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Whopper Of The Day

A middle school teacher got in a little bit of trouble over an assignment sent home with students. The assignment - a letter renouncing their citizenship addressed to President Bush - was supposed to teach students something about the Declaration of Independence, but mostly just annoyed parents as it was sent home with no explanation. Several of the letters were returned signed...

That's actually not the whooper of the story. We'll pick it up midway through the story...

Chico resident Michael Hill said he was told by his daughter, Kaytlen Hill, 13, that the assignment was to have parents sign the letter and return it to class Wednesday.

"The lesson being taught in class was that the U.S. kidnaps innocent people and takes them to Cuba, where they are kept indefinitely and tortured," Hill said he learned through his daughter.

When Hill asked her if [the teacher Mike] Brooks mentioned Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where the U.S. imprisons terrorist suspects, he said his daughter replied "yes."

He said his daughter broke into tears when she talked about Brooks mentioning illegal wiretaps and other surveillance directed against innocent people.

"I think I was more irritated by the classroom discussion than the letter," he said.

And here comes the whooper...

[Principal Joanne] Parsley said she doesn't believe Brooks has any political agenda to advance.


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Comments (11)

Yay!!!!Wizbang is ... (Below threshold)


Wizbang is back.

(And the peasants Rejoice!!!!)

That's not just a Whopper; ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

That's not just a Whopper; that's a Royale with Cheese.

I don't know what you're wh... (Below threshold)

I don't know what you're whining about Kevin. A United States congressman goes to a country that commits acts of war against us on a regular basis and declares his own President the enemy of peace while simultaneously blowing the killer in charge of the country he is commiting treason in, and neither State, nor the "menstration", or A SINGLE politician, or even one of our pundits (shame on them) calls him out for the lousy traitorous dog that he is, let alone demand a trial and summary execution or even revocation of his citizenship.

So what's the big "whoop" if teachers, and their supervisors, across the nation, think that it is only stating facts and not political opinion to teach young minds to hate their own country ?

There is no point. You are at greater risk of being arrested, assaulted with impunity, sued for libel, publicly condemned and or ostracized from society at large for the crime of questioning your average traitors' motives than you are for being a traitor.

The reality of the current state of "unpatriotic behavior" in America is, "He who smelt it, shall be dealt with harshly". So don't get your panties in a wad about "inappropriate behavior by school teachers", or, "supplying aid and comfort to our enemies", or, God forbid, ackowledging that such things even happen. The arguement is over and virtually EVERYONE agrees, it is not possible to do ANYTHING that would lead one to question ANYONES' patriotism. Anyone accept four star generals and the men and women, in uniform, that they lead that is.

Time for the Californicator... (Below threshold)

Time for the Californicators to move South if they don't like being part of the US. I'm sure the Mexican Government will welcome them with open arms (or at least HK21E's with the safeties off).

LMAO ...No ...Mr. Brooks do... (Below threshold)

LMAO ...No ...Mr. Brooks doesn't have an agenda NOOOO sir eeeeeee


I think Principal Parsley h... (Below threshold)

I think Principal Parsley has parsley for brains. Sheesh!

Wouldn't it be... entertain... (Below threshold)

Wouldn't it be... entertaining, if the government actually took this teacher up on the whole renunciation of citizenship thing.

Something like:

"Dear former citizen:

With a heavy heart we accept your renunciation of citizenship. Please return your passport to the State Dept at once, and inform your employer that you no longer have citizenship or resident alien status. We rather doubt that you are still eligible for government work.

With the loss of your citizenship, you may not be eligible for continued residence in the United States. We would deport you, but, frankly, we doubt that we could find anywhere to take you. Find out where your local illegal alien population and live there.


Your former government"

You really should have an understanding of what you are doing before you go around renouncing things.

The comments appear to have... (Below threshold)
rrita m:

The comments appear to have jetlag, because the number list is a higher total than what is viewed. I'll repeat what I said last night in condensed form. This teacher has serious issues when a child is brought to tears describing what "truths" she learned for that day.

Rrright Rrita!I sa... (Below threshold)

Rrright Rrita!

I say call DSS, this is child abuse.


If only just one of the students had turned in a missive like yours instead of the expected drivel (and then gotten an F from the teacher), then I'd have some faith in our country's future.

Looking at the bright side.... (Below threshold)

Looking at the bright side...

A send home paper like this at least let the parents know what the teacher was talking about in class.

Most of the time parents never find out because young people, by virtue of their youth, don't always know what is important to mention and what isn't.

More lies being used as edu... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

More lies being used as education time to renounce the NEA and other leftists brainwashers and time for the parents to demand this teachers removal






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