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Clinton Crime Cabal II: The Electric Bugaloo

Just recently I realized that I better not give up the day job, because there is no way in hell I'd ever get a position in a Hillary Rodham Clinton administration. Apart from the obvious ideological disagreements, I simply lack certain key credentials: I've never been convicted of anything, let alone arrested.

Let's review a few key people behind Hillary's campaign:

Bill Clinton: agreed to disbarment (forfeiture of his license to practice law) by the state of Arkansas and the United States Supreme Court in exchange for the dropping of federal charges of perjury.

Norman Hsu, "Hillraiser": Prominent fundraiser who helped put almost a million dollars in Hillary Clinton's warchest while a fugitive following a 1992 fraud conviction. Then, when out on bail (?!) for those charges, fled again only to be arrested on a train in Colorado, heading for Chicago. Now suspected of running a Ponzi scheme that bilked at least 40 million dollars from victims.

Sandy Berger, former National Security Advisor: Pleaded guilty to stealing and destroying documents from the National Archives. Stripped of his security clearance for three years. (Which expires less than two months before the 2008 presidential election -- a coincidence, I'm sure.) Chose to surrender his license to practice law rather than explain his actions under oath. To date, has not given any explanation for his actions under oath, each and every time choosing to accept whatever punishment was proffered at the time. (If any case called out for a full congressional investigation, including a grant of transactional immunity in exchange for testimony under oath, it would be this one -- because that's probably the only way we might get the whole story from Sandy Berger. Here's a man who was entrusted with the highest secrets of our government repeatedly stealing documents from the National Archives, hiding them in publicly-accessible places including under a construction trailer, retrieving them later, and then throwing them away -- and we still have absolutely no idea what his motives were or what he was trying to achieve.) Anyway, Berger is one of Clinton's top advisors on foreign policy.

I find myself wondering if a young Hillary Rodham didn't pay attention during an English literature class while they were studying Yeats. Somehow the phrase "the best lack all conviction" and it stuck with her, but completely out of context -- and now she thinks on a subconscious level that a criminal conviction -- especially in a political context -- somehow adds to a person's worthiness for public trust. Perhaps she even ties in the phrase with its source, the poem "The Second Coming," and associates it with her return to the White House.

OK, that's one hell of a stretch, I'll admit. But the only other explanation I can see for her bringing Berger into her circle of advisors is as a payoff for him taking the fall for the Clintons. I've often read the theory that Berger was attempting to destroy evidence that would have painted the Clinton administration in a bad light before the 9/11 Commission, and his conduct after the fact was aimed not at saving himself, but avoiding to have to offer any explanation for his deeds under oath. Loyalty of this magnitude does not come readily, and an offer of a future position of power and trust would do much to compel it -- enough to make fines and public disgrace bearable.

But that's just crazy talk, wild and unfounded theories and smears straight from the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy That's Out To Destroy America (tm HRC). I think I'll stick with the Yeats theory. It's a lot less likely to get me in trouble.


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Comments (17)

Hay Mr Tea Cup I Didn't rea... (Below threshold)

Hay Mr Tea Cup I Didn't read Anywhere Where You Mention Obama,Maybe It Was By Accident HuH,I Think He Were A Part Of Obama's Campaign Before He Started Fundraising For Senator Clinton,So Why Is It That The Only Name Mentioned Is Senator Clinton,It Couldn't Be Because You're A Republican Right Wing Would It And To Be Quite Frank With You I Believe Hsu Was A GOP Plant It's To Convenient Right When The Campaigning Actually Started To Take Off

Man Captain Sky, you are pa... (Below threshold)

Man Captain Sky, you are past pathetic. Are you getting ready for school?

The Berger thing has me more concerned then anything. There are too many whys? ww

"Captain Sky" is a rather a... (Below threshold)

"Captain Sky" is a rather appropriate name given the idiotic content provided.

Yep, you got JT on that one buddy, he SIMPLY MUST be a right-wing nut for not mentioning Obama.

I mean really, don't ALL right-wing nuts support obama-wamma-slamma for president?

Hmm... sounds like a cultur... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Hmm... sounds like a culture of corruption.

Captain Sky (who needs a bi... (Below threshold)

Captain Sky (who needs a bit of help grasping the rules regarding capitalization) ought to notice that Hillary was far and away the biggest recipient of Hsu's largesse, AND posed for a photo with him.

Also, if Captain Airhead wants to hear me discuss Senator Obama, he should check back in around 11:00.

Wow, I couldn't have pulled this off better if I'd planned it.


The gangters of the 30s cou... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

The gangters of the 30s could never hold a candle to the CLINTON GANG

Hello you stra... (Below threshold)

Hello you straight-laced lady,
dressed in white but your shoes aren't clean.
Painted them up with polish
in the hope we can't see where you've been.
The smiling face that you've worn
to greet me rising at morning --
sent me out to work for my score.
Please me and say what it's for.
Give me the straight-laced promise
and not the pathetic lie.

Tie me down with your ribbons
and sulk when I ask you why.
Your Sunday paper voice cries
demanding truths I deny.
The bittersweet kiss you pretended
is offered, our affair mended.
Sossity: You're a woman.
Society: You're a woman.

All of the tears you're wasting
are for yourself and not for me.
It's sad to know you're aging
Sadder still to admit I'm free.
Your immature physical toy
has grown, too young to enjoy
at last your straight-laced agreement:
Woman, you were too old for me.
Sossity: You're a woman.
Society: You're a woman.

Hey, at least Captain Sky k... (Below threshold)

Hey, at least Captain Sky knows how to use a shift key.

Besides, he is hardly less coherent than many of the lefties around here . . .

Well, better than being a G... (Below threshold)

Well, better than being a GOP pedophile, I suppose.

(Laundry list cut and pasted from somewhere deleted)

kennerly, knock it off or get banned. This is your only warning.

Beware here comes the LEGIO... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Beware here comes the LEGION OF DOOM where are the SUPERFREINDS?

kennerly - been plumbing th... (Below threshold)

kennerly - been plumbing the depths of democratic.com for another cut & paste job I see.

You do have the ability to have an original thought I assume but you fail to use that skill.

Your refusal to do so and your demonstrated ability to go wildly off topic places you in the same category as the spammers we all love to hate.

Go away, you add zero to the discussion.

kennerly, I just remembered... (Below threshold)

kennerly, I just remembered something. When you posted a similar "list" in another thread on corruption I quickly followed with as long a list of Dems found on the first page of a search engine.

Your disingenuous retort was to claim... yeah well... yes both sides do it.

That thread and this one definitively prove your nothing more than a child-like playground denizen who screams "and your mother wears combat boots" as they scamper outta sight.


With the Clinton and Rodham... (Below threshold)
scrapiron Author Profile Page:

With the Clinton and Rodham's it's a family business, crime that is. I read today the Shrillary's two brothers and just now settling their criminal cases (they are the criminals) after six years. Rodham's sell pardons and Clinton issues them. Quite a business and the Hsu fits.

brave lot you are and oh so... (Below threshold)

brave lot you are and oh so open minded, deleting my post like that. I see diversity of opinion isn't appreciated here in the echo chamber.

Good god, ban me if you like and if you can.

No wonder the GOP is sinking in shit.

kennerly:brave... (Below threshold)


brave lot you are and oh so open minded, deleting my post like that. I see diversity of opinion isn't appreciated here in the echo chamber.

Lets be precise, the post wasn't deleted only your cut & paste laundry list of alleged and proven Repub crimes.

AND, as a similar post in the corruption thread it is wildly off topic.

You don't want to get your tripe deleted then specifically comment, i.e. rebut, what Clinton was accused/charged with in the post.

ASSHAT - and BTW the post in question still contains this section, "Well, better than being a GOP pedophile, I suppose." so we all know very well the "diversity" you offered in the post.


Lets be precise, t... (Below threshold)
Lets be precise, the post wasn't deleted

yeah, yeah, yeah.

sling away at HRC at will, not my candidate and I'd hate to see her get the nomination. Still, after the years and tens of millions spent on the Clinton investigations, all you got was a lie about a blow job and caged a few groundlings. Makes your quest look more pitiful than principled.

With troops in the field and trouble in the housing economy, I'd focus on some things that really mattered.

But spin away at will, folks. Reminds me of why I seldom check in over here.

Why so annoyed, rick? I did... (Below threshold)

Why so annoyed, rick? I didn't delete any of your words, just a bunch of stuff that you cut and pasted.

I have no use for people who break down corruption on a partisan basis. We could play tit for tat on that list, and I could come up with my own list of Democrats -- starting with Gary Studds, the Massachusetts representative who was getting underaged male pages drunk and sodomizing them; Congressman Mel Reynolds, who was tagging an underage girl (he was the one who was pardoned by Bill Clinton); and Jesse Jackson, who knocked up a staffer for his "non-profit" organization and paid her hush money with the foundation's money... but what the hell would that prove?

Your side likes to say that the Right does not have a monopoly on morality. Well, neither does it have a monopoly on immorality. The major difference I see is how they're handled. The Right, by and large, ostracizes its miscreants; the Left downplays it, excuses it, and later hopes it's all forgotten and they end up lionized.

And as far as you not checking in around here much... feel free to cut back further.







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