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Whoopi Goldberg Defends Michael Vick On "The View"

Whoopi Goldberg joined the cast of ABC's "The View" this morning, taking over for Rosie O'Donnell, and she's managed to generate a little controversy on day one by employing the "everyone does it" defense for Michael Vick. From WSB Atlanta:

NEW YORK -- Whoopi Goldberg started her stint on ABC's "The View" Tuesday by coming to the defense of convicted felon Michael Vick. Just 15 minutes into the show she brought up Vick's conviction on dogfighting charges.

"You know from his background this is not an unusual thing for where he comes from," said Goldberg. "There are certain things that are indicative to certain parts of our country."

Co-host Joy Behar seemed shocked at Goldberg's statements. "How about dog torture and dog murdering," Behar asked.

"Unfortunately it's part of the thing," Goldberg replied. "You're a dog lover. For a lot of people dogs are sport," she added.

Behar continued to shake her head in disgust.

Lest you think that Goldberg is alone in such sentiment you'd be mistaken. Current and former NFL players such as Clinton Portis and Deion Sanders and NBA star Stephon Marbury have offered up defenses for Vick even after it was obvious Vick was involved.


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That's it Whoopie. That's t... (Below threshold)

That's it Whoopie. That's the way to make a debut. Generalize about those with similar backgrounds as Vick (I am guessing poor and black) and accuse them as being dog torturers. Why don't black people say enough of this BS? Do they not get tired of the likes of Whoopie Goldberg generalizing? Idiot.

I don't know if she meant i... (Below threshold)

I don't know if she meant it as such, but saying that one is more likely to find a particular behavior in certain parts of the country or among certain segments of the population shouldn't be taken as defending such behavior.

For example, saying that you're very likely to find cases of BDS in left wing blogs doesn't equate to minimizing BDS or defending those afflicted with it... you're still able to denounce such behavior.

Lets see now, who is saying... (Below threshold)

Lets see now, who is saying its just in their cultural nature to whip, rape and murder "lesser" beings for sport? How 'bout all dem good ol' boys south of the Mason Dixon, Whoopi, that like to wear sheets and burn crosses. After all, its [sic] indicative to certain parts of the country. Shouldn't we all be more tolerant of them too? I mean, to you, Negroes are human beings, but to them, why they're just ex-slaves...

"You know from his backgrou... (Below threshold)

"You know from his background this is not an unusual thing for where he comes from," said Goldberg. "There are certain things that are indicative to certain parts of our country."

You know, beating women, calling them 'hos', and forcing them into prostitution is not an unusual thing in some parts of the country.

Thanks Whoopie...for making the American public just a little more stupid each and every time you open your mouth.

Whoopi seems awfully inarti... (Below threshold)

Whoopi seems awfully inarticulate, but she also seems rather racist in her views. By defending the admitted felon Michael Vick as merely doing something that folks like him do every day in their rural, Southern culture where "this is not questioned," she rushed to defend Vick ... oh, who happens to be black. She rushed to tell (mostly) white folks that it's just a black thing.

She overlooks the fact that Vick and his pals went to great lengths to keep things hidden and under wraps. Why? Because they KNEW it was against the law! Dog-fighters KNOW it's illegal to fight, abuse and kill dogs, as well as to gamble on the fights ... which (as Vick and his buddies did) are usually held secretly. Those guys cannot possibly make a defense that they "was just doin' what we does here in the South."

The race to defend was rather abrupt and while I don't think Whoopi is necessarily a deep-thinker, she should have realized she was defending a true criminal ... who happens to be black.

Ron Franscell
Under The News

Dog-fighting is an accepted... (Below threshold)

Dog-fighting is an accepted part of "thug life," I guess . . . one wonders how long Whoopi and her mouth would last at a dog fight, though . . .

If indeed it is "not an unusual thing for" the lower-income areas of Newport News where Vick came from, it still begs the question of how three years at Virginia Tech as a student-athlete and five years as a millionaire pro athlete in Atlanta failed to lift him up from his beginnings.

I recall Emmitt Smith's comment when the whole story first broke, something along the lines of "as a pro athlete, you have to make a break with some of the friends from the old neighborhood." Vick never did, apparently, and instead of lifting up his friends with opportunities opened by his wealth and fame, he merely financed the old criminal gang - and, it also seems, regaled in its brutality.

Back to Whoopi: I know a lot of people for whom "dogs are sport," too - working dogs like retrievers, for example. None of those people torture or kill their dogs, though. If a "mere" hunting dog is neglected, Animal Control shows up, followed by the Sheriff with a warrant. Vick's crowd isn't into "sporting dogs" at all: they are into dogs as blood sport, which is something entirely different and completely barbaric. (Not to even mention the intrinsic nature of gambling in this).

Civilization is about man's rise above barbarism. Those who refuse to rise above should not be celebrated or defended because of their persistence in barbaric practices.

Whoopi's defense of Michael... (Below threshold)
Jeff Schenck:

Whoopi's defense of Michael Vick was nothing short of racist:


If anyone else would've sai... (Below threshold)

If anyone else would've said the exact same thing, Whoopi would've smacked them, and called them racist.

If liberal=dumbass and whoo... (Below threshold)

If liberal=dumbass and whoopie=liberal,then whoopie=dumbass. The transitive property will getcha everytime!

Yeah, blame it on the "Cult... (Below threshold)
Bill Clinton:

Yeah, blame it on the "Culture". The culture of 7 out of 10 black babies being born out of wedlock. It brings a whole new meaning to "Who's your Daddy?" cause no one knows. Add to the absent father, the hiphop gangster rap crap, the stupid clothes and wearing hats off kilter, with the lack of desire to learn to speak English (Ebonics is not a language, just slang for lazy people) and you have a wonderful culture dependent on hand outs from the democrats who take money from the people who ARE responsible, get married, get an education, can speak ENGLISH, and lead productive lives. The libs love productive people because it allows them to confiscate their earnings to buy the votes of lazy irresponsible bastards (literally).

Nothing like being a responsible adult to allow a lib to enable po stupid folk like Michale Vick and the other dog butchers who enjoy their "Culture".

Man, I could use a Lewinsky now!

GUENA should stick to the T... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

GUENA should stick to the TEN FOWARD LOUNGE and quck defending a crinimal

I don't think people are ju... (Below threshold)

I don't think people are just defending Vick alone. Here's where Whoopi gave us a hint: "You know from his background this is not an unusual thing for where he comes from," said Goldberg. "There are certain things that are indicative to certain parts of our country."

Vick is the tip of the iceberg. His was only one kennel. There has to be a lot of kennels out there and someone is bankrolling them. Other football stars? NBA? If Vick sings, many will fall.

Shorter Whoopie: "It's a bl... (Below threshold)

Shorter Whoopie: "It's a black thing, you wouldn't understand."

You really must forgive Who... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

You really must forgive Whoopi's ignorance. It's a cultural thing. Many people from her background suffer from it.

Well I am not black but I a... (Below threshold)

Well I am not black but I am southern and find this very offensive. Until now I had greatly admired Whoopi Goldberg but no longer. I am very disappointed in her trying to oversimplify such a disgusting activity by saying well poor thing everybody down there does it.

"Well I am not black but I ... (Below threshold)

"Well I am not black but I am southern and find this very offensive."

Why? Dog fighting is common in the south. Also gamecock fighting. In Alabama, they have acres upon acres of farms set up for raising angry, psychotic roosters. Legally.

I can't tell you how disgus... (Below threshold)

I can't tell you how disgusted I am about Whoopi's comments on The View today. I'm in tears. Her justifications of Vick are ridiculous. He knows right from wrong, whether it's regarding animals or drunk driving. I'm sure there were drunks who drove where he lived, but he knows that you don't drive drunk. He's a big boy. AND her comments about the way people in the south doing such things is also ridiculous. I'm furious. ABC, you need to address this and NOW!

Gee. I wonder if a white p... (Below threshold)

Gee. I wonder if a white person had made the same comments Whoopi made today about black people and the south...... Hmmmm......

Women are forced to wear th... (Below threshold)

Women are forced to wear the burqua in Afghanistan because it's "cultural", but that certainly doesn't make it right either. Perhaps a lack of culture is closer to the truth. There are standards in modern society that, if you want to be considered "civilized", you should be expected to adhere to. Drowning or electrocuting dogs because they're not "tough" enough falls well below the "civilized" line.

UNfortunately, (Whoopi is a... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

UNfortunately, (Whoopi is also UN ambassador for UNICEF ) it seems very difficult for black celebrities to condemn other blacks, even one's who have escaped poverty...'Responsibility for one's own actions' doesn't exist in their vocabularly. And Whoopi doesn't even blame the black culture of 'dog fighting' but a culture of a certain part of the country, the code being the South and it's legacy of slavery.

Well, Whoopie seems to be d... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Well, Whoopie seems to be doing a good job of replacing Rosie. At least she's got the bloggers posting about "The View" again.

Well, I agree with Whoopi. ... (Below threshold)

Well, I agree with Whoopi. I'm glad someone finally spoke out about it. I am a young African American women and I don't think anything is wrong with dog fighting as long as it's done in the privacy of your own home. It was okay for dogs to fight when they were used to kill off my ancestors, but yet now today so many people have a problem with it. Dogs are dogs, cows are cows, chickens are chickens, God put all animals on earth, and there is no where in the bible that states God is against dog fighting.

America should of thought about the rules when white people where breaking the laws, now that it's a successful black man doing it, it now becomes a problem!

Woopie also believes that a... (Below threshold)

Woopie also believes that an African American has the right to slice the throat of a white skinned blond too. You would think she could relate to other dogs.

Sure, it's a southern thing... (Below threshold)

Sure, it's a southern thing, Whoopie. That's why they do it in the UK and in Finland and Boston.

Whoopie is a fool.

Tamekia, if you support dog... (Below threshold)

Tamekia, if you support dog fighting, then lobby to have crimes removed from our criminal code. Until then, society has criminalized that behavior and Vick is a convicted felon.

The claim that somehow this prosecution is racist have no foundation.

Tamekia, first off, spell c... (Below threshold)

Tamekia, first off, spell check is your friend. Secondly, it hasn't just recently become "a problem".

Please tell me that Tamekia... (Below threshold)

Please tell me that Tamekia is really someone just joking around. "It was okay for dogs to fight when they were used to kill off my ancestors" WTF does that even mean?!

First of all, Tamekia, dogf... (Below threshold)

First of all, Tamekia, dogfighting is a CRIME! There is nothing ok with pitting poor defenseless animals against each other and letting them rip each other to pieces in the name of sport and then betting on it. Oh, and what about just letting the weak ones die and the cruel torture that is done to them to kill them (electrocution, shooting them, etc.). It doesn't matter where you are from, it is wrong!
And, who said anything about bringing the bible into this. How about God put all creatures on this earth for us to look after, not to torture and kill.
And, Whoopi is an idiot for defending Vick by saying that everyone in the south does it. I'm deeply disappointed in her and the View and ABC/The View should address this asap.

I'm with Tamekia on this! G... (Below threshold)

I'm with Tamekia on this! Get over yourself hypocrites. What about the poor little deer you people kill every year for freaking sport!

You're just a bunch of evil hypocrites!

FWIW, based on her IP addre... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

FWIW, based on her IP address, Tamekia is from Atlanta.

I wonderDid you cr... (Below threshold)

I wonder

Did you cry out about the klan killing black people in the south such as Emmitte Till, like you are about a dog!

Wait...My bad! What was I thinking! That was the custom on how to handle uppity black folks!


justice58, what kind of stu... (Below threshold)

justice58, what kind of stupid question is that?

There was no outrage by whi... (Below threshold)

There was no outrage by whites at the murder of Emmitt Till (human) like it is about a dog. However, I love my pet cat & wouldn't harm her for nothing in this world but she is not equal to a human.

When exactly did the Klan l... (Below threshold)

When exactly did the Klan last kill somebody?

I daresay I am vehemently opposed to murder, but only a complete asshat would bring up murder out of context, just to try to make animal cruelty look acceptable.

There was no outra... (Below threshold)
There was no outrage by whites at the murder of Emmitt Till (human) like it is about a dog.
A brazen lie.

And certainly a non sequitur of enormous proportion.

Utterly Irrelevant! There ... (Below threshold)

Utterly Irrelevant! There is a law on the books against it, I don't care what "cultural" predilections you have for it.

So get over it, it's the law. And it happens to reflect current morality, as well.

No!I'm not making ... (Below threshold)


I'm not making anything look acceptable. I hate killing period! Why kill deer for sport & then criticize anyone else about a dog? Same difference to me!

"When exactly did the Klan last kill somebody"?
Does it matter? Geez!

Ah. Emmett Till, a 14-year... (Below threshold)

Ah. Emmett Till, a 14-year old boy murdered more than a half-century ago. And by what I read, pretty much EVERYONE in the country was outraged, white and black.

So, the lib is lying. What a shock.

And the lib is trying to justify thuggish behavior now, by dredging up an old atrocity from before most of us were born.

Contemptible tactics, but I'm still not blaming his parents and community for his behavior. You see, malice is an individual kind of cowardice, whether it's a thug killing poor animals, or some rhetorical thug trying to defend the behavior by blaming everyone but the jerkwad who did the crime.

Tamekia and Justice58:... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

Tamekia and Justice58:

Whether tolerated or not, slavery and all its depradations were WRONG. I don't care what laws supported it, who looked the other way, or even that some moron could find justification for it in the Bible (Iam an evangelical Christian). There is nothing that I can do about slavery now. It has been gone for years, and my ancestors had no part in it. But I can speak out about the the wrongness of any kind of racism and discrimination.

And if you think I have one ounce of sympathy for the klan, you are pathetically wrong. They are a lower form of life than those who sponsor dog fights, and aluminum baseball bat headshots are too good for them.

It is sad that you can't break out of your own racist shells to see that most people out there don't hate you, don't want to hold you down, and don't want to kill you.

It looks like Whoopi pissed... (Below threshold)

It looks like Whoopi pissed off all the racists - good start!!

justice58, we missed seeing... (Below threshold)

justice58, we missed seeing you on all the Duke rape case threads since the dismissal, DA in the dock, finding of innocence, etc.

Why are you scared to debate when your point of view gets totally destroyed? Is it because you perhaps realize, deep down inside, that you may have been foolish?

I suspect you do, although you'd not admit it.

I don't see this as "defens... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

I don't see this as "defense" of Vick's actions so much as an offering a possible explanation as to Vick's barbaric behavior.

Yes, in some parts of the South (hell, just about everywhere, if you ask me), dogfighting is seen as acceptable/OK. Clearly, as it's outlawed, it's not.

I don't see at any point in any of these stories that what Whoppi said is actually "defending" what Vick did. But I don't hear Whoppi saying "Hey, it's a cultural black thing. Leave him alone." in any of this.

She certainly didn't condemn it, for sure. But just because she didn't openly condemn it doesn't necessarily mean she defends it, either. Perhaps to be clear she should have ve condemned it before offering an explanation. But she's an actor, what the heck did we expect? Forethought? LOL

Now what Marbury, Clinton, and Sanders said remain patently stupid. F-ing idiots!

"A brazen lie". I ... (Below threshold)

"A brazen lie".

I beg your pardon! Where was the outrage about that mockery of a trial? Exactly what did the government do..... Wait until 50 years later to pass the Till Bill, after the murderers were allowed to live out their life without consequences. Why wait until murderers are old & in nursing homes to convict them and sentenced them to prison? Shame!

For some people, like Tamek... (Below threshold)

For some people, like Tameka, everything is about race. Pathetic.

justice58, the first and ma... (Below threshold)

justice58, the first and main difference between deer hunting and dog fighting is that deer hunting is not a felony. It is a simple concept, don't want to be a criminal? Don't commit crimes. Second difference between deer hunting and dog fighting is that deer hunting is not as cruel. The third difference is that deer hunting occurs as part of very successful management of the wildlife resource. Deer hunters provide the revenue that allows fish and game departments to manage and conserve both big game and non game wildlife. So spare us your ignorant and frothing indignation.

JJ, claiming those who condemn Vick are all racists. Wow, there is a convincing argument.

Oh, I just read Tamekia's r... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Oh, I just read Tamekia's repugnant and stupid post, so you can add her--IRREGARDLESS OF RACE!--to list of idiotic assclowns (Marbury, Portis and Sanders) defending dogfighting and calling it acceptable.

add jackass58 to the list. ... (Below threshold)

add jackass58 to the list. We're not talking about lynching humans; what a stretch.

I don't know who "Till" is or was, which points out how terribly irrelevant j58 is (again).

You'd think she'd figure it out after a while.

Maybe not.

"There are certain things t... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

"There are certain things that are indicative to certain parts of our country."

Poor Whoopi. Do you think she meant "indigenous?"

MitchellDon't be s... (Below threshold)


Don't be sore cuz Mike Nifong got 1 day! He honestly believed something happened to Crystal.

John F Not Kerry
Thanks! I'm not against you.But I am against Mitchell, Eric,Loco...(just kidding) Don't take it personal? I simply hate evil!

My point is this: The outrage should be same for deer hunting as well. I hate harming animals, period. Dogfighting has been around for years and no one has said anything about it. Not one word until Michael Vick!

Justice58 -- how ironic you... (Below threshold)

Justice58 -- how ironic you should choose that name. You are so blinded by the fact that the person who broke the law is black that you excuse the crime based on that fact alone. When are "you people" (to quote YOU) going to stop playing the race card?

justice58, Nifong knew</... (Below threshold)

justice58, Nifong knew nothing happened to her but prosecuted the players for political gain. As for deer hunting and dog fighting, you don't have a point. But you fool yourself into thinking you do to maintain whatever fantasy you've adopted about Vick.

According to Tameka, if eve... (Below threshold)

According to Tameka, if everyone does it, it is okay. Whites did not kill Till, a few people who happen to be white did. Who is the racist that lumps a whole race of people by the actions of a very few? That person is the racist. Liberals are such idiots at times. Well, most the time. Well, all the time. ww

" Second difference between... (Below threshold)

" Second difference between deer hunting and dog fighting is that deer hunting is not as cruel".
Oh My God! Not as cruel! You've got to be kidding. What is not cruel about a huge hole blown out of a poor little deer for sport. The thought is sickening!

Revenue....oh my, I lost my head for a minute!

oh my, I lost my head... (Below threshold)

oh my, I lost my head for a minute!...no sense of time, either.

I am very disappointed in W... (Below threshold)

I am very disappointed in Whoopi's comments regarding Michael Vick where she comes across as making "light" of his involvement in that brutal, sadistic & vicious activity of "dog fighting". Vick's dog fighting interest is one that tortures, and could very likely kill dogs. Professional athletes become "role models" for young impressionable people; what kind of message is Vick sending to them? It's it's possible that many of Whoopi's "fans" such as I were appaled at her making "excuses" for Vick"s involvement of hosting the malicious past time of "dog fights"; stating that such activities are "from his background it is not unusual where he comes from".It appears the view made a mistake in selecting her to their group. Rosie's comments were political & controversial at times, but she never made excuses for a "bloodthirsty" event like Whoopi did today; if she continues on the same path, she won't last and The View will lose many fans.

FWIW, based on her IP... (Below threshold)

FWIW, based on her IP address, Tamekia is from Atlanta.....that narrows it down to Ted Turner, CNN, Media Matters and Andrew Young. My money is on Cynthia McKinney.

Peter F: "Yes, in some p... (Below threshold)

Peter F: "Yes, in some parts of the South (hell, just about everywhere, if you ask me), dogfighting is seen as acceptable/OK"

Gee, I guess you subscribe to that theory that if you repeat a lie enough times, it gets believed.

We love our dogs down here, and for a fact treat them better than most people do their own pets. Laugh if you want, but for us they're family, not least because they grow up with and protect our children. They are companions, they are guards, they are confidants, and they are more loyal and loving than most humans.

If you're too crude and stupid to understand that, Peter, that is just too freaking bad, but you're not going to sell that lie, you;d just a soon better pick another one.

WildWillieConcerni... (Below threshold)


Concerning the Till Case: What about the evil white jury that saw the evidence yet decided to not convict because it was white men? They made a mockery of the justice system & that's waaay more than Mike Nifong ever did. They even took a soda break to make it stretch out to 45 minutes in the jury room & bragged about it!

justice58, your attempt at ... (Below threshold)

justice58, your attempt at thread hijacking is rather pathetic. You should take your act elsewhere. Vick does not get to commit felonies because of what happened to Emmett Till.

justice58, let me make this... (Below threshold)

justice58, let me make this perfectly clear for you. What happened 50 years ago has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with Vick's crime. Where was my outrage 50 years ago? It was displayed in my tantrums when my diaper was dirty. So knock off the accusations about our selective outrage over something that happened before many people here were even born.

Now, the deer... oh dear. Do you eat meat?

OysterNow, t... (Below threshold)


Now, the deer... oh dear. Do you eat meat?

Prepare yourself for the classic circular argument. Meanwhile, I have to go fire up the grill!

I agree with whoopi 100%. ... (Below threshold)
K K:

I agree with whoopi 100%. I am from lower alabama and a dog is a dog to us. You can find a dog fight any time of the day or night. Is it right no but around here it is common and not just to poor blacks!

K K, then get the law chang... (Below threshold)

K K, then get the law changed to match your belief. Until then, vick's a felon.

K KCock fighting i... (Below threshold)


Cock fighting is illegal also...everywhere in the South. And I don't believe for a minute that " a dog is a dog to us" BS. You insult South AL, even though you've never been there...Tell me where in Bay Minette, Daphne, Mobile, all the way up to Montgomery where this accepted practice?
It's accepted only by felons. I've never met a person in Alabama that would approve of it.

There was outrage about dog... (Below threshold)

There was outrage about dog fighting before Vick, enough that laws were passed to outlaw it.

The claim that it was tolerated pre-Vick is a lie.

True, Vick is famous and it's going to get press. And you know something? I saw his name on headlines for weeks but I never saw a picture. He's black?


Has PETA called for Whoopi ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Has PETA called for Whoopi to be fired yet?
If not, why not?

OysterYou can't co... (Below threshold)


You can't condemn one without condemning the other!

Hi-jacking? No..not my intention! Some murderers get off a lot easier than Vick. You're being hypocrites when you're out there killing deer for sport but oooh you need the revenue deer hunters bring!

Cock fighting is legal in N... (Below threshold)

Cock fighting is legal in New Mexico and I *thought* at least one other state but probably two.

I don't find it as upsetting as dog-fighting because, unlike what jp2 said, the roosters aren't psychotic or angry. They're just roosters doing what comes naturally. Genetically the cock fighting breeds are those that haven't had the aggression bred out of them. Most domestic chickens couldn't even reproduce themselves much less raise chicks to adulthood. The hens of cock fighting breeds will brood and hardly lose a single chick to predators or neglect.

Roosters don't have to be trained to fight... not even the ones with most of their instincts bred out of them.

Dogs... they'll do their dog thing but...

Born and raised in the deep... (Below threshold)
Mrs. Georgia Peach:

Born and raised in the deep south...dog fighting is NOT a sport...it is a crime.

Shame on Whoopie...shame on The View.

I don't care how you try and gloss it over, it
is torture, cruel, inhumane.

And here in Georgia it is a FELONY.

If it's a cultural thing in... (Below threshold)

If it's a cultural thing in parts of the south, and I'm not saying that it is, I think it makes a lot more sense than villifying Vick as some evil monster. In Puerto Rico and Spain, animal fights are seen as sport which is enjoyable for different cultures for a myriad of cultural reason which have little to do with "torturing" animals as much as we, Americans, like to invent these motives for people and cultures we know nothing about.

David, I don't think Vick i... (Below threshold)

David, I don't think Vick is a monster, I think he is a criminal.

Usually the practice of the... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Usually the practice of the left is to ridicule and vilify the culture of the South. Now they want to use the South's supposed culture as a basis for justification and rationalization. How seamlessly hypocritical.

Furthermore, Whoopie was no... (Below threshold)

Furthermore, Whoopie was not "defending" Vick. She was just discussing her opinions of where Vick was coming from. She made no judgements about dog-fighting either way, so this outrage against Whoopie and calls for her ouster makes absolutely no sense. It's just a hysterical mob mentality of thoughtless emotion.

SPQR, in that Vick committe... (Below threshold)

SPQR, in that Vick committed broke the law? No one is arguing that. That is just a fact. Whoopi is not arguing that.

justice58you... (Below threshold)


you're out there killing deer for sport

What is "sport"?

Nonsense...I kill deer every season. I track them, hide from them and shoot them (that is the layman's version). Then I field dress them and carry it home to eat. I've done it for years. If you don't like what I have described then lobby your congressman to outlaw the hunting of deer.

Stalking the prey and killing it is the very fabric of our nation's history. Ever heard of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark? The Cumberland Gap?

Or are you another concrete street liberal that abhors the process but enjoys its fruit? Don't even try to tie dog fighting in with hunting.

david said:S... (Below threshold)

david said:

She was just discussing her opinions of where Vick was coming from.

Well, tell me david, where is "Vick coming from?"

BACK TO WHOOP G. DID SHE EV... (Below threshold)


HughS"I kill deer ev... (Below threshold)

"I kill deer every season. I track them, hide from them and shoot them (that is the layman's version). Then I field dress them and carry it home to eat. I've done it for years".
Lord! You're mean!
Track them down, hide and sneak upon them and shoot them! My eyes! My eyes!

I was born and raised in th... (Below threshold)

I was born and raised in the South. Never heard of any dog fighting going on in any of our Southern states. Is this similar to drive-by shootings and crack houses and prostitution? I know those go in in the deep Fulton County areas. Maybe dogfighting is there?

Unbelievable. Goldberg is ... (Below threshold)
Lily Santana:

Unbelievable. Goldberg is saying that Vick was too stupid to know that when a dog is electrocuted its a bad, painful thing? the guy placed bets, had animals tortured, and this is not enough. Where do these imbecils come from? I used to think Ms. Goldberg was more intellligent than that.

so southern tradition makes... (Below threshold)
bob smith:

so southern tradition makes things ok????

lets bring back the Ku Klux Klan!!!!

justice58I tried t... (Below threshold)


I tried to dumb it down for you....here's some Visine:


HughS: you're gonna have t... (Below threshold)

HughS: you're gonna have to dumb it way down more than that to get to j58's level.

Apparently dog fighting and cock fighting is all the rage amongst poor blacks, poor whites, and 'spics if I'm reading between the lines correctly . . .

That's one creepy argument you're makin' there, liberal twits.

I mean, c'mon, j58 still th... (Below threshold)

I mean, c'mon, j58 still thinks the Duke kids are guilty. Idiotic.

Wow. I'm amazed at how igno... (Below threshold)

Wow. I'm amazed at how ignorant so many of you are. Many of you claim that Whoopi is being racist by defending Vick, but it is your own racism that is on display from your reactions.
All she has done is acknowledge the fact that Vick grew up in a different environment from most of mainstream America and failed to cut ties to a former paradigm where dogfighting is acceptable.
She did not defend his actions, but rather she is defending him as a fallible human being who has now learned and will continue to learn that what may be OK for him is not OK for everyone else.
But I fail to see how she is an imbecile, retard, moron or any number of uncalled for labels just be she has the ability to see and understand that people are different in beliefs in actions.
Hunting is a great example. While I do not believe hunting to be inhumane or cruel, like dogfighting is, some people believe that it IS; that it is on par with dogfighting.
Obviously there is a difference in paradigms and if one honestly looked, you probably would find that those who concur with one another can be found within a particular geographic region.

MitchellSTFU Already... (Below threshold)

STFU Already! HughS is a hypocrite!

"... who has now learned an... (Below threshold)

"... who has now learned and will continue to learn that what may be OK for him is not OK for everyone else."

Raping my neighbor is okay for me, but may not be okay for others? Stealing from the rich is okay for some, but not for others?

Moral relativity = one does what is right in ones own eyes. I think I remember something like that, maybe before a flood or something.

Nice argument, J58. That s... (Below threshold)

Nice argument, J58. That sums it up for your powers of persuasion:

"Nuh, uh! Nuh uh!"

Take your racist attitudes elsewhere. We're not that kind of website.

<a href="http://www.unchain... (Below threshold)
nogo war:


This seems much more extreme than Vick...
and he got probation
but hey...he isn't a famous Black NFL star..
Just a backwoods...cracker....

It's all crap...Whoopi was just talking about a background in culture...
she never said it was right...she was just saying it is more pervasive than is acknowledged...

Nogo, he's pled to several ... (Below threshold)

Nogo, he's pled to several felonies and is under probation for 5 years, and pays a $5k fine. If he violates probation, he goes to jail for 10 years.

He didn't exactly get off.

I'm in favor of even greater penalties for this bunch as well. That doesn't have anything to do with Vick--Vick's case is in Virginia. It's another red herring from the Left.

So even if this is a cultur... (Below threshold)

So even if this is a cultural thing of growing up in the South, what does that have to do with Mike Vick? He grew up in freakin Newport News, VA. Are we expanding what we call "the South" or do people not realize that Newport News is closer to Washington DC than it is anywhere in "the South".

justice 58<br ... (Below threshold)

justice 58

STFU Already! HughS is a hypocrite!

Make your point. Now. What have I said that is hypocritical.

I totally disagree with Who... (Below threshold)
Southern Girl - Deep South:

I totally disagree with Whoopi stating that it is a southern activity or even black activity to fight dogs. Personally I think Michael Vick is wrong but so are many other high profile atheletes/celebrities that have commited worse offenses. You dog lovers have taken this and ran with it. Get mad about police brutality, drug wars, all those kids that were killed in Newark, the proverty situation in America, THE FREAKING PRESIDENT, THE WAR, the racial epidemic.

MitchellSTFU A... (Below threshold)

STFU Already! HughS is a hypocrite!
...that is the substance of what represents dissent on this issue.
What else do they have to say? Answer: Nothing.

This is the highest form of rhetoric we can expect in a Hillary presidency. Think healthcare will be difficult? Read this thread. Think taxes and civil liberties will be problematic? Read this thread. Think foreign policy will get even a nod? Read this thread.

This is the unhinged liberalism that waits in the fever swamps.

As our beloved family dog o... (Below threshold)

As our beloved family dog of 13 years lay dying of leukemia next to me, I tried to turn my thoughts away from when it would be necessary to put him to sleep. So I turned on the View only to hear an ignorant Whoopi Goldberg practically defend that dog-killing Vick. She kept calling him a "kid". He is NOT A KID BUT AN ADULT WHO SHOULD KNOW RIGHT FROM WRONG and who is lucky enough to have enough money for the rest of his life without doing what he was doing. I can assure you it will be a long time before I watch her again!

HughS"What have I ... (Below threshold)


"What have I said that is hypocritical".
Duh! Okay..I'll forgive you, seeing you're blind in one eye & can't see out of the other!

Killing poor little deer is as wrong as dogfighting. How can you condemn one & not the other! You know, tracking deer, sneaking up behind deer,shooting a gapping hole in the deer & then having your hairs stand up on your chest b/c you bagged the big one with an eighteen inch spread! That's hypocrisy!

You make Larry Craig look like a saint!

"You dog lovers have taken ... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

"You dog lovers have taken this and ran with it. Get mad about police brutality, drug wars, all those kids that were killed in Newark, the proverty situation in America, THE FREAKING PRESIDENT, THE WAR, the racial epidemic."

Posted by Southern Girl - Deep South

1. "You dog lovers" No, we are law-abiding citizens

2. "drug wars" So your okay with kids on crack, or would you rather see a better outcome

3. "THE WAR" Which one? There are hundreds going on around the world right now

4. "the racial epidemic" Do you actually think about or read what you write? What the hell does this mean?

You make Larry Craig look l... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

You make Larry Craig look like a saint!

96. Posted by justice58

You make Hillary Clinton look sane.

John F Not Kerry A... (Below threshold)

John F Not Kerry

And what's your excuse for having no class!

Dogfighting is, and has bee... (Below threshold)

Dogfighting is, and has been, illegal in every state. Private bookmaking is also illegal.

Being involved in felonies and especially financing a gambling book make Vick unfit for professional sports.

Only extremely sick individuals would compare lawful hunting to the depraved torturing of dogs.

Question to j'58--do you cr... (Below threshold)

Question to j'58--do you cry everytime you chow down on your "poke chop"? Do you hear the pig squeal? Have you heard of the "food chain"? (such as deer, turkey,elk, etc.) Oh I get it--you eat nothing but veggies.

I guess the comment that "h... (Below threshold)

I guess the comment that "he is from the south the deep south" and "it's a cultural thing" could be used as a defense for those idiots that still think slavery is ok too right Whoopi.

All hail multiculturalism. ... (Below threshold)

All hail multiculturalism. Diversity is good. But please keep your goddamn dog, and while you're at it, you, away over there, far away over there.

I'm not from the south but ... (Below threshold)

I'm not from the south but I could probably lay claim to some element of "white trash" if I cared to.

Any implication that someone is not responsible for their behavior because of growing up lower class is offensive.

Pure and simple.

If it's not racist to excuse the behavior as part of Vick's culture then it's classist. And "oh, poor white boys do it too" is NOT a defense, it just proves that it is classist. If I were *Vick* I'd be pissed at that sort of insult.

Just how *dumb* does a person have to be to not know that dog fights or betting on them is illegal? Oh, right, he knew enough to hide it.

As others have said... *should* dog fights be illegal is a separate question.

I liked Whoopie when she was funny.

It's been a long time.

I think that Whoopie Cus... (Below threshold)

I think that Whoopie Cushion is going for the record as having the shortest lasting View career yet, and rightfully so.
She is a racist to the core.

Look Easy!Whoppie ... (Below threshold)

Look Easy!

Whoppie is no racist. She's straight up about everything. She shoots straight from the hip. I absolutely love her!

Don't flatter yourself, The View knew exactly what they were getting. Get over yourself!

"Whoppie is no racist."... (Below threshold)

"Whoppie is no racist."

Get Spell Check; it looks like you need it. She is HISTORY!
The real "Justice" is Vick's ended career. Whoopie Cushion just may want to go with him.

I have read that his... (Below threshold)

I have read that his own father told him SEVEN YEARS AGO to stop it.

How come his father knows it's wrong and he doesn't?

Can you imagine how many dogs over that period of time have been tortured, put in rape stands and killed?

I am boycotting any of her movies.

She can shove them up her dogs butt crack!

"Whoppie(sic) is no racist.... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

"Whoppie(sic) is no racist. She's straight up about everything."

Posted by justice58

Let's see: I guess that gets Mel Gibson, Al Campanis, David Duke, and many others off the hook. They were just being straight up! Thanks j58. You've clarified a lot for me.

"Get mad about police br... (Below threshold)

"Get mad about police brutality, drug wars, all those kids that were killed in Newark, the proverty(sic) situation in America, THE FREAKING PRESIDENT, THE WAR, the racial epidemic."

The good thing here is we can multi-task. We can be mad about a lot of things all at once. While this one may not be on your agenda, it does happen to be the topic of discussion here. Get over it. Or get a blog and rant about "THE FREAKING PRESIDENT" all you want.

But the "racial epidemic"? What racial epidemic?

Again, J58, do.you.eat.meat? Or are you afraid to answer the question because an animal has to be killed for your epicurean pleasure?

Tamekia, you are an idiot.<... (Below threshold)

Tamekia, you are an idiot.

Someone (not me) with time ... (Below threshold)

Someone (not me) with time on his/her hands should simply go through these 100+ comments and take a polling.

Q. Dog Fighting; Right or Wrong?

I think I get the "flavor" without that effort.

Do J58 and Tamekia eat meat... (Below threshold)

Do J58 and Tamekia eat meat? Of course! Ever hear of fried chikken? Wait watermelon is a fruit....

Go Whoopi...Although I woul... (Below threshold)

Go Whoopi...Although I would never do it, growing up kids in my neighborhood would get dogs to fight. They wanted to have mean dogs. People forget dogs have been breed to perform lots of jobs other than pet. The interesting thing though is imagine somewhere down in Alabama some folks are doing it even now, but won't get arrested...go figure and while you're figuring that out, contemplate the Jena 6 and American so called justice. Which is interesting, since for so many people, even after Vick does his time for his crime, folks want him prevented from earning a living playing football. Check yourselves.

I agree 100% with Whoopi Go... (Below threshold)

I agree 100% with Whoopi Goldberg on this one. This is what these dogs were born and bred to do. It is a sport. Get over it. You folks react like crazed PETA members who are about to bomb the house of someone who owns a fur coat or something. They are ANIMALS, for god's sake.

DJ:You are WAY, WA... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


You are WAY, WAY out of bounds and WAY off base here in attacking me for attempting to explain Goldberg's haphazard and clumsy "explanation" for Vick's barbaric acts. To think or even suggest for a second that I buy or subscribe to her "explanation" as being rooted in some kind of fact is beyond reproach. The only thing I was doing is disagreeing with the notion that Whoopi was "defending" Vick; I still don't see that. A bad explanation, yes? A defense? Hardly.

Second, I've done nothing but condemn Vick from the outset. Go look it up on ANY and ALL of the Vick pieces here at Wizbang. And when you finish looking it all up, I expect an apology.

Third, and MOST IMPORTANT, you can apologize to my sweet and postively loveable 12-year old lab/retriever that I adopted from a woman who had given her away to a friend of her nephew, who then proceeded leave her in the backyard of his home with no food or water and use her as a fucking pit bull chew toy before she somehow, by some unknown miracle, escaped and traveled from Garland, TX to Addison, TX (nearly 12 miles across major parkways and roads) and appeared on this woman's door step, bloodied and far worse for the wear. Her name is, appropriately enough, Toughie.

So how DARE YOU have the audacity to call me crude and stupid.

First, being a Virginian an... (Below threshold)

First, being a Virginian and a frequent visitor to the Newport News area, let me say that dog fighting is not acceptable behavior there - nor is it mainstream entertainment. Not anymore than it is anywhere else.
Second, Viriginia is not the 'Deep South' and dog fighting isn't acceptable there either - and again it is not mainstream entertainment in Virginia. I've lived here all my life and I've rarely heard of a dog fight happening here. When it did, it was considered deplorable and a stop was put to it. I've not lived a sheltered life and I have no money, so please don't assume I've just been 'protected' from it.
Third, dog fighting...the traffic of dogs...or killing dogs who won't "perform" is NOT "acceptable" anywhere. Period. Popularity doesn't equal acceptability -- not in dog fighting, spousal abuse, hate crime or anything else.
Fourth, harsh generalizations are very rarely ever correct. "ALL" and "NEVER" are sure signs that absurdity is likely to follow.
Fifth, hunting is not illegal - dog fighting is. That's just a fact. Regardless of how you feel about either, or what you think the law OUGHT to be, Michael Vick broke the law. Does that mean that hunting is any more moral? That's for each to decide, but Michael Vick wasn't hunting and he broke the law, as the law is now - the Federal law, applicable to all States. What the law OUGHT to be about ANYTHING could be debated forever.
Lastly, we all have our own ideas about what is morally right and wrong and most of us see some offenses as worse than others. I ask you though, because you aren't successful in battling one thing that you see as offensive -- is that a reason that all other offenses should be left unchecked? When the Michael Vick matter was brought to light, a U.S. Senator from the midwest expressed that he wouldn't support an anti-dog traffic law. The reason? Because an anti-abortion law was not passed yet. So I ask you, is this right? If you see some other 'offense' (whatever it may be) still taking place legally, and there has been little or no success in stopping it, do you give up on stopping all other things you find morally 'wrong' or 'offensive'? If we lose one battle, is that a reason to fight no more?

SHUT UP!!!!I WISH ... (Below threshold)



SHUT UP!!!!... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:



Because humans are capable and responsible for their decisions and behavior; dogs, beaten, tortured and "raped", are incapable of such decisions and are made products of their environment/owners cannot be held to such a standard.

Aloha; Audios; Outta Here; ... (Below threshold)

Aloha; Audios; Outta Here; Good By. I have come to the conclusion that this forum is too full of people without enough to do, and even worse a goodly amount of ignorant low lifes.

I don't exactly agree with ... (Below threshold)
Smudge Capone:

I don't exactly agree with deer hunting, but at least that's done with the idea of self-preservation in the case of "food." I don't see however, how we can compare hunting to the cruel torturing of dogs.

Be the dog that is kept in a small cage and only set free when it's time to fight.
Be the dog that loses the fight, then gets bludgeoned to death with painful slams of its head into the cement.
The core of this is about animal cruelty for sport.

It's barbaric.
Lot's of things are barbaric, and lot's of people want to talk about that. This particular thread seems to be focused on dog fighting and Whoopi's strange comments on the Vick case.

Of course most of us that think dog fighting is wrong, also think other human atrocities are wrong.

They're only animals? WTF? Come visit my two year old black lab. Look into his eyes as he wags his tail and greets you with huge enthusiasm. If you'd be comfortable torturing and killing him, then I'm not sure you are human.


Peter F, are you a psycho? ... (Below threshold)

Peter F, are you a psycho? Many of these M.M.A. fights are held in area's where the people are poor and poorly educated. These idiots are coached into fighting with offers of enormous money. Nonetheless, the people that stage these fights and buy tickets to them are psychopaths just like Michael Vick.

Webster's defines a psycho as a person with "a limited range of human emotions; lack of empathy for the suffering of others, callous unconcern for the feelings of others; lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing the hurt or mistreatment of another; is amused by, or takes pleasure in, the psychological or physical suffering of others (including animals); is fascinated by violence, injury, or torture"
Any of this sound familiar Peter F?

Peter F, are you a psych... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Peter F, are you a psycho?

No, but apparently you can't tell the difference between a dog and a human being. Even the most stupid human being can make choices. You imply poor and uneducated people are so stupid as to be incapable of making choices, and that's beyond dumb. (Talk about insulting the poor!) If someone wants to fight for money, that is their choice. Dogs, on the other hand, are incapable and without the capacity to reason and make choices and therefore cannot refuse (or make the choice) not to fight. You need to understand that crucial difference.

This is NOT TO SAY that the MMA is NOT barbaric and shouldn't be stopped, but by saying MMA contestants are literally as dumb as dogs, is just flat out stupid.

Some one remind me.... isn'... (Below threshold)

Some one remind me.... isn't "justice58" the same nutcase that defended Nifong and "convicted the lacross players?

Kurt - learn to take the ca... (Below threshold)

Kurt - learn to take the caps lock function OFF.

I am a 22 year old woman wh... (Below threshold)

I am a 22 year old woman who lives in rural Georgia- so far west that its practically Alabama. Never in my life have I known ANYONE who fights dogs or enjoys watching the "sport". This is not something normal people do. This is torture and murder- this is the sort of thing investigators look at in the past of a murderer and say to themselves "Oh, well- there was the first sign".
As for hunting? I'm not really for hunting, but at least the kill is clean and without torture and the body is used for food.

Beth:I agree 1... (Below threshold)


I agree 100% with Whoopi Goldberg on this one. This is what these dogs were born and bred to do. It is a sport. Get over it.

If it's a "sport" why is it illegal? Funny, I failed to see it listed on any of the all-sport TV networks, wonder why that is?


I understand that Whoopi wa... (Below threshold)

I understand that Whoopi was trying to stir the pot of controversy on her View debut, but try not to be such an ignorant racist. As a Virginian for the past 30 years, I can say that dogfighting is probably less commonplace in Newport News than the rags to riches to rags story of two black brothers, growing up in the projects, getting a free college education, and the opportunity to earn wealth beyond their wildest dreams, and then letting their own immature, impulsive behavior toss it all into the garbage. Is it any wonder that more black males in their twenties are in prison than in college with the Vick brothers as their role models and Whoopi Goldberg rationalizing their behavior with her own racist excuses?

Whoopi's bravery latest onl... (Below threshold)

Whoopi's bravery latest only a day, she's already kowtowing to PETA.

Sounds like Vicks middle na... (Below threshold)

Sounds like Vicks middle name!!

Webster's defines a psycho as a person with "a limited range of human emotions; lack of empathy for the suffering of others, callous unconcern for the feelings of others; lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing the hurt or mistreatment of another; is amused by, or takes pleasure in, the psychological or physical suffering of others (including animals); is fascinated by violence, injury, or torture"

Paris Hilton partying in Ve... (Below threshold)

Paris Hilton partying in Vegas (again), Brittany Spears shaves her head, Lindsay Lohan back in rehab (again), OJ writes a book, Renee Zellweger's dating Paul McCartney...Angelina stubs her toe.... Madonna changes her kids diaper.... yadda yadda!

To all you whiners complaining that there are worse things in the world to complain about; do you really think crap headlines like these are worth hearing about either?

How come you deer hunters aren't jumping on the bandwagon to decry these lame stories & yet you're right there like "jam on a sandwich" to scoff at the defenders of animal cruelty?

Why don't you people get your own priorities straight! There's a huge difference between instantaneous death & slow torture...or did you not know that?

How come you deer hunter... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

How come you deer hunters aren't jumping on the bandwagon to decry these lame stories & yet you're right there like "jam on a sandwich" to scoff at the defenders of animal cruelty?

'you're right there like "jam on a sandwich" to scoff at the defenders of animal cruelty?'

Um, yeah, I scoff at defenders of animal cruelty. Is that wrong? So do you support defenders of animal cruelty?

Your post is pretty incoherent, actually.

bob smith- dogs are not peo... (Below threshold)

bob smith- dogs are not people!!!

Thanks david you seem to have the brains around here.

I think we all need to be r... (Below threshold)

I think we all need to be reminded that humans are ranked above animals. I understand that to some people they are like family but you have to remember that to some people they are not. I am not saying Vick was right. Whoopi was not saying he was right. He should be punished but some of you are just being outlandish. Let the man throw a ball for a living and if you don't like it don't watch.

Ex-Whoopi fans<br ... (Below threshold)
k k:

Ex-Whoopi fans

If you interpreted her (freedom of speech)comment as defending Vick, then maybe you should read it a little closer.

Gee, this is such a valid d... (Below threshold)

Gee, this is such a valid defense! Shoot, this is suddenly sooooo familiar!!!

Did you also know that it is a "regional custom" and part of upbringing in Idaho to slither under bathroom stalls for illicit encounters with same gender pooper mates?

Did you also know that it is a "regional custom" in the likes of Southern California to stalk and kill ex-spouses (and innocent acquaintences) then elaborately stash evidence, flea jurisdiction, and get off scot-free with the likes of wiley defense attorneys?

ALL TRUE! Find a reprehensible act, and you can find a part of the country where it is part of the norm and a humble upbringing.

sermon over.

In no way was Whoopie's com... (Below threshold)

In no way was Whoopie's comments in defense of Michael Vick's actions. She was merely making an observation.

"You know from his background this is not an unusual thing for where he comes from," said Goldberg. "There are certain things that are indicative to certain parts of our country."

Now where in that statement does she "applaud", "defend", or "support" Vick's actions??? Anyone with half a brain can see she was just making an observation. The fact is, "dog fighting" IS more prevalent in the south, where Vick grew up. THAT'S ALL SHE SAID. She was talking about "southern culture" not "black culture". It's was just an observation... But noooo, apparently the racist white media doesn't have half a brain and they were quick to spin this into something else. In fact the whole reaction to the Vick affair has been a racist public lynching. Even this very forum, read some of the comments on this web site. Look how Whoopie's OBSERVATION has led so many racist to vent their hatred for black people on this web site. Just look at the comments here, then ask yourself how did we get from Whoppie's observation, to people talking about jim crow laws, rap music, black men slitting white women's throats (a comment from this web site), 7 out of 10 blacks are born out of wedlock (another comment from this web site). Let's face it, this is really not about Whoopie's comments anymore, this is about racist white people hating black people. And I'm so happy there is a forum for you to vent your hatred. Welcome to America.

Amen to Viewer!... (Below threshold)

Amen to Viewer!

Mike Vick's actions CANNOT ... (Below threshold)

Mike Vick's actions CANNOT be defended. Animal and human torture have no place in a civilized society. Aren't humans supposed to be the superior race? If so, then why do we engage in behavior that is beneath us? AGAIN, ANY KIND OF TORTURE TO AN ANIMAL OR HUMAN MUST NOT BE TOLERATED!






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