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David Schippers Tells of Burglary Similar to Kathleen Willey's

David Schippers tells World Net Daily that the manuscript for his book was stolen from his home, similar to Kathleen Wiley's experience.

After reading WND's report of Kathleen Willey's stolen manuscript, David Schippers - the chief counsel for the 1998 impeachment trial of President Clinton - told Willey he had a remarkably similar experience prior to publication of his best-selling book and believes the Clintons also were behind it.

During the writing of "Sellout: The Inside Story of President Clinton's Impeachment" in the spring of 2000, an intruder came into his suburban Chicago home at least four times while his wife was alone upstairs, Schippers told WND in a phone interview from his Chicago law office.

On the third or fourth occasion, a box of impeachment-related documents was stolen, he said.

The intrusions followed a series of claims by his wife, Jackie - who typed the manuscript from his handwritten text - that her computer was being hacked.

"My suspicion was that the Clintons, or some of their toadies, were trying to find out what we were writing before we submitted the manuscript," Schippers said. "Nobody else would have any interest."

You would think they would have improved security after the first break in wouldn't you? I don't know what happened to Willey or Schippers, or who was behind it, but I do find it interesting that all these stories are beginning to surface again and wonder if it will make any difference to voters. Even if voters don't believe the stories that were reported of Hillary directing private investigators to go after women making claims about Bill, some may just think she is too much of a target and won't want another eight-year-long soap opera. But then again, lots of people like soap operas.


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Comments (15)

I'm not a Clinton fan at al... (Below threshold)

I'm not a Clinton fan at all and believe they are capable of some pretty politically under-handed activities, but I just can't come to believe Willey's story. You raise a good point about the Schipper's and their home security and Willey's account sounds too much like the good ol' "the dog ate my homework" story. It would be far easier to believe that Willey's publisher was pushing to see the manuscript and Willey, knowing she didn't have much of a manuscript to show, comes up with "the Clintons ate my manuscript" tale.

Definitely odd, but sounds ... (Below threshold)

Definitely odd, but sounds pretty farfetched. Of course it was farfetched for the Republican head of the NY State Senate to claim that Democratic NY Governor Eliot Spitzer was having the state police spy on his movements so they could be reported to the local paper - but it turns out that was true.

I just can't believe we even have to contemplate a Hillary campaign...we've already had 20 YEARS of Bush/Clinton. Good thing Jeb didn't run - can you imagine the certainty of 24-28 years. egad.

Carl,I agree with ... (Below threshold)


I agree with you on that. It seems like everything is Clinton's fault. If the wingnuts could get by with it, they would blame the Clintons for the Teapot Dome scandle, the great depression, etc.
Heck, they are still mad that a lefty gave Bill the BJ instead of a wingnut.

Just hope Hillary never gets the White House.

During the writing .. an... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

During the writing .. an intruder came into his suburban Chicago home at least four times while his wife was alone upstairs, Schippers told WND in a phone interview from his Chicago law office.

WTF? Is this Shippers guy an idiot? Did they leave their doors wide open?

You better put some ice on ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

You better put some ice on that.

Equating Bush with the Clan... (Below threshold)

Equating Bush with the Clantons, "Falsey" old person ? Brilliant.

Look folks, we're talking about the leaders of the party that calls our men and women in uniform, "nazis", "Gulag" thugs, "terrorists", "baby killers", "Reminiscent of Jenjis Kan", the "new management" at Abu Graiub, akin to pol pot, losers with nowhere else to go ACCEPT for the military and now the leftist scum are making it clear they belive that their leader is a lying mouthpiece for the administration.

Yeah, I see what you mean, it's hard to believe that people like that would actually resort to B and E and manuscript theft for the sake of covering up things as insignificant as rape, lude exposure and sex with a barely legal, insecure intern. I mean, he WAS at his most popular then, they should be proud of those accomplishments.

Thanks again democrap party, for raping the soul of my country. And thanks to you too GOP, for bending over and saying, "Thank you master, may I have another ?"

Lest we forget, the Kerry r... (Below threshold)

Lest we forget, the Kerry researcher who had his opus ripped off. This is becoming standard Democratic fare.

"Equating", 'pudgy'? No, i... (Below threshold)

"Equating", 'pudgy'? No, it's just been a damn long time with 2 relatively small groups dominating the direction of the country, which was never a goal of the founders of the country.

It would be far e... (Below threshold)
It would be far easier to believe that Willey's publisher was pushing to see the manuscript and Willey, knowing she didn't have much of a manuscript to show, comes up with "the Clintons ate my manuscript" tale.

Carl, you might want to go back and re-read what Willey said. What was stolen was a paper COPY of the manuscript that she had printed earlier in the day. The original was still on her computer.

Don't forget that Shrillary... (Below threshold)

Don't forget that Shrillary had thousands of 'FBI' records (investigations ordered by Shrillary) on Clinton enemies in her grimy hands while in the white house. A thirty year record as a criminal will not be broken just because she seeks the office of POTUS, it will greatly increase as we have seen in the 'criminal donations' in the past week.

Another Hsu drops!! The ti... (Below threshold)

Another Hsu drops!! The tip of the iceberg no doubt.

I have to take the whole th... (Below threshold)

I have to take the whole thing with a large grain of salt.

First of all, it's 2007. Every manuscript is on computer these days. If you're IN the house with enough time to find a manuscript, why not just boot up the computer and burn a copy - or email it to yourself as an attachment on a web mail account - thereby leaving no blatantly obvious trace of the theft?

The whole thing is just too far-fetched to accept at face value.

Looks like our former dicat... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Looks like our former dicatator is being his usial self a traitor and war crinimal and he wants the wicked witch and her flying monkies in the whitehouse

Speaking of the Teapot Dome... (Below threshold)

Speaking of the Teapot Dome Scandal, I think the democratic leadership should have a hearing on that also. Add Pearl Harbor, Lincoln Assasination, etc. That is what the dems are good at. Hearings. NO convictions. NO crimes. Just hearings. ww

And now that Newsweek is re... (Below threshold)

And now that Newsweek is reporting that among Hillary's foreign policy advisers is Sandy Burglar, it is clear that a Democrat victory in 2008 means the same old corrupt Clinton cronies, chinese bagmen and a National Security Adviser with plenty of room in his pants for secure documents.

Just what the country needs, corrupt Clinton's part II.






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