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Report from Ground Zero, 9/11/07

Townhall's Mary Katharine Ham visited Ground Zero on Tuesday and talked to New Yorkers about the "Truthers" demonstrating at the site:

Her earlier report with photos is here.


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Comments (12)

mullah cimoc say ameirki ne... (Below threshold)
mullah cimoc:

mullah cimoc say ameirki need google: wtc7 video

only retarding then think not the inside job.

then, to visit www.nist.gov then to type in wtc 7 (must to include a space)learning of so many years to coverup wtc7 report. this the secret usa ameriki government in action.

Ordinarily, I would take th... (Below threshold)
Farmer Joe:

Ordinarily, I would take this opportunity to swoon over MKH, but this report is too important. Bravo, Mary Katarine! Excellent work.

Aaagh! Apologies for the mu... (Below threshold)
Farmer Joe:

Aaagh! Apologies for the multiple post!

Amazing how people who lie ... (Below threshold)

Amazing how people who lie about giving (the Twoof) take so much from those who have already lost.

Fuck the truthers.

And, is mullah real, or just some roaming douchebag?

Yes, we understand that stu... (Below threshold)

Yes, we understand that stupid people are gullible, in part because they are stupid.

Now: learn to speak English, or shut up.

Mullah Cimoc ("comic" spell... (Below threshold)

Mullah Cimoc ("comic" spelled backwards) = Shirin Hassan ... well-known deliverer of idiotic and (hopefully to him/her) angering rhetoric in random comment sections.

I was right - another roaming douchebag.

So, unless said douchebag is willing to go toe to toe with the Yo, I'll leave it with that little background on the unsavory knob-slobberer, and hope that he/she enjoys a ham sandwich in hell.

the secret usa ameriki g... (Below threshold)

the secret usa ameriki government

He's right!

Oh wait, nevermind.

He's a Barat wanna-be. Onl... (Below threshold)

He's a Barat wanna-be. Only without the banal humor, or any other kind.

Where's the toofers foil ha... (Below threshold)

Where's the toofers foil hats?

Did O.J. "The Burgler" Simpson get into their closet?

Ordinarily, I woul... (Below threshold)
Ordinarily, I would take this opportunity to swoon over MKH...

Me too.

Best line:I have enough confidence in the incompetence of the government to know it could never have been a conspiracy."

Mullah cimoc need google: m... (Below threshold)

Mullah cimoc need google: mohammed pedophile. sacred prophet of Islam married girl age six, but wait until she properly grown and adult age of nine before poking her with syphilitic tiny penis.

all ameriki and all muslims need know who muslims revere as greatest man who ever lived. liar, thief, murderer, child molester.


"I am so confident in the t... (Below threshold)

"I am so confident in the the government's incompetence that I know it could never have been a conspiracy."

This guy said it all... and with proper grammar, too.






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