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L.A. may limit fast food

City Council will consider a "moratorium" on new fast-food restaurants in South L.A., citing "health concerns," reports Tami Abdollah for the Los Angeles Times:

The City Council will be asked this fall to consider an up to two-year moratorium on new fast-food restaurants in South L.A., a part of the city where fast food is at least as much a practicality as a preference.

"The people don't want them, but when they don't have any other options, they may gravitate to what's there," said Councilwoman Jan Perry, who proposed the ordinance in June, and whose district includes portions of South L.A. that would be affected by the plan.

Read it all at the above link. This is nanny-state governance gone wild. If there are lots of fast-food outlets in an area, they are there because there is a demand for them. Restricting the supply by outlawing new such restaurants will only drive up the marginal cost - in other words, the food prices will rise as demand outstrips supply.

If there are no "good food" alternatives in the area, it's because there is no market for them. Lower income working people have limited budgets and limited time for lunch, so they tend to gravitate towards places offering food which is filling, cheap, and served fast.

Most fast food restaurants offer healthy alternatives on their menus these days. If customers do not choose the healthier items, it's not the result of some conspiracy from nefarious corporations seeking to fatten up L.A. (Hmmm . . . we'll have to call them "Big Grease," because "Big Burger" would leave out the chicken, taco, and pizza places).

They're starting down the slippery slope to mandatory liposuction . . .


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Comments (14)

This is nuts. The people th... (Below threshold)

This is nuts. The people this proposed law purports to protect are free to buy groceries and cook wholesome meals at home. That they choose to go to McDonald's or Burger King is a personal choice. The government has no business telling people what or where they may eat.

How come the 'pro choice' l... (Below threshold)

How come the 'pro choice' logic only applies when murdering over a million innocent babies annually???

How about the overriding is... (Below threshold)

How about the overriding issue of this proposed law: The citizens are stupid. The lower income Los Angelinians cannot make correct decisions for themselves. ww

I have a serious concern fo... (Below threshold)

I have a serious concern for health issues, however any limitation on legal businesses is not really the way to achieve very much. There is much evidence of large chains such as Safeway adding thousnds more healthy brands and McDonald's and others offering more healthy alternatives.

The state does have some interest in that public health care expenditures are huge, and improvements in the public health do trim these costs to the taxpayer.

What about those fast food ... (Below threshold)

What about those fast food restaurant jobs which will no longer be available to those area residents? You might be one of those who look down on 'hamburger flippers', but they are an entry-level job, which leads to employment experience. In a number of cases, there are opportunities for advancement to management and even franchise ownership.

Barry in CO is right. What... (Below threshold)

Barry in CO is right. What a BS article. "No food alternatives" What a crock.

It's called cook and eat at home lazy people. It's called take your lunch to work in a brown bag for those poor limited income people with limited lunch time (yet they have houses, garages, satellite tv, cell phones, cars, bling around their neck and grillz on their teeth.

Whatever. It just continues to drive all the productive people into other states, leaving California to the Mexicans.

When the government can no ... (Below threshold)

When the government can no longer tax us to pay for the drugs to treat hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and atherosclerosis, they will tell us to 'Work for Food'. And they will tell us what food to eat. Jan Perry is the face of profound evil.

Somehow I think this "morat... (Below threshold)

Somehow I think this "moratorium" will only apply to big corporations like McDonald's, Burger King, In 'N' Out, Taco Bell, KFC, Popeye's, etc. Does anyone think this will be applied to the the Taquerias? As with everything else Latino in L.A., it'll be business as usual.

Has L.A. been taken over by... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Has L.A. been taken over by a bunch of wheat germ inhaling heath nuts? looks like this die hard health freaks with the alfala sprouts berween their teeth and the granola munchers need to GET A LIFE

The existing fast food plac... (Below threshold)

The existing fast food places are probably pleased by this.

And yes, every fast food place I go to has healthy choices. Every kid's meal comes with juice and apple slices.

If they want to encourage people to eat healthy and if it's *true* that people don't like the fast food but "don't have any other options" get some dollar menu sandwich shops out there. (All the sandwich shops around here are *art* sandwich shops that sell specialty, and really expensive, sandwiches and specialty sodas.)

Either that or change the rules to make it much more possible for individuals to run lunch services. (I will always have fond memories of "the lumpia lady" who simply couldn't exist in the US because spending the morning making home-made finger food in an uninspected kitchen (if she even had a kitchen) packing it all in a bicycle basket and riding to the Air Base (or any other business) and selling it all would probably get her arrested by the health department.)

Will this ban include taco ... (Below threshold)

Will this ban include taco wagons?

I should say (the the spiri... (Below threshold)

I should say (the the spirit of bragging) that I sent my peeps off to work and school with lunches of home-made California rolls today. ;-)

I so rock!


This all started quite some... (Below threshold)

This all started quite some time ago. Compare and contrast: McDonalds vs. RJ Reynolds.

Slippery slope, here we come!

There may be more sinister ... (Below threshold)

There may be more sinister motives . . . when the move to restrict fast-food options fails to trim down the populace, will the next effort be for government to supply diet pills?

We need to investigate the LA City Council's ties to the diet-pill industry - or, in keeping with typical contemporary anti-corporate rhetoric, "Big Phat Pharm" . . .







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