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Them's My Peeps

This morning, the Boston Herald has the story of two worthless bags of shit. Eric Snow and James Winquist are two 20-something white supremacists from Massachusetts who are charged with beating two homeless men to death, even severing one of the men's hand to keep as a trophy.

I'm white, like them. Hell, I'm very white -- my ancestry is (as far as I know) purely Northern European, with roots in England, France, and the Scandinavian nations. I'm also quite pale -- I don't tan well.

And it outrages me no end when scum like these commit their atrocities in MY name.

I don't talk much about my ancestry, ethnicity, sex, or other matters. That's because, by and large, I don't care about them -- either my own or others. I've always believed in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream where people are judged not on the color of their skin, but the content of their character.

Another old saw comes to mind: "God gives us our relatives. Thank God we can choose our friends."

The uniting principle of the two, the core of my beliefs, is that we should be judged not on the factors we can not control, but those that we can. It is our choices, our actions, our words, our deeds, that should form the basis of our reputations, not accidents of birth such as skin color or sexual orientation or plumbing.

To these two vermin, the most important thing about them is their skin color. (Which makes it so odd that they choose to cover up that skin with tattoos, but I see that of just how dumb they are.)

Which makes an old term I heard years ago even more appropriate in their case:

"What a waste of skin."


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Comments (7)

SCANDI!!!! Your a scandi! ... (Below threshold)

SCANDI!!!! Your a scandi! Don't let Ace of Spades find out! LOL :)

Seriously, good post and I agree with your sentiments!

I agree wholeheatedly, J... (Below threshold)

I agree wholeheatedly, Jay Tea. Kind of makes those who excuse Michael Vick's behavior because they share the same race (and further back, O.J. was excused in the same ugly sentiment) appear like the Racists they are.

Just this morning, it was announced that Chicago Police had arrested the primary suspect in an attack on an elderly Vietnamese man, who had been pushed into the lake at Montrose Harbor and he drowned. Scum is scum, and I don't excuse him one bit because he's a fellow caucasian. Sheesh!

The term "oxygen thieves" s... (Below threshold)

The term "oxygen thieves" seems very appropriate.

Yes - I begrudge them AIR...

Also typical of this sort o... (Below threshold)

Also typical of this sort of lowlife scum is that while they are full of bluster and pretense, when it comes down to acting they invariably either gang up on someone or pick on someone helpless (or both). If they're so tough, why don't they drive up into the Crips' 'hood, approach a group of "youths" on the corner and start talking their sh*t?

Because, at heart, they are cowards. Torturing, maiming, and killing the weak appeals to them because they are scared to death of a fair fight.

Time to dust off old sparky... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Time to dust off old sparky and strap these thugs to it and turn on the juice and fry them

Jay TeaExcellent! ... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea

Excellent! My props to you!

I feel the same way you do,... (Below threshold)

I feel the same way you do, Jay. I have never looked at a person's color to determine their worth; their actions took care of that. I just finished a class in "Cultural Diversity", a complete waste of nine weeks of my life, in which I had to write about the diversity of my "neighborhood". Amazingly enough, although I've lived here for over twenty years I didn't know anything about it; had to go to the census bureau to find the info needed for the paper. Everybody is some color, it's what's inside that counts.






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