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Sunday Discussion: Who Will Have the Biggest Impact on the '08 Elections?

Here's your chance to prove you've been paying attention.

Who will have the biggest impact on the 2008 elections? Will the nation go gaga over Hillarycare 2.0 and sweep Marxists into office everywhere?

Will Rudy bring the country together and bring more centrist Republicans to Washington?

What about Newt? Will he run and give CPR to the conservative movement?

AND it doesn't have to be a candidate... Will Bush's shadow be have the largest effect on the outcome? That's happened more times than it has not in recent history. -- What if Gore convinces the world his scam is true and people vote the "Greenest" candidates?

AND it doesn't even need to be a pol. Will some enterprising reporter find dirt on the leading Republican or Democrat and sway the whole election? What about a lowly blogger with a bit of cell phone video?

AND widening this thing out, it doesn't have to be a person, exactly. We can already make the case YouTube will change the outcome more than any one candidate.

Even with all the options I have given you, the answer is perfectly clear and undeniable if you've been paying attention.


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Comments (17)

heh- I did this but comment... (Below threshold)

heh- I did this but comments might not be working.... Let's see...

I think the voting public i... (Below threshold)

I think the voting public is in a mood to Punish Bush & Republicans for causing the MSM to make them feel bad. So they are going to elect a Democrat to the Presidency, so the MSM will tell them they are ok people and everything is fine.

I'm already thinking towards '10 and '12. I resigned myself that '08 is going to be disaster.

As a conservative, I believ... (Below threshold)

As a conservative, I believe it is time for a moderate such as Rudy at this time. All the demo candidates are postitioning far left, so a moderate would look good. Better then the alternative. ww

I'm thinking it will be Bil... (Below threshold)
Farmer Joe:

I'm thinking it will be Bill Clinton. Assuming Hillary gets the nod, there will be all sorts of stuff about Bill's misdeeds, and her role in them.

George Soros will still hav... (Below threshold)

George Soros will still have a major impact because of his control over MoveOn, and the Dems incapability of distancing themselves from him. They are addicted to his money and his message. The MSM will still cover for the Dems and thus, will ignore any Soros story and illegal actions by MoveOn.

Paul: The Dem nominee will ... (Below threshold)

Paul: The Dem nominee will be determined by the MSM - always does. The Rep nominee will be determined by whoever is ahead after the first half-dozen or so primaries. The winner of the presidency will be determined by how much the money sources (the REAL money - not the DNC/RNC) spends on negative ads and the quality/impact of those ads. gc

Osama Bin Laden.... (Below threshold)

Osama Bin Laden.

I've been fence sitting on ... (Below threshold)

I've been fence sitting on my Republican choice until last week when Rudy came out swinging against MoveOn, The New York Times and Hillary.

He did exactly what I've wanted GWB to do all this time.

Still too early but I did feel pretty good imagining Rudy using the Executive Branch bully pulpit to fight back against the loony left and those that benefit from the left's endorsements.

Comments should be working ... (Below threshold)

Comments should be working now...

Just had a premonition: It'... (Below threshold)

Just had a premonition: It's late October 2008. Rudy is ahead by 5 to 8 points in every poll across the nation. Out of nowhere, BAM!, larry flint uncovers an old stag film called, "Rudolph the well hung US attorney". Instantly, the polls (of registered voters) flip-flop, but the conservative base stays home, and all of the newly turned center-left voters create a groundswell and Rudy wins in a landslide while sweeping in all of the a.c.l.u.s' favorite candidates (in the northern states) on his coattails. This leads to a reemergence of the secession movement, but this time the blacks are for it, so everything turns out fine.

The largest impact will be ... (Below threshold)

The largest impact will be Hillary's. Her reintroduction of her socialized-medicine scheme as a campaign issue will persuade the electorate that no Democrat can be trusted in the White House. She's merely the least talented at concealing her true aims; all the Democrat candidates are secretly slavering over the prospect of raising taxes and nationalizing the medical goods-and-services sector. You hardly need listed to them to discern that.

We don't know who will have... (Below threshold)

We don't know who will have the biggest impact because it will be the thirdparty candidate. I think the election is going to be close enough that the election is going to hinge on a third party candidate who will pick up 2/3 of their support from one party, causing that party to lose. Whether that will be the democrats or republicans is unclear.

I think it will come down t... (Below threshold)

I think it will come down to whether or not a 3rd party conservative candidate enters and splits the right. I can imagine another clinton winning with only 43% again. Even if he gets only 3-4%, it could easily make the difference.

Who is the most likely to try such a stunt? McCain?

oops, yetanother... your po... (Below threshold)

oops, yetanother... your post didn't appear when I read the thread. Same idea. I think the left is going to mostly pull together this time, and Nader is totally shunned these days.

Hey, I should be in the mix... (Below threshold)

Hey, I should be in the mix - I was Time's 2006 "Man of the Year," after all . . .


Apparently no one seems to ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Apparently no one seems to think it's Fred - so I'm sticking my neck out here. I do like hermie's answer though. He makes a good point.

Thompson is larger than life and has an uncanny ability to connect directly with people. Trite as such comparisons have become, this is the one thing about him that is definitely Reaganesque. He may flop yet, but I don't think so.

Gore, Hillary, et al are the devils we know. Yawn.

P.S. By all rights, it shou... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

P.S. By all rights, it should be Hsu. But, like hermie says, the MSM is pretending the Hillary/Hsu connection doesn't exist and is running interference for the Dems like good little lap dogs.






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