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Republican Congressman Paul Gillmor Dies

This is a shock. Republican Congressman Paul Gillmor represented the district just south of my hometown Toledo, Ohio. From the Toledo Blade:

Congressman Paul Gillmor was found dead in his Washington apartment this morning, an aide to the Congressman confirmed.

The body of the 68-year-old Republican was found by staff members who went to his apartment after he failed to show up for work. There was no immediate word on the cause of his death.

Mr. Gillmor (R., Tiffin) represented Ohio's 5th Congressional district, which touches 16 counties from the Indiana border to Sandusky Bay off Lake Erie -- including all of Crawford, Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Huron, Paulding, Putnam, Sandusky, Seneca, Van Wert, Williams and Wood counties, and parts of Ashland, Lucas, Mercer and Wyandot counties.

He was serving his 10th term in Congress.

Mr. Gillmor held a seat on the powerful House Committee on Financial Services committee and was vice president of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. A staunch conservative Republican, he served as deputy minority whip for GOP caucus.

Before going to Congress, Mr. Gillmor served in the Ohio Senate for 22 years, where he was a GOP leader.


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Comments (4)

Ugly insinuations and tacky... (Below threshold)

Ugly insinuations and tacky celebrations to commence forthwith on Koz, DU, etc.

My thoughts and prayers to ... (Below threshold)

My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.

He's dead."He was ... (Below threshold)

He's dead.

"He was a great man, he served his people well he-"

Sorry, he just pulled through.

" Typical Republican't, slurping down our tax dollars at the tax payer trough"

Sorry, no, he is in fact dead.

" Such a huge loss. A good man. Our thoughts and prayers are with the fam-"

Oops, no, he's still alive.

" He's Republican. He's probably a self loathing gay like the rest of them. A pimple on the ass of humanity like all conservatives"

Nope, pretty sure he's really dead.

" Let's spare the fake sympathy for another typical BS politician who, when in power, was a do nothing parasite on the taxpayer. He's no more deserving of sympathy than anyone else who died of a heart attack today, yesterday, or who will die tomorrow. "

Reagan, you've demonstrated... (Below threshold)

Reagan, you've demonstrated that you are a despicable person. Congrats.






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