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O.J Arrested in Vegas

I won't even bother try to figure out what is going on... There have been so many versions of the story come out, who knows? But the links on drudge where funny... especially the last one...

O.J. Simpson taken into custody at Palms Hotel...
Charges include robbery with deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery and burglary with firearm -- all felonies...
VIDEO: OJ Whistling 'If I Only Had a Brain?'

funny stuff


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Comments (17)

And the fools rush will in.... (Below threshold)

And the fools rush will in. (Sharpton, Jackson a reincarnated Cochran, maybe even the ACLU)

Oops, that should read "foo... (Below threshold)

Oops, that should read "fools will rush in."

Karma is a b----, huh OJ?</... (Below threshold)

Karma is a b----, huh OJ?

He's currently working on f... (Below threshold)

He's currently working on finding the real burglers.

As of approx. 2300 eastern ... (Below threshold)

As of approx. 2300 eastern it's off to jail with no bail.
[If convicted] "He is facing a lot of time," said Clark County District Attorney David Roger.

Nevada Jails ain't as cool ... (Below threshold)

Nevada Jails ain't as cool as California ones.

He's just such an imbecile.... (Below threshold)

He's just such an imbecile.

I don't want to excuse OJ f... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I don't want to excuse OJ for anything, but why is it one does not have the right to retrieve property that was stolen? My experience is the police are usless when it comes to getting your stuff back. If you steal my stuff and I know where it is, I am coming to get it. I may come armed. I just find it difficult to believe you lose the right to your property as soon as some one steals it.

Zelsdorf - You can't "get y... (Below threshold)

Zelsdorf - You can't "get your stuff back" if it means breaking the law in the process. You must go through proper means. If everyone in this country tried to right a wrong regardless of the laws of the land, there would be complete anarchy.

I once had a landlord who refused to fix anything. He came to the house with a new lease, and I refused to sign the new lease until he agreed, in writing, to replace the things that needed replacing when I had moved in a year prior - I foolishly took his word for it when I first moved in.

He refused to leave my house - in his mind, he was right, and was going to stay in my home until the lease was signed. I called the police - turns out two of them were his friends - and they removed him from the property. He was screaming and cursing, saying "I own this house!" and they explained calmly that he had to leave, because he had legally rented the property out.

No, the police and the courts don't always side with us when we want them to. But we have to use the justice system or anarchy will ensue.

Funny, OJ broke several laws to get back a bunch of sports memorabilia. He didn't break a SINGLE law to find the killer of his childrens' mom. Hmmm.....

Apparently, the items in qu... (Below threshold)
The Listkeeper:

Apparently, the items in question were items that were supposed to have been seized as part of the judgment against him from the lawsuit, so it's possible he has no legal claim on them to begin with...Could also result in his going to jail for concealing them from seizure. Also, the audio tape that came out is damning. He just can't win.

Listkeeper, I was under the... (Below threshold)

Listkeeper, I was under the impression that they were seized items as well, but the news stories I found this morning all seemed to only mention that they were items that belonged to him. Do you have a link? I'd like to read a story that mentions that side of things.

It seems like there are 2 O... (Below threshold)

It seems like there are 2 OJ's--the dopey OJ that whistles and acts like a "galoot", and the murderous, ragin' OJ. Which one will end up on the obligatory USPS stamp?

moseby, there are two OJs, ... (Below threshold)

moseby, there are two OJs, Otis Anderson also went by OJ. He played for the St. Louis (Pre-Arizona) Cardinals and then the NY Giants.
My brother and a friend went to get his autograph (Giants fans) and they were...ummm... a little "under the weather". So they're on line and up walks OJ Anderson. My brother's friend yelled out, "Look, it's the good OJ".

Even Otis had to laugh at that.

Candy, I can't find any con... (Below threshold)

Candy, I can't find any confirmation that the property was "seized" from him in the sense that they were taken by means of a legal process. The only story I have read is that he owed the guy some money and the guy took some of his stuff instead. Whether they guy stole OJ's stuff to satisfy a debt or OJ gave it to him (doubtful) -- it matters not. If I steal your television, you can't break into my house and steal it back.

I suspect that OJ didn't (couldn't) use the legal process to retrieve his stolen stuff is that if he asserts that the stuff is HIS, then it is subject to seizure from Goldman.

So this is how much of a scumbag the dude is -- he's hiding his stuff from seizure, and then stealing it back when it is taken from him as a resuly of an unpaid debt.

Candy, this <a href="http:/... (Below threshold)

Candy, this link to Drudge has some new info.

Candy, so what you are sayi... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

Candy, so what you are saying is that the law says I no longer have a right to possess my property once it is stolen, unless it is returned to me by the police or by the thief on their own volition. No wonder people continue to commit crimes. If you steal from me, I will come and get my stuff. If you get hurt in the process, tough shit. What kind of law is it that makes it unlawful to take back what belongs to you? My house was burglerized some years ago. I told the police who did it, what they took and where to find them. The police took 30 days to act. By then my property was gone. Should the police be held responsible for my loss as well, or am I the only one who gets screwed? If you steal from me, I will injure you, badly.

I love it. One of the vict... (Below threshold)

I love it. One of the victims sold a 38 second tape of the episode to the newsmedia, damaging its value as evidence. These guys are all clowns in an alternate universe.






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