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Hsu's tangled web

Fugitive fundraiser Norman Hsu apparently ran a shell company which may have existed to illegally reimburse campaign donors, Mike McIntire reports for the New York Times:

A review of financial records for one of Mr. Hsu's companies begins to shed light on some of his recent activities, including his dealings with a circle of campaign contributors that has fallen under suspicion since news of Mr. Hsu's criminal past, murky business interests and unexplained riches rocked the Democratic Party.

The records show that Components Ltd., a company controlled by Mr. Hsu that has no obvious business purpose and appears to exist only on paper, has paid a total of more than $100,000 to at least nine people who made campaign contributions to Mrs. Clinton and others through Mr. Hsu. The payments occurred in the spring of 2003, several months before Mr. Hsu emerged as a contributor to Democrats and more than a year before he started bundling checks from those same people for various campaigns. In all, he has raised more than $1 million for Democrats.

Read the whole article at the link above. The damning financial records only cover a single month's bank statements, so with all McIntire has uncovered, it could still just be the tip of the iceberg. Checks were drawn to several of the people whose "contributions" were then "bundled" by Hsu for Hillary Clinton and other Democrats. This is strictly illegal because it hides the true source of the money and may exceed contribution limits.

The "true source of the money" remains unclear. Hsu's companies weren't engaged in any business activity and seemingly existed merely as conduits for cash to be exchanged. Until we know exactly where the money came from and what the real donor expected to get for his or her largesse, the questions will continue.

Although Senator Hillary Clinton is most closely related to Hsu in press reports, he has raised money for a wide range of Democrats, all of which donations must be considered suspect now.


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Comments (6)

What I find interesting is ... (Below threshold)

What I find interesting is that right after this story broke, several blogs had very, vocal commenters suddenly appear trying to downplay the whole thing... that right wingers where jumping to conclusions.

Now that the other proverbial other HSU is dropping this wave of commenters has disappeared as fast as they magically appeared.

Who where they?

Hillary has also refused to... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Hillary has also refused to return the money raised by Hsu's bundlers, contibutions that Hsu appears to have reimbursed. But not much stops Hillary...She is in Florida this weekend, with other fish to fry

<a href="http://www.sfgate.... (Below threshold)
Dave W:


That article is linked to on drudge, and i find it quite telling that no single democrat's name is mentioned in the article, especially not that of Hillary Clinton.

This guy is tied to the Clintons plain and simple. I find it hilarious that the Dems are the ones screaming for finance reform, yet are the ones breaking all the rules.

And as for Hillary "not knowing about it", just proves she's a pretty stupid person that seems to not know much of anything. She got duped by Bush, or at least thats her excuse for voting for the war in the beginning. Now she didn't know anything about Hsu, as well as she didn't know about her own brother selling off presidential pardons. Somehow she's in the middle of ALL of this but knows nothing about it. What an extremely stupid individual.

What's odd, is that Clinton... (Below threshold)

What's odd, is that Clinton could deal with this now, while theer is still a way to put it behind her. Ignoring things like this tend to make them grow larger, and then it will simply be too late.

Honestly, I could see Obama sitting on this as his wild card come Convention time ...

Maybe DJ, yet was not Obama... (Below threshold)

Maybe DJ, yet was not Obama also funded by Hsu?

You actually believe and ci... (Below threshold)

You actually believe and cite something printed in a biased MSM rag like the New York Times?

Have you no shame?






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