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Car Rental Company Goes Out of Its Way to Support Our Troops

Dollar/Thrifty Automotive Group owns both Dollar Rent a Car and Thrifty Car Rental, and it's going to receive the Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award for going above and beyond supporting its employees who are called to active duty:

Marine reservist Cpl. Blake Milam says his civilian employer, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Inc., has gone the extra mile to make him feel good about his military service.

Last year, the Tulsa, Okla.-based rental car company gave a welcome-home party for Milam after he'd returned from an 8-month duty tour in Fallujah, Iraq, he said.

"They've been really supportive," the 23-year-old automobile inventory technician said of his employer. "They've gone out of their way to help me out."

Milam nominated his employer to receive the prestigious Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award. Dollar Thrifty is among 15 businesses and organizations selected to receive the annual award, which recognizes exemplary support for employees in the Guard or reserve.

Dollar Thrifty also provided Milam with two raises and a slice of company profits that he'd missed while he was serving in Iraq.

A radio operator in military life, Milam said his employer's support enabled him to perform dangerous duty in Iraq without worrying about his job back home. Milam experienced the death of three of his fellow Marines and the severe wounding of three other comrades during heavy fighting against the enemy.

Milam credited Dollar Thrifty for helping him to make the transition back to civilian life after his return from Iraq in October 2006.

"Things are going really good, right now," he said.

It's so refreshing to see a company go out of its way to support its employees when they are called to duty. When I need to rent a car, I will go out of my way to rent from either Dollar Rent a Car or Thrifty Car Rental.


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Comments (12)

Thank you for this post....... (Below threshold)
nogo war:

Thank you for this post....
We give too little to those in need,,
not that we don't want to..
but we sometimes forget..
how some stranger helped us
when we really need help

Let us help each other,,,
as we can ,,,when we can

Thanks again Kim...for this reaffirmation..

For the perhaps the first t... (Below threshold)

For the perhaps the first time, I agree with Nogo.

Now that is purebred awesom... (Below threshold)

Now that is purebred awesomeness incarnate. It is definitely outstanding to know that there still exist companies which support our troops and their efforts. It is somewhat sad to say, but a fair number of other companies could take a page from the rulebook of a rental car company, of all places, on how to treat their soldiers, sailors, and airmen.

Ditto that, SCSI.... (Below threshold)

Ditto that, SCSI.

Too bad our politicians beh... (Below threshold)

Too bad our politicians behavior didn't mirror Dollar/Thrifty. Kudos

I hope they do real good bu... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

I hope they do real good buisness and rent out a whole lot of SUVs

This is nothing but public ... (Below threshold)

This is nothing but public relations BS. Look at the big picture. Dollar/Thrifty recently let several hundred people go, outsourcing many of those jobs to India and the Philipines.

Now they accept an award on how well they treat the reservists. Although this part of the story is true, they don't give a damn about the reservists or Blake Milam. If it becomes financially expedient, his job could be outsourced as well.

What are our troops fighting for, when they come home and all the jobs belong to India, the Philipines, or illegal immigrants?

Don't look at a company just by the awards it may receive. Take a look at how they treat the average employee.

We in Reliable get so much ... (Below threshold)

We in Reliable get so much support that it's hard to believe any other company gives such support to its employees as well. If this is the case - the car rental industry is going in a good way! Way to go!

We - the employees in Hertz... (Below threshold)

We - the employees in Hertz get huge support from our superiors. I believe that this part of the work relationships in each company

Some of the companies manag... (Below threshold)

Some of the companies managers support and some- don't. thats the way ....

wow! when i nominated DTAG ... (Below threshold)
blake milam:

wow! when i nominated DTAG for this I had no idea it would go this far! I just told one or 2 people that they did a good thing for me and it just started building from there. I had never talked about Iraq to anyone here at work and now that the secret is out the company is even more supportive. and thank you to all who show any support. lets us know there is at least one reason to be over there.

-blake milam

If you have plans on going ... (Below threshold)
Richard Evans:

If you have plans on going to Israel and decide to get a rent a car service, try Avis - http://www.avis.co.il/avis/site/local/avis/english/IsraelRentals.jsp . I have heard nothing but good things about them. Mainly, they came highly recommended by individuals I trust, and who have exceptional travel experience.






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