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Petraeus 1, Defeatocrats 0

Note to readers: this post refers to two articles from the Weekly Standard, an unabashedly conservative magazine. If the thought of an article from such a source makes you stutter, spit, and whine, it is recommended you skip this post, find a nice, nurturing place, and relax to calming thoughts like "harmonic convergence" or "transgendering the social paradigm." This way, you won't annoy normal people. Thank you for your cooperation.

While our server was down, Kim Priestap wanted to post on the following article by David Gelernter:

The issue isn't tactics--doesn't concern the draw-down that the administration has forecast and General Petraeus has now discussed, or how this draw-down should work, or how specific such talk ought to be. The issue is deeper. It's time for Americans to ask some big questions. Do leading Democrats want America to win this war? Have they ever?

Of course not--and not because they are traitors. To leading Democrats such as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Al Gore and John Edwards, America would be better off if she lost. And this has been true from the start.

To rephrase the question: Why did Harry Reid announce months ago that the war was lost when it wasn't, and everyone knew it wasn't? The wish is father to the deed. He was envisioning the world of his dreams.

The Democrats' embrace of defeat is inspired by no base desire to see Americans killed or American resources wasted. But let's be honest about it, and invite the Democrats to be honest too.

Appeasement, pacifism, globalism: Those are the Big Three principles of the Democratic left. Each one has been defended by serious people; all are philosophically plausible, or at least arguable. But they are unpopular (especially the first two) with the U.S. public, and so the Democrats rarely make their views plain. We must infer their ideas from their (usually) guarded public statements.

Read the entire article at the above link. Gelernter hits home: Democrats incline towards seeking some international consensus as if that, if it could be achieved, conferred some moral authority. It does not. The majority of the United Nations still tends toward autocracy and kleptocracy, if not totalitarianism. There is no moral authority to be had there.

Neither are our partners in the much-maligned "Western Civilizations," the Euro=peons, of any great moral stature. Even as they vote for economic sanctions on rogue regimes, they continue to do business with them on the sly, with full knowledge of their violation of "international law" (supposed the Holy Grail of the Left). Not to be used as an example for the children, are they? And isn't the left all about the chiiiiildren, after all?

From the same source, analysis from Fred Barnes:

The effect of Petraeus's performance was to slow the clock in Washington, as Peter Wehner, fresh from six years at the Bush White House, pointed out on National Review Online. According to the clock trope, Washington was racing toward full-blown rejection
of America's intervention in Iraq, while the Iraqi government was moving far less quickly to meet Washington's--mainly Congress's--demand for political reconciliation and reduced violence. Now, with the momentum for retreat in Iraq diminished, Petraeus has more time and flexibility.

For Democrats, Petraeus Week was a wrenching ordeal. It meant their efforts to change Bush's policy on Iraq fundamentally were dead. Instead, they decided to push various proposals, some symbolic, some designed to make it more difficult for Bush to carry out his military plans in Iraq.

The New York Times ad by MoveOn.org trashing Petraeus as a liar backfired badly. Making matters worse, Democrats were afraid to repudiate MoveOn.org because the party relies so heavily on it for money and campaign workers. Senator John McCain, among other Republicans, seized the moment. He said if Democratic senator Hillary Clinton isn't tough enough to denounce MoveOn.org, she's not tough enough to be president.

Read all of Barnes' column at the link above. It has indeed been a critical week. For the first time since the 2004 election, the defeat-and-retreat crowd is facing a headwind.


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Comments (22)

This,The Democr... (Below threshold)


The Democrats' embrace of defeat is inspired by no base desire to see Americans killed or American resources wasted.
,is not true. How do I know ? Just keep everything as it is right now accept for one thing, and that is the political affilliation of the POTUS. Change that to democrat and everyone from the MSM to nancy Pulloutsi, to harry reid, to Dink Turbin, to Lady-killer kennedy and on and on, all become instant hawks, praising the great humanitarian,(insert name of dem pres. here), and how lucky the world is to have such a saintly soul in the oral office.

Know what else I know that makes me sick ? If the above scenario happened, far fewer innocents and heroes would be dead, and that is the bottom line of why they are traitors. Well, that and everybody knows that even their own heroe, FDR, would've had them all censored and made to account for their disgusting, hateful, anti-American, enemy aiding behavior.

So please, spare me the thoughts of appeasers (to their inside the beltway buddies) like Barnes and Galernter. I don't know about the latter, but Barnes is full on for amnesty and open borders, so I wouldn't take him too seriously.(What's the deal with "our" old folks ? Buckley calls Iraq an abortion. Novak is off in outerspace half the time -why was he so swarn to secrecy about a creep like armitage?- The "Ferris Bueller" guy has lost his mind. Goldwater made a hard left into senility, etc. etc. Apparently the left was {kinda} right about something: Don't trust anyone over thirt, er, 65.)

but but but... You quoted a... (Below threshold)

but but but... You quoted a conservative magazine on a conservative blog... you can't do that.

Have you no sense of decency, sir?

do the comments work? testi... (Below threshold)

do the comments work? testing...

Attention People Who Want to Comment On This Post

As you probably know we had a catastrophic failure last night on one of the drives. For some reason, the comments are wacky....


For some reason, the blog is not rebuilding the post after you hit the submit button. (as it should) It is only rebuilding the post after THE NEXT comment.

So in other words, the blog is "one post behind."

If you make a post it goes into "Wizbang Comment Purgatory." When the NEXT comment gets posted, your first one shows but that one starts doing time in Purgatory, till the next post springs it... and so on.

I have no idea when it will be fixed or exactly why it is happening. Just have some patience grasshoppa.

The aftermath of the moveon... (Below threshold)

The aftermath of the moveon ad has cemented their statement: "We bought it, we own it, and we're going to take it back." The Democrats who refuse to distance themselves from this group have proven to be nothing more than prostitutes wholly owned by Moveon.org and its benefactors who hypocritically worship at the altar of capitalism while they push a socialist agenda onto everyone else.

That statement would have been far better worded to read: "We bought them, we own them and we're going to take them back."

Congratulations on your new purchase.

comments aren't working... (Below threshold)

comments aren't working

"Sir I don't know." Those a... (Below threshold)

"Sir I don't know." Those are the words of [b]ush's commander in Iraq last week when asked if we were winning. Isn't that just swell? The truth actually leaked out and the wingnuts keep up with the stupid, inane, sophomoric labels as the answer to everything.

"Appeasement, pacifism, gloablism" is used as mockery (forget that it's a lie) and the dogs will come out to howl at the moon. "Traitors, america-haters, terrorist sympathizers" they'll holler.The usual swill from the usual wingnuts. And the guy in charge over there doesn't know if we're winning. But then why should that be a surprise since his boss wouldn't know what day it is unless an aide told him. About the only thing wingnuts win is the war on stupid slogans and stupid labels. Move On is a close 2nd but can't hold a candle to you folks.

Sometimes they work right, ... (Below threshold)

Sometimes they work right, other times a post behind.

JFOAbout the o... (Below threshold)


About the only thing wingnuts win is the war on stupid slogans and stupid labels.

Excuse me, but isn't "wingnuts" a stupid label? It seems to be your favorite none-the-less.

Marc: Touche. I'm ... (Below threshold)


Touche. I'm tied with MoveOn but a distant 2nd.

Moveon and JFO: Our troops ... (Below threshold)

Moveon and JFO: Our troops are like Nazi's-Durban,Democrat; Our troops are cold blooded killers, Murtha, Democrat; Our troops terrorized innocent women and children in the dark of the night, Kerry, Democrat; Our troops are stupid, Kerry, Democrat; Gen. Petraeus have betrayed us, Moveon, Democrat.

The list goes on and on. Yet the left continues to lie and say the support our troops. The truth is getting out. The left's self loathing, america hating attitude is being exposed. About time. Keep it up JFO. Thanks. ww

JFO:Touche. I'... (Below threshold)


Touche. I'm tied with MoveOn but a distant 2nd.

Congrats for admitting as much. You surprise me.

I fully expected you to spin it into it not being a label or slogan. Congrats again.

On another note, and fully in expectation of the arrival of Baghdad barney in this thread considering it's topic....

barney.... oh barney... I have a present for you.

What do you mean comments a... (Below threshold)
Kevin Author Profile Page:

What do you mean comments aren't working?

Let me see! They actively a... (Below threshold)

Let me see! They actively advocate we lose in Iraq and their not traitor? Some one then, please define traitorous activity!

According to Petraeus' own ... (Below threshold)

According to Petraeus' own testimony... an estimated 2 GI deaths/day times 293 days to July '08, I'd say the title score of Jim's post should read:

Petraeus 1, Dead Americans -586

Wh0'll be the first Kook to step up and volunteeer a family member for the Bush Iraqi Pyre?

Hey FreudianLies,W... (Below threshold)

Hey FreudianLies,

Why do the people you "support", believe they should risk their lives for the mission ? Don't bother asshat, your heroes, Jean Fraud Kerry and Upchuck rangel have already told us in their own, America hating, treasonous way: They're either "stuck in Iraq" or they have no other option but to git kilt fer dubyas' blood fer oil quagmire.

You're soul is a disgusting assemblage of hate for self, hate of country, hate of the noble and the honorable, and it's all projected onto people whom you couldn't look in the eye w/o soiling yourself. Either that or you're a very effective satirist, 'cause man, you have NEVER, EVER, said anything good about the deeds that our best carry out EVERY freaking, sweaty, blood soaked day over their. You are oliver stone light. He successfully corrupts minds. You pee into the wind. You're both pathetic, morbid souls as far as I'm concerned, and I long for the day when your side is as irrelavent as a female baby in China. Only, unlike with the Chinese, I don't want to kill the object of my disdain, I just want to see you wither away to a point where only the traffic lights will listen to you.

freedomFREIDWh... (Below threshold)


Wh0'll be the first Kook to step up and volunteeer a family member for the Bush Iraqi Pyre?

It's not needed, they're all adults, they volunteer themselves.

Actually ww there are only ... (Below threshold)

Actually ww there are only 2 political things I loathe. Once is George W. [b]ush and the other is right wing nuts such as you.

What I loath JFO, are peopl... (Below threshold)

What I loath JFO, are people so filled with bile that they think stupid commentary like yours are deep thoughts.

JFO THE RETARD,"... (Below threshold)


"The truth actually leaked out"

No it wasn't stupid. Nothing was leaked you moron. You haven't the credibility to even type the word "TRUTH". Leaks are mostly associated with traitors like you criminal democrat frauds.

"Once is George W. [b]ush and the other is right wing nuts such as you."

Well F**K YOU and die B***H. Being Registered Democratic doesn't mean shit to me and neither do you. I don't give a shit what your definition of a "right wing" is either , you just admitted to hating My President and Americans.

You are a coward and dishonest like your choice of words prove. Democrats like you are the ones who hate and your words and actions are undeniable proof. At the same time you maggots are the ones that go around crying whining about "HATE CRIMES".

Loathe:IN BRIEF: To hate or despise.

If destroying the enemy is what is required to claim victory them I'm all for it , even if that includes YOU. You are Un-American and your party and the despicable words they spew kill Americans. You are DEMOCRATS , NOT AMERICANS!

You know, I love how the di... (Below threshold)

You know, I love how the dims played right into my prediction from a few weeks ago.

They rant about Patreus being wrong, Patreus says surge worked and will draw down troops, Dims sputter and look like the partisan hacks and idiots they are.

All after Rove left office too, so the dims can't blame it on anyone but themselves.

Game, set, match. "Don't play chess against a 4-star."

What I loath JFO, ... (Below threshold)
What I loath JFO, are people so filled with bile that they think stupid commentary like yours are deep thoughts.

So how do you feel about the thought-filled ways that lead to a title like "Defeatocrats?"

Or this:

The Democrats' embrace of defeat is inspired by no base desire to see Americans killed or American resources wasted.

,is not true. How do I know ? Just keep everything as it is right now accept for one thing, and that is the political affilliation of the POTUS.

So, this commenter *knows* the Democrats really *do* want to see Americans killed and American resources wasted. Why? Because that commenter is somehow sure, with no evidence logic or proof, that if this disastrous war were being led by a Democrat, Democrats would be for it.

Hey, the war in Iraq is ess... (Below threshold)

Hey, the war in Iraq is essentially over, and the globe is cooling. Say it with a big smile and watch people laugh. Watch them remember, too.






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