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Hsu Strings II

Hsu Strings A roundup of Hsu related news that's not quite worth making a full post about.

  • The Judge in Colorado set the bond for Hsu -a known flight risk- at $5 million when he has $6 million in the back. What could possibly go wrong here?
  • The TV nets are slowly finding their way to the story. Baby steps. Baby steps. After all, it's only $73 million dollars.
  • Meanwhile the Chicago Daily Herald got destroyed by one of their readers. That stung.
  • There is a scandal within a scandal growing concerning how Hsu got so close to Hillary (a Secret Service protectee) yet the Secret Service never did a background check on him. If you remember your Clinton scandals, (and there where so many, you're forgiven if you forget one) Team Clinton stonewalled getting Whitehouse staffers their background checks and security clearances for the first few YEARS in office. Perhaps this was by design?
  • Hsu says Obama dropped a dime on his ass to the WSJ. Doubtful but boring either way.
  • A catfight within the Shillary campaign? How would anyone tell?

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I can't for the life of me ... (Below threshold)

I can't for the life of me understand how a guy who has been sentenced to prison on his own guilty plea gets bail at all. Now, if the guy has a clean record and needs a few days to get his affairs in order, maybe.

After he's already jumped bail TWICE elsewhere, though, it makes NO sense at all to give him the option. If he still has $5 million left of the money he's scammed, he can walk out and go finish committing suicide, and he will never have to answer any more questions about his activities.

That might suit some just fine, but not the cause of justice.


This is, as the NYT sympathetically put it in their "coverage" of the scandal, "the realization of Hillary's worst fears" - as if it just happened, and her campaign is the innocent victim here. But they were warned in June, as if the sheer amounts Hsu was bringing in didn't warrant closer vetting before that. They're doing it to themselves.

It's possible it goes no further and the story dies, but it's also possible we've only seen the tip of the iceberg on Hsu and perhaps other donors to the Clinton campaign. It could do what the other candidates haven't been able to do - take Hillary down.

This is the perfect example... (Below threshold)

This is the perfect example of the liberal media. They are not driving this story at all. If this was a republican candidate, it would be non stop until the candidate withdraws from the race. Pathetic. ww

I'm hoping (HOPING!!!!) Hil... (Below threshold)

I'm hoping (HOPING!!!!) Hill gets the nod and whomever snags the GOP nod relentlessly pounds her over the head with it.

The debates will be priceless.

I'm not as hopeful that this is the string which we could pull to unravel the Dems, but it sure is enticing.

Personally, I think Hill's chances are dead. In a sane world, the DNC would start leaning on her to get out. I don't think they can stand the onslaught of hypocrisy charges that are starting to queue up.

Regardless, the Dems' constant drum-banging about how the Oval Office is their's for the taking in '08 is laughable.

It is laughable how most "n... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

It is laughable how most "news" sources won't touch this story witha 10 foot pole. You're right. If this were ANY republican, it wouldn't have legs, it would have huge stilts and would be going 100 mph.

I also love how the libs and trolls (one and the same i realize) just brush it off and really could care less about it.

"The TV nets are slowly ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"The TV nets are slowly finding their way to the story"

Funny story about this. This morning there was a group of people gathered by my office just talking about this and that. I was working at my computer and not really participating in the conversation, but I was listening, somewhat.

One person mentioned about someone in Japan who tried to use her debit card. Her credit union caught it and blocked the transaction. They were talking about the company that was trying to process the charge and something to the effect that it was very strange-- they'd found the website, but couldn't quite figure out what they were selling, or something to that effect. I wasn't paying 100% attention, but when I heard that I joked "It was probably Norman Hsu."

They all looked at me cluelessly... No one said a word.

I proceeded to fill them in on the story as we know it so far. It's a really interesting story when you think about it. There is no reason an honest media would not cover it. It is national news.

Only one of them even had the slightest clue what I was talking about. She'd read a short story buried deep in the local paper, but it hardly told any details.

I last thing I said was that they should stop watching the network news and seek more balanced, honest sources and maybe they'd have a clue about what's really going on in the world. Then the "morning meeting" was over and everyone went on about their business...

WW: "If this was a republican candidate, it would be non stop until the candidate withdraws from the race. Pathetic."


Dave W: "If this were ANY republican, it wouldn't have legs, it would have huge stilts and would be going 100 mph."


Bill Clinton singled Hsu ou... (Below threshold)

Bill Clinton singled Hsu out in the second sentence of his remarks at a big event recently, so this is someone who clearly was on the Clinton radar screen from long ago.

Check it out at instapundit.com

I'm sorry, but I'm still la... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry, but I'm still laughing over someone posting about perhaps Hillary's campaign is the innocent victim here.

There is NOTHING innocent about the Clintons. Never has been. Funny thing is, the media knows it too, but doesn't seem to care.

I've said it a million times, but damn it sure must be nice knowing you're in a party that is so favored by the MSM, that they will continually cover your ass.

A couple of notes:It... (Below threshold)

A couple of notes:
It's not "Chicago Daily Herald". It's the Daily Herald. It's much smaller than the Tribune or the Sun-Times. It's published in Dupage County, represented by Hastert(R), Roskam(R), and Biggert(R). I wouldn't expect the Herald to be doing a lot of coverage since didn't affect any of their reps, and wasn't very "sexy" (at least not until soap opera on the train happened).

As much as you all hate NPR, they did an extended piece on Hsu this afternoon, including interviews with a couple of his fleecees.

someone needs to keep a clo... (Below threshold)
ken harlow:

someone needs to keep a close eye on this guy.
he may commit arkancide at any moment.

if he crosses a clinton, accidentally falling downstairs 12 times is not out of the question.

<a href="http://suitablyfli... (Below threshold)

This person is adding up Hsu's bundled contributions and it appears that Hsu is just a few dollars away from exceeding Abramoff's contributions to the GOP.

At that point, the Democrats - who also took Abramoff money - will have beaten out the GOP for corrupt contributions.






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