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British parents now suspects in child's disappearance

Portuguese police formally declared the mother of missing British toddler Madeleine McCann a suspect in her disappearance during eleven hours of questioning last night, according to Ontario Now:

The four-month global search for missing British toddler Madeleine McCann took a dramatic twist Friday when the girl's mother, Kate, was formally named a suspect by Portuguese police.

The development followed renewed lengthy questioning by police in Portimao, southern Portugal, of Kate McCann, a 39-year-old doctor.

Her husband, Gerry, who was being questioned separately, was also expected to be named a suspect, or "arguido."

Read the whole report at the above link. The suspicion is that the McCanns may have given their children sedatives so they could go out, and little Madeleine may have been accidentally overdosed.

In the USA, police would typically attempt to rule out the parents first with direct and immediate questioning. It's sad that it so often comes down to the parents, but it's true nonetheless. The McCanns, it ought be noted, vehemently deny any involvement.

Meanwhile, O.J. Simpson continues his unending search for "the real killers," whom he apparently suspects are hiding on a golf course somewhere . . .


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Comments (7)

Bad stuff. Crimes against c... (Below threshold)

Bad stuff. Crimes against children are disgusting.

I am still shocked at the p... (Below threshold)

I am still shocked at the positive press these two were getting all along. I couldn't believe for one second they left 3 kids under the age of 4 in a hotel room a football field away in a foreign country. They were, at the very least, as criminally neglectful as any moron that leaves their kid in a closed up car or home alone while they go out and party. The press (including Greta and Fox news) made me ill with the coverage they gave these two. Watch her body language and how she looks down to the left when she's talking. It's an indication of a lie. If they found a spot of that girls blood in a cleaned up scene, these two are done. Either way, they're setting up a couple of cots in hell.

It's difficult to believe K... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

It's difficult to believe Kate McCann would accidentally overdose her own daughter on sedatives..She is GP and her husband a cardiologist....But every other possibility or lead,in this mystifying case seems equally improbable.

I find it crazy the doubt a... (Below threshold)

I find it crazy the doubt and criticism to Portuguese police in the UK media. After all, if there is incriminating evidence, that comes from the trace analysis done at British labs, and field research with British dogs trained to trace the odor of dead bodies. What else do you need to prove impartiality?
You can't blame Portuguese labs, nor the sniffing abilities of Portuguese dogs.
Also, it so happens that the resort where the child vanished has British management, so even if she was kidnapped as the parents want people to believe, you can not blame the Portuguese for lack of security in the resort. We're not talking here of police investigations like the one done when Menezes was killed by police in London's subway, where police lied all the way through to cover their tracks. After all, if British dogs and labs point in the direction of the McCann couple, what do you expect Portuguese police to do? Serve them tea and scones?

I've been following this ca... (Below threshold)

I've been following this case on UK media websites and the fantastic thinking inre Madeleine McCann (and I mean that in the most literal definition of the word). Many people are outraged at everyone but the McCanns, and the anti-Portugese sentiment is rampant: it's astonishing how many people continue to think that Madeleine would be found alive and returned to her parents care but for the bungling Pria de Luz police. People in the UK are almost histrionic/psychotic about the McCanns being saintly sorts who are being framed in a foreign land.

Frankly, I've thought all along that the parents had something to do with Madeleine's disappearance. Statistics bear this out, as does their bizarre media tour (meeting with the Pope - WTF???) and their profound lack of affect.

Reports said Portu... (Below threshold)
Reports said Portuguese police were working on fresh evidence from forensic tests in Britain of samples taken from the family's holiday apartment in nearby Praia da Luz, as well as traces of blood found in a car the McCann's hired 25 days after Madeleine disappeared.

So 25 days after a disappearance there are traces of blood in a car they rode in? With an active investigation, you're going to find a way to keep a dead body on ice for over 3 weeks without pre-planning? In fact it doesn't say who's blood it is.

Sorry, but I'm more inclined to believe the Police are grasping at straws. They didn't find anyone. And these are the very people who help put the international spotlight on the issue. So why not casting aspersions and have the spotlight fall on them? They'll want the media attention to go away faster than the police do about now. Mission accomplished.

The suspicion is that th... (Below threshold)

The suspicion is that the McCanns may have given their children sedatives so they could go out, and little Madeleine may have been accidentally overdosed.

How would that account for finding her blood?






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