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Newspaper in Kucinich's District Rips Him a New One

The Lorain Morning Journal published an editorial today that hands Kucinich his butt for his recent trip to Syria and denouncing President Bush and the war in Iraq on Mideast television.

Normally, Rep. Dennis Kucinich is best ignored simply because it's impossible to take him seriously, and why waste one's time.

But his deluded anti-American behavior this past week has been so grotesque and offensive it demands attention.

Congress on Monday passed a resolution honoring the victims and heroes of Sept. 11 and ''reaffirming the commitment to defending the people of the United States against any and all future challenges.'' The vote was 334 to 1.

The sole ''nay'' was cast by Kucinich.

In a statement issued from his alternate universe, Kucinich insisted that he really honors them all and really supports the troops, but found it impossible to support the resolution because it fails to condemn President Bush for lies, lies, lies (in the squinty eyes of Kucinich).

Kucinich must have had sand in his eyes a few days earlier when he was visiting another president, Bashar Assad in Syria, because he failed to notice that Assad is a genuine thug and assassin with blood all over his hands.

Kucinich only saw reason to praise Assad and Syria for accepting refugees from the war in Iraq, where Assad's Iranian mentors have been supplying sophisticated roadside bombs to more-efficiently kill the American soldiers Kucinich really supports.

Kucinich even found time to go on television in the Mideast and denounce President Bush to our enemies in time of war for an ''illegal occupation'' of Iraq.

That used to be called treason back in the day before deluded moral gnats like Kucinch could get elected to Congress and run for president.

Fantastic. I wish other newspapers were so honest about the Leftist politicians in this country.

Hat tip: Lucianne


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Has no one in Washington, J... (Below threshold)

Has no one in Washington, Justice Department included, heard of the Logan Act?

jpm, I'm sure they've heard... (Below threshold)

jpm, I'm sure they've heard of it. As a practical matter, can you imagine how hard it would be to prosecute that?

Not that I don't think it might apply, just think it would be a political crap storm.

After all, when former presidents like Carter and Clinton go overseas and talk trash about their country and the sitting president, the bar has been set pretty high for what can be said without being held accountable.

For anyone with any legal k... (Below threshold)

For anyone with any legal knowledge here, is there any way for 'the public' to bring charges against Fed employees who knowlngly and willingly help the enemy, and hurt America and Americans??

It may not be technically a... (Below threshold)

It may not be technically a violation of the Logan Act. But the negative impact is there and is the type of thing the spirit of the Logan Act was meant to stop.

I say bringing charges might be the slap in the face that is needed and bring the spotlight to this activity. Let a judge sort it out later.

The only refugees Syria is ... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

The only refugees Syria is accepting are the ones they sent into Iraq in the first place.

Kucinich is going for the far left/MoveOn/Daily Kos voters. Unfortunately for him, even if they agreed with his actions, they would never vote for him because he looks like a smurf

'they would never vote for ... (Below threshold)

'they would never vote for him because he looks (and acts) like a (retarded, deformed)smurf'. Fixed it for you.

deluded moral gnat... (Below threshold)
deluded moral gnats like Kucinch
It doesn't get more succinct than that.

The list is a little short, one could easily add murtha and few others, but it is a very precise expression of the situation.

Kucinich. Now there's on... (Below threshold)

Kucinich. Now there's one traitor that would have everyone in the firing squad hoping they weren't the one with the blank cartridge.



Say goodbye asshat...(Hey, I can dream, can't I ?)

Question: What's harder, scrubbing the blood of innocents and heroes off a Bagdad sidewalk, or from your miserable soul when you are a putrid piece of human waste like Rep. Kucinski here ?

Also, for what it's worth marc, the list is as long as the rap sheet of the guy Ramos and Compean tried to arrest. Can you name a prominent dem, not named Lieberman, who hasn't offered up blatant encouragement to our enemies in this war for the survival of civilization ?

If local papers have had en... (Below threshold)

If local papers have had enough, WHEN WILL the VOTERS!!?? PLEASE OHIO...........GET his stupid pathetic ASS OUT of there!!!!!!


...he looks like a... (Below threshold)
...he looks like a smurf...

I think he looks like Gazoo.

Sorry, John in Ca, not pink... (Below threshold)

Sorry, John in Ca, not pink enough.

I'm afraid Prager is right: Those who are kind to the cruel, are cruel to the kind (and innocent).

I fear for any kids that have been left alone with this perverted creep. No doubt, he has left a trail of tears and wrecked souls in his wake as he has darkened the earth throughout a very miserable and destructive "life".

Dennis Kucinski everyone, the poster boy for selective, super late-term abortion.

Kucinich is a fool, thus hi... (Below threshold)

Kucinich is a fool, thus his Homer-esque congressional designation- (D-OH)!

I guess my attitude about t... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

I guess my attitude about the editorial is "so what?"

Kucinich is going to get reelected in 2008 by a landslide. No Democrat is going to challenge him in the Primary, and he lives in a district where if the choices were "J. Christ (R) / L. Satan (D)" the Democrat would still walk away with the election.

As long as there are no penalties for boys-pretending-to-be-men acting out, then boys-pretending-to-be-men, like Kucinich will continue to act out.

What a flamer.I su... (Below threshold)

What a flamer.

I sure hope this kind of behavior receives the same pass if it ever is committed by a Republican.


Maybe I should wake up from this dream.

I sure hope this kind of... (Below threshold)

I sure hope this kind of behavior receives the same pass if it ever is committed by a Republican.
I gotta disagree with you there.

Normally I'd have a problem... (Below threshold)

Normally I'd have a problem with him giving aid and comfort to the enemy in this manner.

However, our enemies often seem to know us better than some of us know us. They have no doubt figured out that you can pack everyone in America who gives a rat's a** what Dennis Kucinich thinks into a mosque and still have room for all the mortars and surface-to-air missiles.

Even the reliably noxious <... (Below threshold)

Even the reliably noxious Cleveland Plain Dealer isn't happy with Dennis about this.

Brian said,"They have no do... (Below threshold)

Brian said,"They have no doubt figured out that you can pack everyone in America who gives a rat's a** what Dennis Kucinich thinks into a mosque and still have room for all the mortars and surface-to-air missiles."

Classic. To slay that many turds with so few stones, all i can say is, "Classic".

Jim A:Even the... (Below threshold)

Jim A:

Even the reliably noxious Cleveland Plain Dealer isn't happy with Dennis about this.

The paper notes an "interesting" sidenote to the funding for his fantasy tour of Syria.

As for this trip to Syria and Lebanon, Kucinich's presidential campaign initially told The Plain Dealer's Stephen Koff that it was paid for out of 2008 campaign coffers. When asked about that Tuesday, campaign spokeswoman Sharon Manitta said she had "heard that a group of people in Cleveland were trying to pay for it." Hmmm. Let's hope the campaign gets the details straight before the next filing deadline.
Silly me to actually believe the Dems and indys that contributed to his campaign demand a refund for pissing the cash into the Syrian rathole.

But I'm not silly. They won't.

Wow. Such vitriol.I... (Below threshold)
Dr. Obvious:

Wow. Such vitriol.
I can only imagine what you would say about Kucinich, if when told the enemy wants to kill our soldiers he said something like "Bring it on".
(Then >1000 soldiers were killed by our enemies).

Oblivious, you go to Syria ... (Below threshold)

Oblivious, you go to Syria and kiss the ass of the myopic optometrist and you'll be called the same thing.

Away with you, you've dropped more than a few turds of wisdom on threads this morning and none have any substance at all.






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