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If Satire Is Your Cup Of Tea...

As we've proved here on several occasions doing satire is hard. When done really, really well many people just won't get it. I ran across an example of really good satire today at, of all places, ESPN.com by blogger DJ Gallo. The deal with the piece is that unless you're a regular reader of Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback column at CNN/SI the humor of the piece will be totally lost on you. In that case please do not bother reading the story, but if you're familiar with King's "work" (term used loosely) you'll love the skewering.

NFL insight you can't find anywhere else [ESPN Page 2]


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Nearly everyone is in secon... (Below threshold)

Nearly everyone is in second place or next-to-last.

Just like to give a shout o... (Below threshold)

Just like to give a shout out to all you peeps






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