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My 9/11 Article

You will notice that I did not post on 9/11. That was intentional. I spent the day watching documentaries on the victims, real people, good people, who did not one thing to deserve being murdered, to deserve the callous attacks by a few evil men who - quite wrongly - believed that they had the right to kill people they knew were innocent for the sake of their 'cause'. It truly, deeply, disgusts me that anyone could or would pretend that 9/11 was the victims' fault.

I am not a military expert, but I have read history and the works of some wise and intelligent men, so I know the basics. There is, to put it simply, a faction in the Middle East which exists to destabilize the region, in the same way that the Nazis' violence in the 1930s destabilized Germany. It's exactly the same fascist vision, carried out the same way, accompanied by the same lies for the same tactical reasons. The fanatical beliefs are in much the same vein, so it hardly surprises me to see how much of their ferocity is based on hatred of the Jewish people, a desire for genocide even as they lie about their motives. "Islam means peace" is in the same key as "we only want living room", and no mistake about it.

This is not an attack on Islam, though. There are good Muslims, just as many Germans were good, kind people. But the threat is real, vicious and determined, and just as there were people who played up the Nazis' propaganda, so too the Fascist Muslims have their own puppets. Famed pilot Charles Lindbergh supported and defended the Nazis, and so did Joe Kennedy, named Ambassador to England. In historical fact, there was a time in the 1930s when it seemed the Nazi Party even had a future in American politics. But the Democrats and Republicans of that day had enough backbone to stand for their principles and not kowtow to Der Reich, the way that modern politicians bend over backward to avoid looking offensive to groups whose minions chant 'Death to America' in ritualistic practice.


We are at war. Like all wars, this one has its detractors and its supporters, and people who make their political futures on the war as if they were the only, or at least the first, to have opposed the war or fought in its worst battles. Like all wars, there are times when things go as planned, and others where the plan seems to have failed. But those who fight and those who lead them are our very best, men of valor and ingenuity and integrity. It is beyond disgusting that anyone in America would make their fortunes by defaming our troops and our leaders.

We are the good guys. These days there many people who make their way through Life insulting and deriding America. Many of these people, oddly enough, are Americans by birth if - obviously - something else by choice. But when one looks around and honestly judges nations by what they do rather than by their slogans and chants, it is America - always - which does the most to help everyone else. We are the nation always called to defend the territory of free nations. We are the nation which sends more charity, most of it private, to other nations. By the way, did anyone notice what the world did when 9/11 happened? When Katrina hit? We got messages of solidarity, but nothing more. Compare that to our response to the 2004 Tsunami, to countless requests for military protection, to the continual outpouring of charity to South America, Asia, the Middle East, and everywhere there is need. Look at the agreements signed by nations, and then consider how well they keep their word. Imagine a world, where China, Russia, and Germany kept their promises to any degree like what the United States does. No, we're not perfect but we're hardly the hypocrites one finds in Europe. And it's even more a contrast to consider the world as run by the United Nations.

So, our best go off to help everyone else, to heal them and defend them and die for them, and for that the people with the backbone to do the heavy lifting are villainized by people not worthy to clean their toilets. I guess we each remember 9/11 as we are able, some focusing on the good people, the victims and those who avenge them, while others look in the mirror and retch, and try to transfer that contempt to everyone they know, rather than admit their wrongs and try raise their level of consideration above those vermin they now so admire.

But the good shall prevail. I count on it.


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Amen!... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:


It was the Nazis that indoc... (Below threshold)
stan25 Author Profile Page:

It was the Nazis that indoctrinated the Muslims in the hatred of the Jews. This was the official policy of the German government throughout the 1930s and during WW2 where Germany had influence. They also were the financiers of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Muslim hate groups. It is the Muslim Brotherhood that is now financing Al-Qeada and the Taliban. It kind of makes one wonder if Martin Bormann escaped to the middle east instead of Argentina.

"victims, real people, good... (Below threshold)

"victims, real people, good people, who did not one thing to deserve being murdered, to deserve the callous attacks by a few evil men who - quite wrongly - believed that they had the right to kill people they knew were innocent for the sake of their 'cause'."

It's called "Collateral Damage", and is fully-supported by the "great nation" you speak of (i.e. "the good guys").

Robert, what kind of moron ... (Below threshold)

Robert, what kind of moron fails to understand the difference between killing people you did not know were even there as you respond to a clear and dangerous threat, and deliberately targeting innocents for shock value?

Perhaps, like Ward Churchill, you believe that everyone in the WTC was somehow a threat to Islam, simply for filing paperwork, answering phones, or playing with other kids in the two daycares located in the WTC?

Is that putrid moral equivalence the best you can manage? Is it so important to your ego, that you blame America, that you compare it so shamelessly to true evil?

What a truly damnable lack of morals.

DJ,Sorry about that.... (Below threshold)

Sorry about that.
I sometimes forget that it's OK if America does it.
BTW, what "clear and dangerous threat" were we responding to in Iraq (for just one instance)?

As for 9/11, who cares?
Bush (who was President on 9/11) didn't think it was a big deal (or he wouldn't have underfunded it, stonewalled it, and promoted Condi after she lied to the 911 Commission), why should anyone else?

I feel for the relatives and friends of those who died in the attacks, but I don't understand the rest of the people who still care about this sappy, 6-year old story.

Get over it and move on.

"As for 9/11, who cares"?</... (Below threshold)

"As for 9/11, who cares"?

Let's remember that, folks. The Left only cares about what they can use for political gain. The dead only matter as props to them.

Damnable, as I said.

Shorter DJ at 4:08 pm,<br /... (Below threshold)

Shorter DJ at 4:08 pm,
Robert speaks for all on the Left.
George W. Bush, the representative of the Republican party, certainly does not speak for the Right.

RobertYou just had y... (Below threshold)

You just had your ass handed to you on the Hsu post. Is this a repeat performance?

DJGreat article, par... (Below threshold)

Great article, particularly so in light of yesterday's disgusting display on Capitol Hill.

By the way, did anyone n... (Below threshold)

By the way, did anyone notice what the world did when 9/11 happened? When Katrina hit? We got messages of solidarity, but nothing more.

Not so fast. I'm no more tolerant of crocodile tears than you are, but there are several dozen dead European soldiers, killed in Afghanistan, listed here . You can't call that nothing; you just can't.

Sorry Sanity, you are quite... (Below threshold)

Sorry Sanity, you are quite right and I should have been more specific. I meant that those nations which are now so quick to demand U.S. responses and castigate 'American Greed' all the time, showed a slow hand indeed when America had need.

...stonewalled it,... (Below threshold)
stan25 Author Profile Page:
...stonewalled it, and promoted Condi after she lied to the 911 Commission

Condi stonewalling and lying to the 911 Commission? (GASP) Give me a break!!!!! Who was it that secreted stolen documents out of the National Archives in his socks and pants? Who got herself appointed to the 911 Commission? Three guesses and the first two don't count. Yep that is right; none other that Sandy(sox) Burglar and Jamie(the wall) Gorelich . Of course they did this to protect the Hillbillies and their own asses. Who went on international tv and blamed Fox News for all of his woes? None other than the stonewaller-in-chief, Slick Willie

stan25,Good point.<b... (Below threshold)

Good point.
Now I see it's the last 2 Presidents (at least) who couldn't care less about 9/11.

Again, why should anyone else?

Robert, it's not necessary,... (Below threshold)

Robert, it's not necessary, we all see your foreskin, but please take the condom off your head just the same.

HughS, he likes it when peo... (Below threshold)

HughS, he likes it when people handle his ass.

> By the way, did anyon... (Below threshold)

> By the way, did anyone notice what the world did when 9/11 happened? When Katrina hit? We got messages of solidarity, but nothing more.

reply #10 already answered the 9/11 part. There were numerous offers of help after Katrina. Some (the Cuban medical thing) were bogus or propaganda. Some were serious and useful. There were rescue workers from other countries helping out. I seem to recall military assets (helicopters and such) showing up as well.
There might have been more post-Katrina aid but our govt. wasn't too enthusiastic about accepting it.

Something keeps bugging me ... (Below threshold)

Something keeps bugging me about this whole thing. The apologists incessantly are going on about how we wronged someone and how we need to understand them.

Ever notice that no one grasps the fact that we were not attacked by a country- but rather by a faction?

These criminals were not representing a country or a government.

What if it was the other way around?

What if a far right or left group hijacked some Emirates' airliners and flew them into the Ka'aba and other super-holy Islamic shrines?

I don't imagine that would go over well, but it would not have happened under the aegis of the US government. Would the Islamic world "understand" what happened or would the US have been held accountable? Would they have insisted on more "hugging" and more jawboning?

Or would they have called upon the entire Islamic world to rise up against the US?


9/11 = Yawn.... (Below threshold)

9/11 = Yawn.






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