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Name that Party!

Where politicians are implicated in scandal or corruption, an interesting phenomenon has been noticed by many observers. It the offender is a Republican, it is mentioned in the lead paragraph. If a Democrat, the party affiliation is mentioned much later, if at all. For example, the New York Times report on the eleven New Jersey officials arrested for corruption first identifies one of the eleven as a Democrat in paragraph NINE (although they note other corrupt Democrats in paragraph six).

Even the usually well-balanced reporting at The Politico only identifies this crook as a Democrat in the fourth graph:

The U.S. Navy wants a business owned by the family of Rep. Paul E. Kanjorski to hand over a piece of high-tech equipment bought with some of the $9.25 million in taxpayer funds Kanjorski steered to the company.

Except no one seems to know where to find the equipment -- a high-pressure pump.
The mystery of the missing pump, combined with newly unearthed evidence that federal investigators probed Kanjorski's connections to the company, Cornerstone Technologies, has given new life to a story that seems unlikely to go away.

Read it all at the link above. Our old nemesis, and Master Thief, John Murtha shows up, too, to aid and abet the congressman.

I know you're shocked about that. Shocked!


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Comments (12)

"I have no relationship ... (Below threshold)

"I have no relationship to the Cornerstone company ..."

That was a carefully crafted statement. He may not have a business relationship with the company, but he's storing some of their property, his nephew started the company and four nephews and a daughter subsequently became employed there.

Now I'm only waiting for one of the usual lefty regulars to pipe in, not say a word about Kanjorski , but gleefully bring up some Republican name and their activities, followed by some manner of accusing the author of ignoring Republican perfidy.

Notice how Congress tells us, the peons, that they're gonna clean their act up and tighten up on earmarks. That tightening up turned out to be pretty loose as the only people excluded from the benefits of earmarks are the Congressperson and their spouse.

This is exactly what I mean when I say these lawmakers craft these laws in such a way that they can immediately take advantage of the loopholes. They operate on the very fringes of the laws they make because they cannot control their greed or see beyond their own self-serving interests.

Saw this New Jersey story T... (Below threshold)

Saw this New Jersey story Thursday in the North Jersey.com site. Their story didn't mention the party affiliation until the fourteenth paragraph.

On the absence of party affiliation scene, about four weeks ago, blogged on a city councilman in New Orleans resigning after being indicted for taking a kickback. Four articles I found, not one ever mentioned party affiliation. It's New Orleans so I'm guessing Green Pary.

How does it feel to be the ... (Below threshold)

How does it feel to be the party of the whine? Geez. Have some cheese with your "whine." will ya.

JFO:How does i... (Below threshold)


How does it feel to be the party of the whine? Geez. Have some cheese with your "whine." will ya.

Oyster pre-empted ("Now I'm only waiting for one of the usual lefty regulars to pipe in, not say a word about Kanjorski") your usual didn't he?

So you had to fall back on an even less relevant comment.

Do us all a favor and remove that condom from your head... if you get my drift.

BTW JFO, how does it feel t... (Below threshold)

BTW JFO, how does it feel to be a supporter of the party that gets excoriated by Osama DEM Laden? ("but the Democrats haven't made a move worth mentioning" - Osama DEM Laden)

Hmmmm... inquiring minds want to know?

If you caucus with democrat... (Below threshold)

If you caucus with democratics, you caucus with bin Laden.

JFO and staying on topic is... (Below threshold)

JFO and staying on topic is an oxymoron.

Democrats being corrupt and their party wanting to protect them is not news to me. They went over the edge when Kennedy made a deal with the devil, (the mob) to buy his sons election. Once in, you cannot get out.

When a republican reveals themselves to be corrupt, we as a party immediately bannish them from our ranks. The difference in the parties is telling. ww

Media bias? What media bia... (Below threshold)

Media bias? What media bias? There is no such thing!


I wonder what the statistics are on how many paragraphs an average reader actually reads in a newspaper article? It is a given they generally read the first, but I would wager some small amount of money that, on average, people cut out sometime before the 11th...

I wonder what the ... (Below threshold)
I wonder what the statistics are on how many paragraphs an average reader actually reads in a newspaper article?

At Newsbusters they often have posts on when a print story mentions the party affiliation, depending on whether it's Republican or democratic.

First, you have the headline readers. The people who see just the headlines as they skim through the paper on the way to the sports section or the comic page. Just a poorly written, or biased headline can leave an impression on someone.

Then, as noted, the first few paragraphs of a story is critical. The deeper in the article the identity is, the less likely the average reader is going to get there.

Don't think for a moment it's not intentional.

Don't think for a ... (Below threshold)
Don't think for a moment it's not intentional.

Oh, trust me, that thought did not even flit through my mind. I am just vaguely curious what the hard numbers (if any) are, or if the media outlets are just shooting from the hips (much though they might hate that turn of phrase).

I don't know of any statist... (Below threshold)

I don't know of any statistical study, but the old rule of thumb in the newspaper business is you have to grab the reader with the headline and the first paragraph. The further into the story you go, the fewer readers stay with it.

I can't speak directly to "intent," but the phenomenon of Republicans being identified by party early in stories and Democrats being identified late or not at all simply happens too often to be ascribed to chance.

Isnt that the party that al... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Isnt that the party that always blabbering about helping the little guy but just help themselves the DEMACROOK PARTY






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