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Suck It, Jesus

So says Kathy Griffin upon receiving an Emmy award (emphasis mine):

The My Life on the D List star took home a creative arts Emmy on Saturday for best reality program.

"A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this. He had nothing to do with this," Griffin said in her acceptance speech. "Suck it, Jesus. This award is my God now."

Ah, celebutards. So original and creative, aren't they? "Artists" lately define good art as anything that offends the mainstream, so taking cheap shots at Christianity is an easy choice. We see it all the time -- urine laced crucifixes, a dung-covered Mary, a naked chocolate Jesus, so on and so forth.

Just out of curiosity: what do you think the backlash will be for this remark? Will outraged Christians write letters calling for Kathy Griffin's head? Will we see protests and rioting from those enraged in the name of Christ? Will members of her show step forward to make clear that they don't support her remarks, as they surely would had she insulted a "protected" minority?

Somehow, I doubt it.

Let's just pretend for a second. Let's pretend we removed the name "Jesus" from her lovely little speech and let's insert the name "Mohammad".

Now let's imagine what the response would be. Griffin would be chastised as a bigot. CAIR would be calling for public apologies and tolerance seminars, and I'm sure we'd see Muslims rioting and calling for much more than a public apology.

So why go for something like that? It's so much easier to take a pot shot at Christians. They won't fight back.

Now, let me just make one thing clear. I don't believe in someone being censored just because their point of view may be offensive. I do, however, believe in common sense and respect for others. Just because you can say something doesn't mean you should.

It's too bad Kathy Griffin can't understand that simple concept, and can so easily disrespect the faith of millions.


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You poor, poor persecuted C... (Below threshold)

You poor, poor persecuted Christianists.

Jeeze, lighten up! I thoug... (Below threshold)
Denny F. Crane!:

Jeeze, lighten up! I thought Griffin was pretty funny.

It's important to be able to laugh at ourselves. Unfortunately, some Christian bloggers are now taking themselves as seriously as the Muslims take their dogma.

So you agree with her state... (Below threshold)

So you agree with her statement then? Is that what you are trying to imply jp2?

If so, lets not beat around the Burning Bush and say it.

If not, either comment on the commentary given in this post or take your snide remark and lack of common sense and kindly disappear from the thread.

I think why Ms. Griffin's h... (Below threshold)

I think why Ms. Griffin's humor falls flat (or can even be interpreted as a bigotted slam) is that I cannot recall any entertainment award winner "thanking Jesus" ... EVER.

I'd say this indicates that Griffin has some serious Christophobic issues.

Miss Griffin has just prove... (Below threshold)

Miss Griffin has just proved that she belongs on the D list, if not lower.

At some point, insulting persons committed to a philosophy of love of God and neighbor will become socially unacceptable again. I hope I live to see it.

"I thought Griffin was pret... (Below threshold)

"I thought Griffin was pretty funny" -and ugly-no wonder she does not like Jesus. Poor old jp2 must be a non-believer.

"Just out of curiosity: wha... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

"Just out of curiosity: what do you think the backlash will be for this remark?"

I'm saying "pity."

Incidentally, "many a truth... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Incidentally, "many a truth is said in jest." I believe she is serious. Her award, her career, her fame - these are her gods. It makes me sad for her - not angry. She is far too small to injure my faith.

Of course poking fun at Chr... (Below threshold)

Of course poking fun at Christians is the new big thing (only it really is not that new) - generally, we do not threaten to blow people up, we do not threaten massive lawsuits, boycotts, or "holy" campaigns of terror and destruction over a perceived slight, etc. etc. I said "generally" for a reason, though - after all, every organization has its collection of nut cases... just, in some cases, the nut cases are the majority and/or have taken over.

That, and Christians are to blame for EVERYTHING. Did you not get the memo?

This woman's comments are, indeed, laughable... but not from the funny aspect, but rather from the "Oh my God, how childishly immature is that?" point of view. Talk about a petulant, spoiled little brat...

Kathy was definitely out wh... (Below threshold)

Kathy was definitely out when Jesus was distributing looks, brains and personality. She is unattractive in an epic way --I can't imagine any man wanting to be anywhere near her. And who cares what she says--anyone who listens to her poor excuse for comedy should be immune to offense.

You poor, poor per... (Below threshold)
You poor, poor persecuted Christianists.

We'll remember that the next time you non-"Christianists" complain about Christians supposedly treading all over your rights.

You: "They're saying 'under God' in the pledge of allegiance! That offends me!"
Us: "You poor, poor persecuted secularists."

You: "President Bush talks about God and Jeebus too much!"
Us: "You poor, poor persecuted secularists."

You: "You're trying to ban abortion and gay marriage on religious grounds!"
Us: "You poor, poor persecuted secularists."

What goes around comes around, my friend. In short, suck it.

"What goes around comes aro... (Below threshold)

"What goes around comes around, my friend. In short, suck it."

If you claim the mantle of Christianity, you should be careful of what you say. Jesus reserved his greatest acrimony for those who claim to represent his Father, but do not. Just sayin'

Unfortunately, som... (Below threshold)
Steve of Norway:
Unfortunately, some Christian bloggers are now taking themselves as seriously as the Muslims take their dogma.

Talk your unmitigated bullcrap. Funny, never have seen those "Kill Those Who Mock Jesus" signs anywhere.

She was ACTUALLY mocking th... (Below threshold)

She was ACTUALLY mocking the idiots that thank God and Jesus for every stupid thing that happens. Like God has anything to do with a rapper winning a trophy for his loving lyrical portrayal of bitches and hoes, or a boxer whop beats his opponent into a coma...etc.

But sure, go ahead, put on the victim cloak, if it makes you feel better.

"I think why Ms. Griffin's ... (Below threshold)

"I think why Ms. Griffin's humor falls flat (or can even be interpreted as a bigotted slam) is that I cannot recall any entertainment award winner "thanking Jesus" ... EVER."

That's *insane*. It happens at least once during every award show and almost freaking time a sports team or individual competitor gets interviewed.

I heard that thousands of C... (Below threshold)

I heard that thousands of Christian churches are holding a massive beheading and hanging display, maybe a few will be passed through the wood chipper, starting tomorrow. All Democrats (aka atheist) report at 8AM or you will have to stand in line. No problem really, it will be your last line and there is no waiting at the gates of hell.

Well, there ya go. A show ... (Below threshold)

Well, there ya go. A show I never watched that won an award I could care less about.

She is gargoyle personified... (Below threshold)

She is gargoyle personified..

Kind of looks like Kalibos from Clash of the Titans..

Another ugly miserable ... (Below threshold)

Another ugly miserable and oblivious Pelosi in the making. Self centered , self absorbed and self worshipping. Stupid delusional Democrats will be saying "suck it satan" in no time while kicking themselves for "mocking the idiots that thank God and Jesus for every stupid thing that happens."

if directly AFTER her the n... (Below threshold)

if directly AFTER her the next person had indeed said: "Suck it Allah!", this butt-ugly broad would have been OUTRAGED!!

well F**K You, woman! At least I won't have to avoid paying money to see her in any venue of entertainment...'cause she isn't IN any (except some piece of shit TV thing I never heard of!)!!

JimKSo, it would b... (Below threshold)


So, it would be no problem for you to give me an acceptance speech from the Oscars or Emmys where "I thank Jesus" is in the speech?

Since Ms. G was at an EMMYs show, I don't think I'm being too restrictive (and I don't think she meant sports figures).

Don't worry...I'll check back when you've hunted down and posted an authoritative quote.

Last year Three 6 Mafia <a ... (Below threshold)

Last year Three 6 Mafia thanked Jesus for winning the Oscar for "It's Hard Out Here For a Pimp."

Is that what you're looking for? ;)

If Griffin's intention was ... (Below threshold)

If Griffin's intention was to make fun of those who use Jesus' name, then her aim was way off. She offended those who do not trivialize Jesus.

But her attitude towards Christians and conservatives in general are well known, so it's no surprise that she would make such a 'joke', inadvertently or not. It's just her nature.

Honestly, when someone who ... (Below threshold)

Honestly, when someone who is clearly a non-believer makes such a blasphemous comment, I pray for them. I pray that Kathy Griffin will someday know the true love of Jesus as I do. I didn't always know Him, and would have found her comment quite funny. Now, although I am truly offended to hear anyone say anything against my Lord, I try to take a "...they know not what they do" approach and pray that they will see the truth someday. I can only imagine the number of barbs I'll take for this comment, but I'm ok with that too.

"Be yea not deceived, GOD i... (Below threshold)

"Be yea not deceived, GOD is not mocked."

MantisI don'... (Below threshold)

I don't think this example passes the test.

Oh, my. Hey, we want to thank Keith Young our choreographer. And the whole Sony Records, Lisa Ellis, our moms, our whole families. Thank you, Jesus. And for giving us a chance, the Academy. We love the Academy. You know what I'm saying?

Living in the south, I would view this more as: "Thank God"...as opposed to the lengthy witness many sports stars offer when they are interviewed. Which witness is meant and seen by all as proselytizing.

Three 6 Mafia was not proselytizing in that manner that Gifford chose to dis. So I think Darleen's point stands...excluding sports stars, who do this most frequently, name an entertainment award winner(s) (has the younger Baldwin won such an award?)Who does this frequently?

Somewhere in heaven Jesus i... (Below threshold)
Richard Romano:

Somewhere in heaven Jesus is smiling saying, "there there Cathy, life ain't so bad now is it?"

Our God is big enough to look out for himself -- Griffin is just another left-wing hack who hates the Judeo-Christian heritage that allows her to say such foolish things.

BarneyG, Your commen... (Below threshold)

Your comments might be funnier if you learned how to spell.


I don't think this examp... (Below threshold)

I don't think this example passes the test.

Neither do I; I just remembered reading about it and finding it humorous that he thanked Jesus for winning an award for that song.

So I think Darleen's point stands...excluding sports stars, who do this most frequently, name an entertainment award winner(s) (has the younger Baldwin won such an award?)Who does this frequently?

I have no idea, I don't watch award shows. I do recall that Oscar winners tend to thank the Academy, which is their real god, as Griffin reveals, quite wittingly it seems.

Personally I find this uproar rather humorous. Who cares what she says?

Oh, I forgot. Suc... (Below threshold)

Oh, I forgot.

Suck it, Satan.

barneygoogle and mantis are... (Below threshold)

barneygoogle and mantis are about as funny as two quarter size boils on each of your ass.

each-"cheek" of..... (Below threshold)

each-"cheek" of..

Barney...here's a thought. ... (Below threshold)

Barney...here's a thought. Go to several Jihadi websites (they're easy to find) and post things like:
- Mohamed was a child rapist (true, btw)
- Allah can suck me!
- Islam is the religion of goat-bonkers!

and the like.

Then, post your home address and invite those with differing opinions to come and "discuss" your views!


It would be akin to standing up and screaming:
"The Marines are all PUSSIES!" in Oceanside, CA versus in San Francisco.

Do it in San Francisco and you're not very brave.

Do it in Oceanside and you're very, uh, stoooopid.

For you, and this Emmy moron, to insult Christians is NOT very brave. 'Cause we don't cut people's heads off when they disagree with us.

Islam, the "religion of peace", DOES!

Thank God she didn't call ... (Below threshold)

Thank God she didn't call someone a "fag" or she would
have lost her acting gig and been forced into rehab.

Thank God she didn't try to put up a replica of the
birth of Christ in a public place.liberals would have
a heart attack.

Thank God she didn't hold up a dollar bill or a quarter showing the words "In God we trust",Barney's wee little head would have exploded.

Thank God she was not trying to put up a cross on
a memorial for our Soldiers,liberals would have cried
and jumped up and down spilling their cappuccino's

Thank God she didn't say the words "Merry Christmas"
or ask if the Salvation Army could set up outside,liberals would have threatened lawsuits and chained themselves to the doors.

God help her if she were caught walking around with a couple of Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts,we know what kind of little nazis they can be helping old ladies across the street and camping out.

If she had said the Pledge of Allegiance,we all know
how the liberals hate"One Nation under God",there would
have been hell to pay from the ACLU and the Pelosi/Bill
Maher crowd.

liberals are always talking about respecting other
peoples beliefs and traditions,free speech,tolerance,
and handling events in a civil and intelligent manner.

The problem is they only practice what they preach
when it is something they agree with.

I guess this is what you get from people who are running on an "anti-war" platform and their leading
candidate has voted for two wars in six years.

God Bless America and "Merry Christmas"!!

Let's see, Idolatry; check.... (Below threshold)

Let's see, Idolatry; check. Graven images; check. Suck it? Why this girl needs some old fashioned spiritual advice. Ya'd think that would be an easy commodity out theyah.

barney, I have rarely seen ... (Below threshold)

barney, I have rarely seen someone SO proud of being ignorant and obnoxious!

I was merely asking you to exhibit some intestinal fortitude! Apparently you have NONE!

but then, I knew that!

Maybe she can finally affor... (Below threshold)

Maybe she can finally afford to have some "work" done . . .

"We see it all the time -- ... (Below threshold)

"We see it all the time -- urine laced crucifixes, a dung-covered Mary, a naked chocolate Jesus, so on and so forth."

We see this "all the time" because you fucks take it seriously. When you do so, the artists win. You want people to stop offending you? Stop being offended, and they'll shut up. This is a lesson that most children learn by the age of 11 ("Your sister will stop teasing you if you stop letting it bother you!"), but intellectually stunted evangelical Christians and Islamic fascists obviously do not develop the same common sense as those of us smart enough to chart our course through history without referencing some worthless book. Fucking idiots, the lot of them.

I think that Kathy was hone... (Below threshold)

I think that Kathy was honestly trying to poke fun at the ridiculous nature of so many celebrity "testimonies."

Unfortunately, she is not smart enough to figure out what to say in order to poke fun at the testimonies, so all she could come up with on the spur of the moment was "suck it Jesus."

From what I have seen by watching her show, Kathy Griffin is simply irreligious; neither God, nor any aspect of worship or belief, constitutes any part of her life or her value system. She is apathetic to Christianity, which is probably why she makes fun of it frequently in her comedy routines.

But again, she isn't quite smart enough to understand that making fun of the silly things that Christians do can be really funny, but making fun of God or Jesus isn't funny at all.

Hey Matthew, you don't need... (Below threshold)

Hey Matthew, you don't need a weatherman to tell the globe is cooling.

JESUS, WHY HAVE YO... (Below threshold)

25. Posted by BarneyG2000

Probably because your a useless, leftist POS.

"the same common sense as t... (Below threshold)

"the same common sense as those of us smart enough to chart our course through history without referencing some worthless book."

What ? Another John Fraud Kerry?

Fucking idiot. The world can do without your worthless smart ass.

Then, post your ho... (Below threshold)
Then, post your home address and invite those with differing opinions to come and "discuss" your views!


Not to worry. BaghdadBarney will slip through his darkened home, fighting knife in hand and dispatch said jihadis to allah.

Barring that, if for some reason BaghdadBarney loses his knife, he will reach into their chests and rip their heart out. Of course, that's only if he is unable to maneuver into position to garrote them.

I own half a dozen guns, but my hunting knife is my preferred home defense weapon.

If you live with kids a gun is basically useless. You can't leave it easily assessable or loaded. Try doing that in the dark during a home invasion.

Surprised you didn't I.

17. Posted by BarneyG2000 | July 9, 2007 8:23 PM

Hey Rob. I haven't seen an... (Below threshold)

Hey Rob. I haven't seen any evidence he has the sense to chart his way through a conversation, but I gave him starter directions.

I must disagree, Rob, and a... (Below threshold)

I must disagree, Rob, and assert to the contrary that the world is in fact better off with smart asses. They make ignorant people uncomfortable, and that's funny; humor is intrinsically valuable; ergo, the world benefits by the existence of wise-anuses.

Anyway, faith is a perfectly legitimate object of ridicule in the public forum. Don't like it? Move to Saudi Arabia. Nobody is obligated to respect your faith. You can choose to ignore Kathy Griffith, or you can call the waaaaaambulance because you're a big insecure baby who desperately wants to collect his ball and go home.

Hey, all of you leftist scu... (Below threshold)

Hey, all of you leftist scum out there "brave" enough to knock Christianity, it's your hypocrisy that we dispise.

Krassy "Head like a Sieve" Griffin is not a brave "humorist" or any of the other crap you guys been spittin' about her. She is a mindless, kneejerk, go with the crowd, "Look at me, I can say cuntriversial sentence thingies!", dimwit, coward of a pervert who should be laughed into oblivion until and unless she is willing to tell Muhammad and Allah and the rest of THEIR heroes to go "suck on it".

She's an unimaginative loser who used to pull up her dress in the back of the bus in grade school, and now she has "graduated" to exposing the real, "ugliest part of (her) body"(to paraphrase an athiest with a brain, Frank Zappa), her "mind", and she would NEVER say the like about islam because of her cowardice. That, and she would be served within minutes, by a personal injury lawyer, for damages.(Hey, good old Bill "Don't defile any poor victim groups" O'Riley even wants you thrown in jail if you offend the wrong people. Thank no one that that assholes' on "my side".What a dipshit.)

"Suck it mohammad. allah i... (Below threshold)

"Suck it mohammad. allah is not my God."

Now that would have gotten a standing ovation in my book.

Faith. What you don't know... (Below threshold)

Faith. What you don't know about faith.

On what basis to you deny the existence of God, if you do?

Alright, putz, if you deny ... (Below threshold)

Alright, putz, if you deny the existence of God, you do so on the basis of faith, because you certainly to not know it.

'certainly do not know it'.... (Below threshold)

'certainly do not know it'. How do I know you don't know God does not exist. Trust me. That I do know.

It's not funny to take God'... (Below threshold)

It's not funny to take God's, Jesus' or the Holy Spirit's name in vain--EVER. She's not offending me, a Christian; but rather, she's offending the One whom she will have to give an account to in the judgment for her actions. Sure, we mortals could physically destroy her if we so chose to, but it's not our duty to do so other than make her so irrelevant that she can't get even arrested. She already admits she's "D-List" material anyway. Thank you for driving your point home, Kathy. God will destroy her eternally for that blasphemous, arrogant, and stupid remark if she's not repentant.

Entertainers could be wickedly funny and still not be irreverent. Edgy is funny and clever. Ignorance and stupidity are not. I always hit the channel changer once God's name is taken in vain no matter who I am watching.

"the world is in fact bette... (Below threshold)
John F Not Kerry:

"the world is in fact better off with smart asses. They make ignorant people uncomfortable, and that's funny;"

Posted by matthew

Another example of irony lost on the one attempting humor. If you have to explain how something was funny, then it's not funny.

"You poor, poor persecuted Christianists."

Posted by jp2

China,Vietnam,Indonesia,Myanmar,Sudan,Saudi Arabia,Turkey,Cuba...

Just a short list of countries where Christians are actively persecuted at this moment, not that you would seem to care very much about them. You will not hear about the death, imprisonment, or land confiscation that goes on every day, but that doesn't mean it's not real.

Do I give a rat's rear end about what Kathy Griffin said? Yes, I do, because my faith tells me to pray for those who oppose me. I pray for those who kill and harm my brothers and sisters around the world, and for those ignorant enough to think that God does not exist and so think they can avoid his judgment. I pray that they will find His mercy and love before it is too late for them. The apostle Paul was a persecutor of Christians before he became one himself, and I have seen God bring about miraculous changes in peoples' lives. Mock it if you will. I will not rail against you. Just don't think it elevates you when you do so. That would be the furthest thing from the truth.

I read both your articles o... (Below threshold)

I read both your articles on OSU and Kathy Griffin. So have you made up your mind?

Kathy Griffin tells a religous joke and its bad - but the policy that OSU has put in place that would ban such jokes on campus is bad too??

Kathy Griffins joke was more about making fun of celebrities who thank God in their speeches. You name the celeb and they thank God in the speech and go home and live their faith by getting arrested, making porn tapes, doing drugs, getting DUI's, making anti-semetic slurs, you name it ... I thought the joke was funny.

kathy rocks and deserved he... (Below threshold)
the queen:

kathy rocks and deserved her win. it is the christers who should apologize to the rest of the world for imposing their bullshit on millions of people throughout the centuries who have been tortured and killed and molested in the name of a man who was but a simple man and not a god and who most certainly would have enjoyed the joke. remember folks, that x-tianity was spread at the point of a sword and not embraced willingly. It was either you believe or die. And speaking of faith, does it really rock the foundations of your faith to have a comedian make a little joke. Ah ye of little of faith indeed. How rocky is your foundations. in fact i think i hear jesus laughing right now. rock on, kathy... we luv ya.

SUCK IT, MUHAMMED--AND Y... (Below threshold)


Griffin would have to go into hiding if she had made a remark as this. Of course the anti-Semitic, anti-Christian fascists will claim that the evil Chrisianists are morally equivalent (or worse) to radical islamists because of abortion physicians killed. They overlook the many Christian voices that condemned such atrocious violence. However, islamists have no "power" and therefore any kind of death threats by radical islamists are justified in the fascist postmodern view characterized by utter hatred of the West.

What Kathy said was totally... (Below threshold)
Thomas Carey:

What Kathy said was totally true. Jesus did have nothing to do with her winning her award. She was given the award by those who watched her show which is one long diatribe mocking everything. She openly embraces homosexuals which is why she is accepted in hollywood and why she got the award. So her saying that Jesus had nothing to do with her getting that award is absolutely true. You could say that indirectly Jesus did have something to do with her winning the award since so much of she does is open rebellion to Jesus's message of righteousness and it is this undertone of her show that those in hollywood find so appealing. So in a round about way Jesus did have something to do with her getting that award. But Jesus wouldn't give you an award for a show that mocks Him and promotes filth as normal.

Thus the fact that Christians are all in an uproar about this will just make them look foolish.

As they react with out thinking first in their foolish calvinistic way that God is controlling every single detail that happens here in the world and that everything is unfolding according to his plan..

Stop, listen, think, then respond that is what liberals like Kathy hate most of all she is more about reaction then she is about substance.

Oh, get over yourself. She ... (Below threshold)

Oh, get over yourself. She was making a joke, not a hate speech.

It's pretty clear that she had no malicious intent. She was just lampooning a typical feature of most award shows -- that "my faith in god was the critical component of this _____ (cheesy movie, bad tv show, song that sounds like a bag of cats)". As if the Almighty has nothing better to do than sit around and inspire this "art".

So, I say, more power to her. Yay for not embracing convention, and for poking fun at it instead.

The one great thing about this country used to be that you could say whatever the hell you want without fear of persecution -- freedom of speech: it's a lovely amendment. Comedians like Griffin dare to exercise that right and aren't afraid to be sensational in their attempts. It's absurd that just because a few people take offense, that people throw around terms like "hate speech" and "bigotry" -- that's awfully strong language for what was, in essence, a cheap gag. There's a huge difference between what Griffin said and REAL hate speech, just a little googling should demonstrate that.

Now I understand the network wanting to protect itself by censoring her comments, but all this ire being heaped upon her for what was obviously an innocuous joke? Please. There are much worse things in this world to hate on, let Kathy Griffin be.

I don't understand why she ... (Below threshold)

I don't understand why she told Jesus to suck it. So I went out to my backyard and to talk to Jesus as he was cutting my grass. I asked him what he had done to offend Kathy Griffin but he doesn't speak much English and I don't speak any Spanish. Oh well.

Bring back the lions(toss i... (Below threshold)

Bring back the lions(toss in more christians); That would be one fix. Or go back to the old days when it was rude to talk about religion. Remember, Kathy likes to be in the limelight, the more you talk and kvetch; the more she wins!

I think that i counted mayb... (Below threshold)

I think that i counted maybe a whole 4 people in this entire thing that have a little common sense. This may be just the way i see it, but the reason she said suck it Jesus was to make fun of everybody else thank thanks him. On the other hand everybody says "I'd like to see her say that about Mohammad or Islam." Who gets on stage and thanks Mohammad or Islam, nobody that's who, it would have made no sense.

This nation was based on freedom of religion, freedom of speach and lots of other freedoms because the forefathers got tired of England telling everybody what to believe and what to say.

Where were all you righteous Christians when Jesus was crucified? Why didn't you say something then? Why didn't you do something? You're all pretty big now that it's illegal to kill you based on your beliefs.

Dawn,What is real ha... (Below threshold)
Thomas Carey:

What is real hate speech?

By the definition given in todays culture it is any speech that offends a perceived protected group. Since there was never a need for hate speech police before in the USA what has changed? There is a group in America who are emotionally and psychologically unstable which is why they need to silence any speech that conflicts with the fragile reality that they have constructed in their perverse little minds. These are the people who need hate speech rules. Why? because an open public dialog will expose the contradictions and circular reasoning that they use to promote their filth. Kathy is one of the leading embracers of that filth which is why she is so hostile to the one who came to testify to the truth.

Since hate speech can only truly happen to those on the left and those with the Politically Correct position. We can see that hate speech is just a straw man made to force ideas and behaviors in to society that would otherwise be run out of town on a rail. It is part of the lefts philosophical position of 'radical individualism'. This radical individualism if forced to compete on an equal plain in the culture of ideas would never survive and the left knows is. So they need to use the coercive force of government to impose their ideas on a society, that if given true freedom would reject them for the bogus lies that they are. Thus in order for them to have the freedom that they claim they need to take away your 'right' to disagree with their concept of 'radical individualism'. They do this thought the force of law. This is what the 'hate crimes' bill will do. It will silence those who oppose the lefts agenda of 'radical individualism' by taking away a fundamental right to free speech that those on the left brag about and say they celebrate.

I hope that some Christian gets and award and says something like.

"Despite having to work around the filth and lawlessness of perverts every day Jesus gave me the strength to reject their influence. Praise the Lord"

If he did he would never work in hollywood again because hollywood is totally anti Christian. Yet Christians still watch the filth that they put out because it is entertainment and keep them in power by giving them our money at the box office.

There is no such thing as HATE Speech.

"The truth is hate, to those that hate the truth."

Those who made comments abo... (Below threshold)

Those who made comments above mocking straight white male christians should be encouraged to do so, since the straight white male christians have all the power. However, idiots like dawg should be imprisoned for writing hate speech that criticizes Islam (or Judaism) no matter how mild since other religions have no power. Hence, Black people, Muslim people, and Jewish people cannot be racist or anti-Semitic since they have no power. Only straight white christian males can be racist and anti-Semitic since they have all the power. Anyone stupid enough to write MOHAMMUD BLOWS ALLAH should be put into jail for a long time.

Thomas Carey:You r... (Below threshold)

Thomas Carey:

You raise an interesting point about poltical correctness. Even as a christian nation we have not always treated others in a christian manner. When Brando had Sachene Littlefeather refuse his oscar based on our historic treatment of American Indians - I didn't see anyone support him even though he was right. The christian faith I learned included repentance -admit you are wrong and change your behavior -but no one admitted our country was wrong.

Award shows are not a place to express principle they are entertainment at best.

I'll go one step farther, h... (Below threshold)
Fuck Jesus:

I'll go one step farther, how about Fuck Jesus and fuck you christian wack jobs that have no sense of humor. Oh and while we're at it, fuck Mohomad.

Amen Fuck Jesus! Amen!... (Below threshold)
amen fuck jesus:

Amen Fuck Jesus! Amen!

suck it god and jesus and s... (Below threshold)

suck it god and jesus and suck it mahommad now I said it its a free country you can all go f*&^ yourselves you send your kids to die for money and oil and this is what you bitch about you people are really sick maybe your the real enemy

Kim,What is "in a Ch... (Below threshold)
Thomas Carey:

What is "in a Christian manner?"

Jesus called people swine! and Hypocrites! Snakes and white washed tombs.

One nation conquering another is the story of human history. So our governments treatment of Indians is one of a million times governments though out history have done what they think is correct. I don't need to apologize for something that someone else did. Nor does the Government need to apologize for something that it did years earlier. The government can't repent it is an institution not a person which is the flaw in Brando's reasoning.

As you can see by most of the posters they are classic examples of the public education system. No thoughts, just vulgarity. They are exactly what those like Dewy wanted to create. Persons who can't think whose only goal in life is to satisfy their need for sensations. Be that sexual or visual or drug induced. People like that are easy for the government to control, just give them their six pack and their porn and they are happy.

Kathy Griffith is just going with the crowd and some here think that she is a trend setter and original. Rebellion against God is as old as it gets. Not original just sensation, she is a crotch humorist, on par with about an 8th grader which is why she resonates so well with the public school educated..

Thomas Carey:For m... (Below threshold)

Thomas Carey:

For me in a Christian manner means following the law of love. Loving god with your whole heart mind soul and strength and loving your neighbor as yourself. I also try to follow the scriptural principle of removing the beam from my eye before taking the straw from my brother's eye. Whenever I feel the need to criticize I look inward to find out why and how I can make myself better - I find myself criticizing less.

I brought up American Indians because that was another example of an award show controversy. Brando's point was not repentance but correcting an justice; for government to acknowledge the past and change laws and policies that impact people now. Brando was involved in the civil rights movement and this was an example where citizens exposed a historic governmental injustice. The country recognized and acknowledged wrong resulting in the legislation was enacted to correct that historic wrong under the leadership of President Johnson.

Historic examples of wrongs done in God's name with the blessings of various churches have to have an impact on how Christians today are viewed. Kathy Griffin was joking about stars who thank Jesus at an award show one day and acting as if they don't know who he is the next; they have an impact on how I as a Christian am perceived. Did she go too far? Yes, I think she could have been edgy and made her point with more tact.

I am not sure what your point you are making about public school education. I have worked in a couple of High Schools and colleges, taught classes, and been involved in academic and disciplinary hearings at three institutions. Based on my experience you are selling public schools short and putting private education on too high a pedestal. Paying tuition at private school does not guarantee a good education, character or the ability to think critically.

christars, muslims, jews...... (Below threshold)

christars, muslims, jews...what's the difference? All morons with imaginary friends.

hahahaha, jesus can suck it... (Below threshold)

hahahaha, jesus can suck it as far as i am concerned as well. and with that, so can mohammad...
you religious radicals can all jump in a lake and cool off.
i loved it!!

To #11 and all the other th... (Below threshold)
Frayed Knott:

To #11 and all the other theocrats in this thread:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion."

Suck it.

IF YOU LOVE JESUS SO FUCKIN... (Below threshold)







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