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Peace Creep Kills Student With Axe to Shows Hatred for U.S. Military

And they wonder why we call them Peace Creeps:

Disturbed anti-war protester can't find soldier, kills civilian with axe instead

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) - A U.S. citizen has confessed to using an axe to kill a Dutch student after failing to find a soldier to attack, his lawyer said Tuesday.

The suspect, Carlos Hartmann, 41, of Tecumseh, Mich., has confessed to the Sept. 8 killing on a train platform in the southern city of Roosendaal, defence lawyer Peter Gremmen said.

Gremmen said Hartmann wanted to punish the Netherlands for its support of the war in Iraq.

Hartmann appeared before a judge Tuesday and was ordered held for another two weeks for investigation.

"He hates soldiers, and says that the army kills people, so it would be legitimate if he were also to kill someone . . . from the American military - or from its NATO allies," Gremmen said in a telephone interview.

When he failed to find a soldier at the Roosendaal train station, "he got such a crazy, disturbed idea that he killed a civilian," Gremmen said.

Because he cares about his fellow man so much more than you do.


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Comments (23)

Was he wearing an all pink ... (Below threshold)

Was he wearing an all pink costume of moonbattery?

Carlos Hartma... (Below threshold)

Carlos Hartmann? Any relation to Juan Cole?

I should add that there is ... (Below threshold)

I should add that there is nothing funny about what this asshat did to this poor student. My condolences and prayers go out to the family of the unnamed student.

Well, this is one American ... (Below threshold)

Well, this is one American that hopes the Dutch fry him, although if I remember right their legal system is so lax over there, he'll probably get 2 1/2 months in a minimum security resort/prison.

Hey, can we extridite him, and then execute him once he's here? After all, murdering a citizen of an ally while in wartime, in protest of that war should certainly be treason.

When he failed to ... (Below threshold)
When he failed to find a soldier at the Roosendaal train station, "he got such a crazy, disturbed idea that he killed a civilian," Gremmen said.
So, is the lawyer saying that his client wasn't "crazy, disturbed" when he decided to kill a soldier? He only became "crazy, disturbed" when he couldn't find a soldier and had to settle for some innocent bystander?
My condolences to the famil... (Below threshold)

My condolences to the family of the unfortunate student.

What a disgusting sack of w... (Below threshold)

What a disgusting sack of waste. Words cannot adequately express just how despicable a person like that is.

That said, I wonder how long it will be for the resident morons to come screaming to this thing's defense.

Just the first of millions... (Below threshold)

Just the first of millions of democrats suffering from BDS to go over the edge. This type stuff will speed up and continue for years. You can't turn off insanity with the flip of a switch, or a voting machine. The student was just in the wrong place at the right time to meet an average democrat.

hmmm..a person who is clear... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

hmmm..a person who is clearly insane kills someone...and is linked to those who oppose the war...

a long time ago a clearly insane person shot our President to impress Jodi Foster...

I understand that with most of America knowing...and next year will vote...that Iraq invasion and occupation was wrong and is not getting better,; has clearly panicked those 30% of people who still believe in WMD's...Gitmo and our President..

But this is a stretch...even for you folks

Posted by nogo postal | Sep... (Below threshold)

Posted by nogo postal | September 11, 2007 5:31 PM


nogo:But this ... (Below threshold)


But this is a stretch...even for you folks

Us "folks? Hope you mean the AP out of the Netherlands because us "folks" here at wizbang never made the connection, the AP and his lawyer did.

Nogo - just go away.... (Below threshold)

Nogo - just go away.

What?... (Below threshold)
Isn't that the normal response to 99.999999% of what nogo posts?
"Isn't that the normal resp... (Below threshold)

"Isn't that the normal response to 99.999999% of what nogo posts?"


let me be the first to call... (Below threshold)

let me be the first to call bullshit nogo...

If this was the first time, you'd have a point. But they don't call them Peace Creeps for no reason.

A large number of them are crazy AND violent. Almost every peace protest ends up with a protester beating the hell out of someone(s)

It's all been well documented.

Welcome to reality nogo.

Sounds like the rage of an ... (Below threshold)

Sounds like the rage of an impotent narcissist desperate to validate his existence. That kinda describes the entire "give socialism a second chance" crowd, tho, doesn't it? Anyway, to my knowledge, narcissistic personality disorder is not a valid legal defence, but who knows what his lawyer will try.

[and I wouldn't be too quick to jump on the lawyer for a minor conversational misphrasing, either, at least not unless he subsequently confirms the worst interpretation]

nogo,Is there a di... (Below threshold)


Is there a difference in kind, as opposed to degree, between those who attack with an axe solely to validate their fragile egos vs those who attack with words for the same reason? In either case, the intent is to feel important by hurting others, the stated cause itself being just an excuse.

I ask you because you are clearly just here to annoy or to hurt; i.e. a typical troll. Presuming you draw the line w-a-y before the killer in this story ... isn't that line nonetheless pointing in the same direction, regardless of its length? If not, why not?

He'll be out in 60 days. T... (Below threshold)

He'll be out in 60 days. Too bad he did not come to Texas to look for some action. We would not be wasting time & money on a trial. He'd be taking a dirt nap by now. What a cowardly asshole moonbat.

Maybe the Dutch will get pissed and take care of business.....nah, I don't think so.

[sarcaster on]Its a... (Below threshold)

[sarcaster on]
Its all the Dutch government's fault:
[sarcaster off]
Whaddya think a slightly deranged US citizen is doing in The Netherlands anyway? [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drug_tourism]
What drugs might he have taken to encourage his insanity?
The poor student and family deserve our empathy.
Dutch society, well, I'm not so sure.

When he failed to find a... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

When he failed to find a soldier at the Roosendaal train station, "he got such a crazy, disturbed idea that he killed a civilian," Gremmen said.

Because killing a soldier just wasn't CRAZY and DISTURBED ENOUGH.

Strap him to old sparky and... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Strap him to old sparky and fry him till his eyeball pop out then cremate his remains and drop them in the trash

Quoth the raven:Ey... (Below threshold)

Quoth the raven:

Eye see more.

Being Dutch, and reading th... (Below threshold)

Being Dutch, and reading these comments, I would like to respond to the assumption that Dutch law is to lenient on crime, drugs etc. Max jailtime this man is facing, is twenty years for first-degree murder. When found "insane", he could be put in a prison for the criminally insane, AFTER his twenty years in jail. That is, if the judge would be pretty sure, he`d be repeating his act. I think some murderers would prefer 'old sparky', rather than spend twenty years plus doing additional time in a psycho-ward of a prison.
As far as drugs are concerned; yes, marijuana, hash, weed, indo, buddha.....are not legal. It is being condoned, as long as it is for personal use, and doesn`t weigh more than 5 grams. Drugs WILL get your ass in jail. Even in my little, tolerant (check the murderrates in the big cities) country.






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