claim to lawfully govern. They're too busy calling for people to show up for mass protests -- and then shooting them.

But I forget myself. They won the elections fairly, they are the legitimate government of the Palestinians, and that should whitewash everything. Jimmy Carter says so, and so do a whole bunch of other idiots.

I'd like to see the next prominent politician who says we ought to establish relations with Hamas nominated to be the US ambassador to them.


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Comments (26)

When you read news of anoth... (Below threshold)

When you read news of another Kassam rocket attack on Sderot, does it ever tell you how many rockets have landed there over the years, or even just this year?

I don't recall ever reading a story that gives that information. Of course, one of the links in the post is to the JPost and it doesn't even say.

A few months ago, a blogger I read in Tel Aviv said the number of rockets fired at Sderot over the years is more than 8000, IIRC.

Of course, too many people excuse that, just like they excused the Hezzies last summer. The rockets are just a nuisance because they are unguided and rarely do any real damage or cause much death.

I guess if I walked outside everyday and fired a clip of ammo up in the air, and only about once a week someone actually got hit or hurt or killed, it would be okay.

It's only Israelis, don't worry about it.

Of course, we Americans let... (Below threshold)

Of course, we Americans let the pendulum swing WAY out in the other direction - my husband and I were watching "SuperMax" on Discovery or A&E or something last night. Three inmates who were "serving life and had nothing to lose" played sick, then started sticking the CO's who came to assist. I guess they had been making shivs in Arts & Crafts class that week (I'm kidding, but they managed to make some). One officer became not only a pin cushion, but also the rope in a tug-of-war between the inmates and several corrections officers who were trying to save his life. They were actually hoping to kill the nurse, who had to inject one with a sedative earlier in the day. One quick-thinking inmate managed to rip open stitches from a self-inflicted wound so he had an opportunity to punch the nurse right in the face later in the day. He was thrilled that it was caught on video.

I know I'm WAY off track here, Jay Tea, and I apologize - but it would seem that we are allowing INMATES in this country to act as terrorists!!! If I were in charge, the overcrowding problem would be greatly diminished by the number of bodies piling up in the prison morgue, because you'd only try to kill one of my CO's once.

Ok, I'm off my rant. Kudos to you for this post about Hamas - I'll check back later for some intelligent comments about the terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

You can see the exclusive v... (Below threshold)

You can see the exclusive video of a rocket attack on Sedrot over here

Jay: Forget Hamas...this is exactly what I said was going to happen after the Disengagement. The attacks would continue, and there's too much pressure on Israel to seriously hit back...which leads to pathetic videoclips like the one above.

The liberals sympathy for t... (Below threshold)

The liberals sympathy for the terrorists in Gaza is baffling to me. I saw the video of the children running in terror to seek cover. I guess to the liberals, since they are Jews it does not matter. They ask for it, etc. Those kids will be scarred for life. ww

Hamas is the worst possible... (Below threshold)

Hamas is the worst possible organization. Both Israel and the U.S. are right to consider this extremist organization to be wholly undesirable to deal with. But the ongoing corruption in Fatah hardly helped their cause either. Rumors of the family of Yasser Arafat socking away nearly $1 billion in public funds into Swiss bank accounts while most Palestinians continue to live in poverty are famous.

This comment (although over... (Below threshold)

This comment (although over two weeks ago) stayed with me mostly because of its sheer obliqueness, but also because of the way it projected how wrong it is for Hamas to be a governing body onto those who have the guts to criticize it:

"You'll just never get over the fact that they won the elections in the Palestinian territory fair-and-square."

The elected government of G... (Below threshold)

The elected government of Gaza is taking armed action against Israel. It is apparently what the majority of Gaza residents want. Gaza had a chance to take the path of peace in 2000, but walked away from the peace table and billions of dollars in free money to create jobs, infrastructure and a normal life. By 2000 you could even see many of the benefits to Gaza when they walked away; a new airport, industrial parks, jobs, training centers, the beginnings of their own port.

They chose war over peace. It is time to introduce Gazians to the former occupants of Dresden. You can not make peace with or rehabilitate warmongers, you can only kill them and hope the remaining survivors in their society wise up.

dam joos.====... (Below threshold)

dam joos.

Ron Paul and the Libertaria... (Below threshold)

Ron Paul and the Libertarians have the answer: ISRAEL OUT OF ISRAEL NOW.

It's just the way it is folks, decent peoples will always let evil have chance after chance after chance ad nauseum, to redeem themselves before the inevitable, laying waste to a few hundred thousand, happens after we realize that they were serious when they promised our destruction with their every breath.

The sooner someone gets Hiroshima'd, Nagasaki'd or Dresdened the better, I say. This slow bleed system just results in more suffering by ALL involved. Not that I give much of a damn about little jihadists screaming "Death to the joos!" for benefit of their proud "mothers" and "fathers" who raise them to strap bombs to their little bodies and walk into crowds of other children, and blow themselves up.

Personally, I think that Is... (Below threshold)

Personally, I think that Israel should announce that they're going to raze the town they're shooting the missiles from the next time it happens. And then follow through. Sure they'll be condemned, but it won't be any worse than the condemnation they already get, and they might actually get security from it.

The problem they have is that they feel constrained to respond 'proportionally', which only hurts them. I reject that absolutely as a desireable thing.

The fact that so f... (Below threshold)
The fact that so few Israelis have been killed by this has been due to a combination of factors -- the inaccuracy of the rockets, the short supply of the rockets, the relatively low explosive charge of the rockets, and the innate incompetency of the Palestinians doing the building and launching of the rockets.

The actual reason is because of the constant and ongoing miracles of G-d. Consider how many times someone changes his mind and does not go into the building just before it is bombed. Consider the school class that was normally supposed to be in the room that was destroyed but was delayed that day.

However, it is a religious requirement to NOT rely on miracles. They should know that shooting rockets is as much a suicide mission as detonating the "palestinian vest".

But those poor Palestinians... (Below threshold)

But those poor Palestinians are the subjugated people over there! They are being murdered and raped and pillaged and oppressed by the evil Israeli monsters! The Israelis stole their land! ...


Wow. I cannot even do an effective impersonation of a Palestinian sympathizer - the thoughts behind the words are just too disgusting.

I will never, ever agree with a people or cause who utilize the tactic of suicide bombers, especially against civilian targets. And proportionality be damned. The day the Palestinians elected a terrorist organization to be their ruling body, all bets were off. The Israelis could simply provide a month's notice to those who did not vote for the terrorists to clear out, and then raze the rest of Palestine, and I am afraid I would not mind that much. Burn it, and then salt it, just to make the point that it was never about the damned land - just about living peaceably.

"they [Hamas]are the leg... (Below threshold)

"they [Hamas]are the legitimate government of the Palestinians, and that should whitewash everything. Jimmy Carter says so" Jay Tea

Uhhh, I doubt you could show any quote whatsoever that substantiates your specious reference to Carter, apart from twisting of words jaust as you have done above.

That's the spirit Freedom F... (Below threshold)

That's the spirit Freedom Fries, deny, deny, deny.
You did forget to insult anybody so I'm taking off 3 points.
Work on being an insulting idiot for your next comment, it's what we expect and it disappoints when you're just an idiot.

Just imagine the outrage fr... (Below threshold)

Just imagine the outrage from the world's Israel haters if this had been an Israeli rocket attack that hit a Palestinian day care center..

The hypocrisy is astounding..

FF has obviously not been p... (Below threshold)

FF has obviously not been paying attention to Carter's clowning around on the issue and this editorial which essentially state what Jay Tea satirizes.

Try again, FF.

SPuQQeR, your fatuous post ... (Below threshold)

SPuQQeR, your fatuous post above illustrates nothing of what Tea is attempting to assert, but rather your inability to comprehend your native language.

It does show, with your lack of processing, why you have the asinine points of view that you have, notwithstanding the latin pretensions reflected in your moniker.

... guess FF didn't read Ca... (Below threshold)

... guess FF didn't read Carter's new book.

Religion of peace,nothing t... (Below threshold)

Religion of peace,nothing to see here, move along people.

The Death Cult that is Hamas, and to a great degree Fatah, keep repeating the same mistakes over and over--isn't this the definition of insanity?

See? That's the Freedom Fri... (Below threshold)

See? That's the Freedom Fries I know and laugh at, insulting and idiotic. Keep speaking denials to truth baby.

That's why I didn't link to any proof, it's not really here to do anything constructive, it's here to deny reality and to insult those with the temerity to actually use reality as a basis for decision making.

FF, actually what is demons... (Below threshold)

FF, actually what is demonstrated is your ignorance, not mine. Jay Tea's comments were obviously not direct quotes, but satirical extensions of Carter's actual remarks.

Now grow up. The junior high routine with people's nicknames got old a long time ago.

FFJhimmi Carter is... (Below threshold)


Jhimmi Carter is an anti-Semite.

Embrace the reality.

Please don't assume FF can ... (Below threshold)

Please don't assume FF can read well. He is what he is. ww

LOL, he is now Toasted Frie... (Below threshold)

LOL, he is now Toasted Fries. Well done you toasters.

Just about a year and a hal... (Below threshold)

Just about a year and a half ago, Jimmy said Hamas is not corrupt, maybe there's a different Hamas we're not familiar with...?

Jimmy Carter has been lying... (Below threshold)

Jimmy Carter has been lying since 1976, no reason for him to stop now.






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