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Breaking News: Norman Hsu Arrested In Colorado

Major Democratic fundraiser and double fugitive from justice Norman Hsu has been arrested in Colorado. It seems that Hsu was travelling by train when he grew sick and went to the hospital, where he was identified and taken in custody.

Once he is fit to travel, he is expected to be returned to California. And, perhaps, THIS TIME they'll keep him locked up. It was nothing less than insane to grant him bail the first time, considering that he was being charged with skipping bail before AND didn't surrender his passport.

Norman Hsu has a great deal of questions to answer. And we need those answers. Here are a few:

  • How did he meet with so many prominent Democrats (such as Hillary Clinton) while he was a fugitive from justice?
  • How did he get out of the country back in 1993?
  • How did he get back in?
  • Just what was the source of all that money he poured into Democratic coffers?
  • What did he expect in return for his investment?

Of all these, I think the source of his money is the most important. Every single investigation into his business history ends up blank -- "there's no there there," as Gertrude Stein once said about Oakland. He apparently had no visible means of possessing that much money, and I -- and anyone who cares the least about our electoral process -- ought to know who was trying to inject that much cash into certain candidates -- and, by extension, what they sought to gain by it.

Update: How the hell did I not notice Jim Addison had this story four hours ago? Good grief..


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Comments (25)

"It seems that Hsu was trav... (Below threshold)

"It seems that Hsu was travelling by train when he grew sick and went to the hospital"

What a p*ssy of a fugitive. Sack up dude.

PA's Gov Rendell still call... (Below threshold)

PA's Gov Rendell still calls Hsu his friend, but will be 'donating' the campaign cash (That have been revealed so far) to 'charity'.

Which goes to show you that the Dems make friends with just about anyone who forks over the cash, even if they are known crooks and fugitives.

There's something odd about... (Below threshold)

There's something odd about this "donating to charity" illegally obtained money. Seems to me that money should be subject to forfeiture to the Government. Instead, the tainted recipient (oh come now, you libs can't possibly claim there is NO culpability!) gets to benefit by extending largess to her favorite left wing cause.

IMO this scandal is big new... (Below threshold)

IMO this scandal is big news. The media including Fox is treating it very low key. I have to search the blogs to find the details. Wish the general public could be made aware of just what kind of persons the Social Democrats and the media are promoting for President.
Oh well, same old, same old.

Well, heh, something tells ... (Below threshold)
Bill Clinton:

Well, heh, something tells me Hsu is going to be Vince Fostered before he ever testifies.


Am I the only one who notic... (Below threshold)

Am I the only one who notices that when a story comes out about some manner of Democrat perfidy or corruption that can't be denied or spun away (this is usually only after they have pursued every other avenue of excuse) the lefties here (if they show up at all) will finally admit to the gravity of the issue by blithely mentioning how both parties are so corrupt and they're so disgusted with "the two"?

Conversely, if bad news turns up about Republicans, all the usuals show up to pile on and get verbally abusive and the same people described above will not bring up the fact that there is corruption in both parties and will express disgust with "the one".

Take one "BarneyG2000". "Sorry guys but the Hsu story is not that important." I can't say I've seen Barney on a single thread about this since then. It's been almost a week.

And on Wizbangblue, exactly three mentions of Hsu. All three mentions were merely in passing in the comments.

For me, this story has evolved enough to become even more interesting. With him in custody now, perhaps we can get the whole picture - where the money came from to where it's going. I'd like to know to what charities some of them are now claiming they're giving the money. Not one account of politicians declaring the money will go to charity says "what" charity. Money is fungible. Some charities are decidedly left-wing in nature and money donated for one of their causes only frees up money for other political purposes. Will it just become circular? Will the "charities" they give the money to just turn around and donate it back in some form?

Or will they just put a monetary value on a donation of goods and this is the kind of donations they'll be sending? Habele.org claims to be an a-political group whose purpose is to provide educational opportunities to Micronesian students. This is the message the Democrats want to send to an "a-political" group. Two-year old political t-shirts and tote bags.

The Democrats campaigned on... (Below threshold)
Kenneth Hahn:

The Democrats campaigned on the "culture of corruption" and they have certainly established one.

CNN finally found the story... (Below threshold)

CNN finally found the story!

And it ends with this little gem:

In a written statement, Hsu said Wednesday he was "surprised to learn that there appears to be an outstanding warrant -- as demonstrated by the fact that I have and do live a public life."

He added, "I have not sought to evade any obligations and certainly not the law."

Rumor is that Hsu has been ... (Below threshold)

Rumor is that Hsu has been stuck with polonium 211 by a Clinton campaign worker!

Silence is golden!

"the lefties here (if th... (Below threshold)

"the lefties here (if they show up at all) will finally admit to the gravity of the issue by blithely mentioning how both parties are so corrupt " Oyster

Oh....for example all the Wizcrap comments about Studs & Baqrney Frank & Clinton/Monica in response to the Grand Old Potty's Craig Toiletgate?

Oyster, your pearls are more like kim droppings.

Whatever, FF. Save your fr... (Below threshold)

Whatever, FF. Save your frothing-at-the-mouth sarcasms and name-calling for someone who cares what you think.

Why the shock and outrage? ... (Below threshold)

Why the shock and outrage? This is nothing new. The Clintons and ChiCom money have been pardners for years, and the Clintons do return the favors by providing the top secret military data we are now facing (China's missile guidance systems) on a daily basis.

There's something odd ab... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

There's something odd about this "donating to charity" illegally obtained money. Seems to me that money should be subject to forfeiture to the Government.

Yeah, this is a little strange. If someone robs a bank and gives me money or someone gives me illegal drug money, then the cops bust me; can I just say "Oh. Well, I'll just donate this money to my favorite right-wing 'charity'." Would I be allowed to do that?
Don't think so.

Shouldn't we now be demanding that these 'charities' not accept illegally gotten money?

Perhaps if they put him und... (Below threshold)

Perhaps if they put him under 24/7 armed guard he'll live long enough to reveal where his source of funds came from. He's the first one they've managed to arrest prior to his escaping our borders.

Oyster, I know from your as... (Below threshold)

Oyster, I know from your asinine comments and responses that you cannot "think". That's why you believe the crap that you do.

If this was the 1920's you'... (Below threshold)

If this was the 1920's you'd have Democratic politicians saying things like:

"I had no idea that Mr. Capone was a criminal!"

"Alfonse Capone is one of the 10 finest people I know"

"I intend to turn the campaign contributions over to the 'Friends of Frank Nitti' charity"

Actually the money should g... (Below threshold)

Actually the money should go back to the people Hsu was convicted of stealing it from.
That would be justice. Of course that is not the way of the Democratic party and will never happen.

Speaking of Al Capone - </p... (Below threshold)
dsinope Author Profile Page:

Speaking of Al Capone -

Since nobody seems to be able to says where all this money came from - both his $1 million or so contributions to Democrat politicians, AND his $2 million bail, I wonder if he paid income taxes on it?

No problem, Jay!I ... (Below threshold)

No problem, Jay!

I just used "fugitive fundraiser." Since Hillary has already been exposed as having at least FOUR crooked fundraisers from four different countries so far, it could have been any of them.

I should have been more specific. Maybe someone should publish a program so we can tell Hillary's illegal fundraisers and other assorted criminal associates apart.

I'm interested in what happ... (Below threshold)

I'm interested in what happens to the bail money. He should forfeit the $2 million, right?

Anyone want to bet he ends up getting the money back?

(I'd really like someone to investigate the judge a bit - his actions so far have been pretty suspicious - and anyone want to bet what party he belongs to?

"the most ethical Congress ... (Below threshold)

"the most ethical Congress in history"!

"the most ethical Congre... (Below threshold)

"the most ethical Congress in history"!

Yes, but the ethics used were not defined. They probably ARE "the most ethical Congress" in history, by their own standards. Ethics are motivations based on ideas of right and wrong, after all, and as much as we'd like to think they're universal, they aren't.

The acceptable ethics of a bureaucrat in a kleptocracy would be significantly different, for example, than one in a socialist dictatorship.

"What did he expect in retu... (Below threshold)

"What did he expect in return for his investment?"

What every big contributer expects, a chance to whisper his "Wish List" into the candidates ear.

On another topic, I keep seeing referrals to a connection with the Communist Chinese government. One would think that someone who started 3 businesses in Hong Kong, fled there when control reverted back, and started one or two businesses here would be a prototypical entrepreneur capitalist. Is there any documented link to Beijing, or is just being painted with a red brush for dramatic effect.

Slightly off topic but non... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Slightly off topic but nonetheless...These countries are not called 'paper tigers' for nothing. Here is one that was praised by Bush last week as "the model for development across the world ". But justice is meted out differently for business tycoons, even when they get caught for embezellment.

Months of fecal material ab... (Below threshold)

Months of fecal material about Abramoff...Abramoff in the same room as Bush...

I want to have the same treatment for Hsu. Follow the money.






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