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"Haven't The Jews Suffered Enough?"

You'd think after all the Jewish people had been though, they could catch a break...

Madonna: I'm an 'ambassador for Judaism'


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Always a reason to suffer, ... (Below threshold)

Always a reason to suffer, oi!!!

The other good news, Madonn... (Below threshold)

The other good news, Madonna, is you are assigned to the Republic of Nauru and your first task is to report to the embassy in the nation's capital.

Well ..Looks like ... (Below threshold)

Well ..

Looks like she finally made it through the spiritual wilderness. Somehow she made it through.


good Gawd Barney, how can y... (Below threshold)

good Gawd Barney, how can you be that dumb and still not forget to breathe in your sleep.

You're banned from my posts but that retort is so absolutely incomprehenibly stupid, I'm going to let it for everyone to see... Heck, I might make a front page post about it.

geeze I had a black lab 20 years ago that was smarter than you.

And TOM CRUISE is into this... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

And TOM CRUISE is into this rediclous SCIENTOLOGY poppycock new age hogwash

At least she didn't tell Je... (Below threshold)

At least she didn't tell Jehovah to "Suck This."

However, BG, I believe Paul is pretty close to telling you to consider a similar action...

paul, what was your poin... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

paul, what was your point? I guess you are just anti religion? What other excuse would you have for taunting someone for the devotion God?

Meanwhile, she will be masturbating on a cross on her next stage tour.

Damn, Barney, you are obtuse.

I think this thread is read... (Below threshold)

I think this thread is ready to be retitled:

Barney's Big Meltdown

Looks like Barney might be ... (Below threshold)

Looks like Barney might be semi-moronic.

Paul, I finished reading "D... (Below threshold)

Paul, I finished reading "Drudge" then hopped on over to Wizbang, only to discover that we both had the same thought on the Jews having suffered enough without having to deal with Madonna..... she is the most religion-hopping person on the face of the planet. Good post.

No Barney, we're crucifying... (Below threshold)

No Barney, we're crucifying you for being you.

geeze I had a black lab ... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

geeze I had a black lab 20 years ago that was smarter than you.

The dog is still smarter.

The dog is still s... (Below threshold)
The dog is still smarter.
And he's OH... so.... DEAD!

Baghdad barney:

I love how all you "christians" are crucifying me for standing up for someone that is patient about her faith, and who has taken poor children into her house.
Yeah, too bad she couldn't take a few poor American kids into her house.

Then I might give her a pass, as it is she and the Jolie broad have been placed on my, so see, no buy, no pay any attention to.

Childhood memories: madonn... (Below threshold)

Childhood memories: madonna reminds me of that embarrassing 50-something teacher we all laffed at that wore minskirts and lbs of make-up, and barneyg reminds me of that pile of steaming dogcrap I fell in playing "kill the carrier".

"... and that Hillary would... (Below threshold)

"... and that Hillary would make a good President?" [BarneyG2000; #9]

From Greenspan's WSJ interview published Monday:

"'The next administration may have the Clinton administration name, but the Democratic Party ... has moved ... very significantly in the wrong direction.' He cited its populist bent, especially its skepticism of free trade."

To quote another, "OOOPS!" Still, I won't rely on my excerpt, either. It's best not to rely on news stories of any sort when it comes to what is in a book, but just to wait and read the book.


As regards your other drivel, Barney, you were not being crucified. Heck it wasn't even a scourging! You were being lambasted and lightly so.

Madonna is a publicity whore is every sense of the religious who stand at the front of the synagogue or church and proclaim their devotion, tout their good works, and extole their virtue while publicly displaying their generosity. The truly faithful are in the back quietly giving their pennies.

The position of ambassador is appointed by others, not given to yourself by your own hand. Madonna is no ambassador for Judaism and she knows little about devotion to anything except to her own popularity and god-like ego.

So do we start calling her ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

So do we start calling her Esther now? (Doesn't quite top Prince's symbol thing as far as bad career moves go, but it would be close.)






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