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President's Job Approval Continues to Rise

Fox News has a new poll out tonight showing the President's job approval rising from 33% to 37%. Similarly, a new CNN/Opinion Research poll has the President at 36%. We will see in the next few days whether the President's excellent speech tonight and the repulsively partisan performance of Democrats during the Petraeus hearings have had any impact on the numbers.


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And next week about ... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

And next week about 15 more of our guys will be dead. Next month about 50 more. By Christmas 150 more American soldiers will have been killed in Iraq.

So as a supporter of this miserable failure of a president and his disastrous policies you are enabling these human sacrifices in a horrific and pathetic attempt to save face and to kick this disaster into the next presidency. What kind of man are you?

A very fine respected, hard... (Below threshold)

A very fine respected, hard working, intelligienct, compassionate, cooperative, patriotic man. How about you? ww

He's moved from the swamp t... (Below threshold)

He's moved from the swamp to the muck with a non-stop barrage of telling the big lie - what they always do. But he'll slide beneath the muck and back into the swamp in a week or so.

Oh willie, I'd agree about the patriotic part but that's about it. He takes more days of vacation than most of the universe. But then there's a positive side to that - when he's cutting brush and riding his bicycle he can't get into any mischief. Too bad he won't take the next16 months off.

JFO:But he'll ... (Below threshold)


But he'll slide beneath the muck and back into the swamp in a week or so.

If true he'll have plenty of democrats to keep him company.

marc,You're absolu... (Below threshold)


You're absolutely right. I've said it before here - I wish we could get rid of every damn one of the congressional leaders. This bunch is no better than the dishonest bunch that preceded them.

That would mean he's runnin... (Below threshold)

That would mean he's running at double the popularity level of our "Democratic Congress", now wouldn't it?

Oh, that so makes my weekend!

Well now that's hystericall... (Below threshold)

Well now that's hysterically funny isn't it?. Most of the country thinks all its leaders are failures and you chortle because the idiot president is less unpopular. You enjoy that giggling and laughing abot the state of those who govern us.

"the repulsively partisan p... (Below threshold)

"the repulsively partisan performance of Democrats during the Petraeus hearings have had any impact"

Of course it won't. Nobody watched the hearings and they were largely uncovered in the press except for soundbites from Democrats saying Petraeus is a liar and a tool of Bush and BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW!

People have seen Abu Ghraib pictures until they were sick of them, but they've never seen the results of the actions of the terrorists in Iraq. People have already shut out 9-11-01 and the schools are successfully erasing it from our children.

People are very stupid and getting stupider. Face it, the US is pretty much lost. 200 years isn't such a bad run in this day and age. We're going to be facing the 70's over again in just a few short years with triple threat democrats (Exec, Legis, Jud) trying to turn the country into a workers paradise and with the press' help it will last at least 8 years if not more. I don't know that we'll survive it in the face of China, a desperate Russia, and islamic jihad. In that much time the schools will have done their job well enough to ensure that no more Reagans are coming along to right the ship for a while longer.

"He takes more days of vaca... (Below threshold)

"He takes more days of vacation than most of the universe."

Did you seriously slide that in there thinking you were making some sort of snarky yet biting criticism?


No, I was merely pointing o... (Below threshold)

No, I was merely pointing out the contradiction of the stament that willie made that he is "hard working." I'm just pointing out the truth.

FalzeYou really ou... (Below threshold)


You really ought to buy a ticket ought of here.

Maybe I'll buy you a dictio... (Below threshold)

Maybe I'll buy you a dictionary instead. You seem to be a proud product of our "educational" system.

"and to kick this disaste... (Below threshold)

"and to kick this disaster into the next presidency."

This is exactly what BJ Clinton did. Incompetent criminal fraud was too busy getting vacuumed to have any time to read his President's operation procedures manual.

"People are very stupid and getting stupider. Face it, the US is pretty much lost. 200 years isn't such a bad run in this day and age......"

That why we need a preemptive strike to exterminate the traitors and end the stupidity in this Country. Democrats words and actions kill our Soldiers, our Soldiers should be aloud to return the despicable and traitorous favor.

"I'm just pointing out the ... (Below threshold)

"I'm just pointing out the truth."

I see.

I guess I missed the part of your comment where you indicated that while Bush was in Kennebunkport (on vacation, I'd assume) that he met with the French president. And, many times, while in Crawford (on vacation, I guess) he regularly holds meetings with his staff and foreign leaders.

Maybe I missed the part where you noted how Carter (and Clinton) would vacation at Camp David all the while trying to bring middle eastern leaders together.

More over, I think I completely missed the fact where you mentioned, truthfully, that no president (especially one at war) is ever on vacation. They may leave Washington from time to time, but they are still working.

Yeah, I missed all of that in your post. I apologize.

I maintain our next Preside... (Below threshold)

I maintain our next President will be elected at least partly because he can make the case for Bush's accomplishments that Bush seems constitutionally incapable of making himself. The world has never seen a larger more sustained economic expansion, and except for the outrageous sacrifices of a very few volunteers, most aren't feeling much effect from a war against Islamofascism that is going tolerably well, for having taken possession in the end zone, thanks to Clinton, Berger, Clarke, and the rest of the gang of fools.

There may be something in that constitutional incapability. It may look to historians more like he constitutionally restrained himself from making the case. In this case, letting events speak louder than words.

Hmmm. Ultimately more persuasive than anything written or spoken.

Actually Falze I really nee... (Below threshold)

Actually Falze I really need a typist. If you can offer that before Armageddon I'll accept. But it sure looks like Rob needs a dictionary and a valium.

Sorry for the stutter above... (Below threshold)

Sorry for the stutter above

But it sure looks like R... (Below threshold)

But it sure looks like Rob needs a dictionary and a valium.

And a woman. He sure obsesses about other peoples blowjobs like Clintons, but that usually reflects his own inability to get one or at least one that is worth noting.

It's a presidential electio... (Below threshold)

It's a presidential election year, so some Republicans are coming back to offer support to Bush regardless of his policies. This is a normal election year phenomenon. But even just 37% support indicates a possible 63% swing to anyone running against the status quo party in 2008, which isn't a good omen for the hard core of Republican supporters.

So Hooson, the Democratic C... (Below threshold)

So Hooson, the Democratic Congress' support of 26% heralds 74% for those who run against their record?

Obviously not. So I think your theory is more than a bit lacking.

SQ You're right ab... (Below threshold)


You're right about the looney tune from LA. My guess is tha Rob is a soulmate of the soon to be ex-senator from Idaho.






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