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Now playing over on the Politics page, also accessible by the user-friendly tabs at the top of this page:

Kos calls out Hillary and Obama on Iraq
. . . the first attack triggered by the bin Laden video?

Hagel: No Mas . . . not only won't he run for another Senate term, but he won't run for President, either! Oh, the humanity!

Clinton Cabinet officer backs Obama
. . . he risks the wrath of Hillary, proving Obama ain't dead yet . . .

Huckabee may become a factor . . . at least, more than we thought. If his recent rise isn't a flash in the pan, who does it hurt?

Yet another Thompson aide quits
. . . after only two days in the race - at this rate, we all will get a chance to be a top staffer for Fred (but don't quit the day job) . . .


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