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What if they gave a war protest and nobody came?

Despite the call to protest the congressional testimony of General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker, not many showed up today, as Mark Hemingway reports for NRO:

Indymedia may be a clearinghouse of crazy, but it does command an audience. The event was also sponsored by a number of notable antiwar groups: CODEPINK, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Democracy Rising, Voters for Peace, and unspecified "others." Petraeus's testimony was a landmark event in the Iraq war, so I expected a landmark protest.

So I packed my outrage!!! and hoofed it on down to the CHOB (the lovely acronym for the Cannon House Office Building) where Petraeus was testifying at the appointed time for the protest. Here's what I found:

Read it all at the link above, including pictures of the protesters and Cindy Sheehan's cuffed hands (sparing us the face - thanks, Mark!). Also, the arrest of Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., "president and CEO of the Hip Hop Caucus, whose slogan is Make Hip Hop Not War." Hemingway misquotes their original slogan, which was "Support nonviolence - or I'll bust a cap in your a**!"

Seems they were a few nuts short of a Snickers bar . . . Next up: A.N.S.W.E.R.'s annual antiwar protest this weekend - Cindy should have made bail by then.

UPDATE: The "9/11 Truthers" had a better idea: protest on the weekend in San Francisco, and have a free concert by the Indigo Girls! Zombie has pictures . . . pay no attention to the sparsely-attended march, scroll down until you get to the rally/concert featuring supporters of Kucinich, Ron Paul, pot dealers, and every neo-communist outfit you can imagine.

Don't miss the Giant Purple Head, 9/11 Woman, and the Big Buffalo (I mean the balloon, not the chick in the Arafat scarf) . . .


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Comments (17)

Seems they were a few n... (Below threshold)

Seems they were a few nuts short of a Snickers bar

Considering the age group that were part of the group during the Senate testimony they are a few pints of "milk" short of a Milky Way bar.

Maybe the fact that no one ... (Below threshold)

Maybe the fact that no one on the right is engaging these people is causing them to lose interest. Actually, that's a good technique for the protesters and MSM types (ever get as tired as me of hearing all the perverts on Medved, Hewitt, Hannity etc., getting treated as if they are of substance ?), but the members of congress who slander great Americans, like General Petraeus and the fighters in his charge, should be slammed to the mat with a series of Schumer-esk news conferences ripping them for their anti-American/military hate speech that serves to lift up and strengthen our blood enemies.

Then again, they might be called "mean" or something so, they better not do that.

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Look out, Borat! You have ... (Below threshold)

Look out, Borat! You have competition coming . . .

mullah cimoc say blog man t... (Below threshold)
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Jay Tea, the discriminating... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, the discriminating translator, orbits a superior hook past the mediocre mullah comic.

mullah cimoc say blog man b... (Below threshold)
mullah cimoc:

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Allahpundit did it better a... (Below threshold)

Allahpundit did it better and retired the act. You should too, "mullah".

mullah cimoc say all ame... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

mullah cimoc say all ameriki should get LBT like Prophet Mohammed had

LBT? You mean a "tramp stamp"? I didn't know Allah had a thing for the trailer park trash...

Too bad liberals dont pract... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Too bad liberals dont practic their MAKE LOVE NOT WAR adage their so rediclous their doves have flown away

May the dove of peace fly u... (Below threshold)

May the dove of peace fly up your nose.

(OK, first I gotta disable ... (Below threshold)

(OK, first I gotta disable about half my brain to get the dialect right...)

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(slipping out of dialect)

Come on, mullah cimoc, let's not be so hostile. Why don't you come over here and we'll settle our differences over dinner? Pepperoni pizza, my treat.


(slipping out of d... (Below threshold)
(slipping out of dialect)

When I was stationed in Germany, I would crack up at the guys that would speak to the locals using broken English in a thick fake German accent. Funny stuff.

What was this thread about again?

Oh right....moonbats!

Now if you speak slowly in a thick "stoner" accent to a moonbat, well then, they do understand but it has to be about a subject they are familiar with such as drugs, truther rants or evils of Conservatism. Otherwise you will have to draw pictures to make a point, or third grade level art pieces work too.

Check out what Ron Paul sai... (Below threshold)

Check out what Ron Paul said to the Republicans in the Fox Debate. He's run as a Libertarian before, but this time he's running as a Republican. I believe he's the most. He's the most outspoke critic. Fox tried to keep him out of the debates. He's my new hero.


Show the fingernails.... (Below threshold)

Show the fingernails.

What if they gave a war pro... (Below threshold)

What if they gave a war protest and nobody came? The 58 "journalists" who did show up would just have to take close shots so that nobody could tell that the only people there are "journalists".






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