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Islamic Rage Boy -- Bad, EvilChristians -- Good

Read about Potfry's unsuccessful effort to trademark Islamic Rage Boy at The Nose on Your Face (read it all, it's absolutely hilarious). Hot Air discovered that EvilChristians received trademark protection.


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There's probably a lot more... (Below threshold)

There's probably a lot more fear since the Danish cartoon reaction that censors anything that might spur conflict compared to anything involving Christians or Jews.

Lorie, this is way off topic, but I'd sure like to see a post what you think about the new TV season by you somewhere. I'm picking CAVEMEN as the first cancelled, but THE BIONIC WOMAN and other SCI FI newbies on NBC as possible moderate successes that may well find an audience. What do you think? What's your pick as the best and worst new shows?

I have not seen many (if an... (Below threshold)

I have not seen many (if any) of the new traditional network shows. All the ones I am watching and loving are on the cable channels.

I really like The Closer this season, but that is not a new show. Same with Monk and Psych (not new). I like Saving Grace (which is new) and have really gotten hooked on Damages, but I think it is a limited series type show -- almost like a mini series, like The Kill Point was.

I guess most of the new series premiere next week, don't they? Journeyman looked like it might be good to me. I will try to post something next week after I have watched a few. I don't remember the names of any now, but I saw previews for several shows I thought I might like.

I'm all for the Bionic Woma... (Below threshold)

I'm all for the Bionic Woman because, well, Michelle Ryan aint too hard on the eyes.


I think this is pretty ironic. They refuse a patent on Islamic Rage Boy for fear of offending Muslims.

"(every time I read your... (Below threshold)

"(every time I read your words, my brain vomits just a little bit inside of my skull.)"

I have got to remember that one :)

Bad evil wicked envromental... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Bad evil wicked envromentalists wackos would force us all into earth worship ISLAMIC RAGE BOY do you think they should be beheaded? HEY BEHEAD CAPTIAN PLANET AND GAIA

spurwing plover:







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