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Palestinian Authority celebrates 9/11 - again

The official newspaper of the Palestinian Authority - yes, that same outfit we are sending millions of taxpayer dollars to support because they are the "moderates" - has once again celebrated the 9/11 attacks in print, according to Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook of Palestinian Media Watch:

The Palestinian Authority continues a long tradition of celebrating the 2001 World Trade Center terror attacks by publishing cartoons in its official daily that glorify Osama Bin Laden and the attacks, or mock the suffering of the U.S. This year's cartoon shows Bin Laden smiling while making the "V" for victory sign with two fingers in the shape of the burning Twin Towers. The PA daily that published the cartoon, Al Hayat Al Jadida, is owned by the PA and controlled by the office of Mahmoud Abbas. The only text on this cartoon is "Exclusive to Al Hayat Al Jadida," which means it was prepared specifically for the official Palestinian Authority daily.

Read the rest, and see the cartoon in question as well as some from prior years, at the link provided.

Good old "moderate Palestinians" . . .


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nuke 'em... (Below threshold)

nuke 'em

Who knew Barney and JFO cou... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

Who knew Barney and JFO could draw that well?

Maybe this so far ineffecti... (Below threshold)

Maybe this so far ineffective Dem congress should finally do something and discontinue sending PLO $$.

If you send 10 rockets into... (Below threshold)

If you send 10 rockets into Gaza for every one that flies out of Gaza;
Send ten cluster bombs for every suicide bomber;
Don't bother to aim any more than to make certain they land in Palestinian Territory;
After about a month the Territory will be uninhabited and devastated; Then they'll have something to celebrate about - they really will be a persecuted and victimized people - victims of their own government.

Gotta celebrate something. ... (Below threshold)
Chris G:

Gotta celebrate something. Might as well be the catalyst that would cause the complete reallignment of the middle east, put a brutal dictator and his sons out to pasture, and may also lead to "wall to wall counseling" of their benefactor Iran.

Besides, after having their asses handed to them on the regular by Israel, a little triangulation to take the people's minds off of their self induced misery may not be a bad strategy.

Even more profound: If Bush caused 9/11, and the Palestainians celebrate 9/11, and Bush and the Palestainians are in alliance on this point, does this mean the Dems will now support/hail Bush as being of like mind, because he has assumed the same sympathetic position concerning Palestine as the mainstream Democratic party does?

Well, they don't have a hel... (Below threshold)
rrita m:

Well, they don't have a hell of a lot else to do over there. I mean, that's such a hep part of the world.

"Moderate Palestinians" Har!

The newspaper business is a... (Below threshold)

The newspaper business is all about circulation, and giving the public what they want to hear for circulation sake is unfortunately about as to be expected. The main Palestinian Authority newspaper seems to know what it's readers want to pay to read.

A global satellite communications company, RRST Global Communications that broadcasts from Israel to about 48 telecommunications satellites sells many hateful Arab networks broadcasting space on the system to promote their "death to Israel" messages on TV throughout the MidEast including al Jazeera. RRST's quarterly income is $14.7 million dollars.

Residents of Israel would be angry to find out that one of their own companies promotes an antiIsrael message, and likely many in the Arab world would be angry to find out that an Israeli company is being paid to air their antiIsraeli programming. Strange. Maybe some things are better left unknown?

But but but, it was an insi... (Below threshold)

But but but, it was an inside job, didn't the PA get the memo?

Lovely People. Let's give ... (Below threshold)

Lovely People. Let's give them a state.

Can we give them a lib stat... (Below threshold)

Can we give them a lib state like Mexifornia, NJ, LA or Mass?

It's a good thing we have t... (Below threshold)

It's a good thing we have the quality leadership in place that can win the battle of hearts and minds.

Well, Happy 9/11. It's all ... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Well, Happy 9/11. It's all about celebrating the day, right?

Barney2000, and yet you enc... (Below threshold)

Barney2000, and yet you encourage your own humiliation by continuing to write such long debunked nonsense.

Just remember, these people... (Below threshold)

Just remember, these people are our friends, and only want to peacefully coexist with us!

In one sense, Barney, then ... (Below threshold)

In one sense, Barney, then I'm glad 9/11 happened.

It gave the Palestinians a chance to reveal their true nature.

If it wasn't for 9/11, we'd have to rely on lesser indicators to show what savage assholes they are.

I wish to hell I knew who said it first, but it's so true: "the Palestinians never miss a chance to miss a chance."


That's a bad sense to have ... (Below threshold)

That's a bad sense to have J.

I thought Yassir Arafat and then the mothers of suicide bombers accepting Saddam's 25 large was enough revelation (And if Sally Field is reading this, yes .. mothers can be shitty, death-mongering asswipes, too. But, go ahead and enjoy that Emmy of yours. Wonderful work).

And, yeah .. Barney, you read that right, Saddam was a state sponsor of terrorism.

Has there ever been an inte... (Below threshold)

Has there ever been an intelligent person with the name Barney?

When will Barney and his bu... (Below threshold)
stan25 Author Profile Page:

When will Barney and his buds realize that the terrorists that they support, will have them on their lists to take out first? Just as the communists did during the time of the cold war struggles. They are going to start with that cesspool known as Hollywood and work out from there (which IMHO needs the cleansing, it so richly deserves). So Barney and jp2 have a nice life when the terrorists take over and if you think that the Palestinians are so great, why don't you just renounce your American Citizenship and go live with them.

Before you save it barn',ho... (Below threshold)

Before you save it barn',how about stuffing it up your stupid ass (the one under your nose-you know that thing with the brown ring around it).

So, Barney's outraged by th... (Below threshold)

So, Barney's outraged by the lack of outrage.

Typical liberal. Always on the look out for something to offend them.

When will people of the left realize the meaning of the word "context"?

Barn,No outrage he... (Below threshold)


No outrage here because I understand the context.

Just when are you going to be outraged at al Qaeda, Barney? Is it f*king okay that 3000 plus innocent Americans died? Huh?

"Is it f*king okay that 300... (Below threshold)

"Is it f*king okay that 3000 plus innocent Americans died?"

Comment referring to American casualties in 3, 2, 1 ...

Right on fucking cue.... (Below threshold)

Right on fucking cue.

Just a correction, you quot... (Below threshold)

Just a correction, you quote-sniping douchebag:

"In one sense, Barney, then I'm glad 9/11 happened."

"In one sense"

I do have an honest question for you:

Seriously, why do you have to resort to taking things out of context to build your arguments?

Are your arguments so weak that they can't stand up on their own without ... well .. you misrepresenting the words of others?

Do they teach you that at liberal school, or something, because any time one argues with a liberal, one must contend with that fluffer of horsefeather.

WWII American military deat... (Below threshold)

WWII American military deaths: 407,000
American civilian deaths:

Barney, have a little perspective, you asshole.

Barney, once again you've d... (Below threshold)

Barney, once again you've demonstrated your utter and complete incompetence.

it's hard to have perspecti... (Below threshold)

it's hard to have perspective when you view the world from the wrong side of your own asshole.

That's right, yo. One freq... (Below threshold)

That's right, yo. One frequently says they're still glad that something happened inspite of it being a negative.

It's like a workaholic who ignored his family and was concerned just about personal success. Let's say he gets cancer. He dies within a year or two, but during that time he has a chance to really connect with his family and gain a perspective he wouldn't have had otherwise. And he may very reasonably say, "You know, in one sense I'm glad I got the cancer. Because I feel like I found my family and life again, through it".

So in one sense, Barn, (in a positive way of course), I wish you'll get cancer too.

Well .. dunno if I'd wish c... (Below threshold)

Well .. dunno if I'd wish cancer on anyone. I wouldn't mind, in one sense, if Barney got a flaming case of crotch itch.

Well yo, remember that it's... (Below threshold)

Well yo, remember that it's in a positive sense. I'd much rather die young having seen the error of my liberal ways (if I were a liberal), than live a long life thinking that Kerry was a patriot and that Michael Moore was cool.

So in that positive way is how I wish that on Barn.

I wonder what the residents... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

I wonder what the residents of HANOI ON THE BAY did on 9/11 i bet they did,nt have their rainbow flags at half staff

It's called "hyperbole," Ba... (Below threshold)

It's called "hyperbole," Barney, and here I used it to show how dumb your argument was.

"The Palestinians celebrated on 9/11/01 because George Bush would invade and overthrow one of their biggest financial backers a year and a half later."

Paraphrased, of course. But that's what it boils down to.

One of the few silver linings out of attacks like 9/11 is that it lets you find out who your friends are -- and who are not. The average Palestinian was out cheering and celebrating in the streets, and still to this day you can find pro-Bin Laden trinkets and souvenirs for sale -- and selling quite well.

Smarten up even just a smidgen, Barney, and you might be worth keeping. Or, at least, not worth the effort of removing.


Hooson:Residen... (Below threshold)


Residents of Israel would be angry to find out that one of their own companies promotes an antiIsrael message

What makes you think they don't?

What... do you have super-duper double secret decoder ring only access to this info?

You're getting to be a bigger clown with each passing day.

Baghdad barney:<em... (Below threshold)

Baghdad barney:

If Bush didn't f-up the capture of OBL in Tora Bora and then send all our troops to Iraq (Bush: Honestly I don't think too much about him) we wouldn't have to put up with this kind of humiliation.

Why do you feel humiliation over a cartoon? Or Osama DEM Laden still kicking?

How soon will you hit the streets in support of cartoon censorship while holding signs scribled in crayon, "death to amerika?"

"If Bush didn't f-up the... (Below threshold)

"If Bush didn't f-up the capture of OBL in Tora Bora and then send all our troops to Iraq (Bush: Honestly I don't think too much about him) we wouldn't have to put up with this kind of humiliation."

Yep, that's right ol' Barney-boy. If bin Laden were dead the Palestinians would never have printed such a cartoon. Your following commentary, clipping Jay's quote and the threat of using it against him "over and over", is definitely at the top of your "ignorant-comments" list.

Marc, most persons have no ... (Below threshold)

Marc, most persons have no idea whatsoever what sort of business activity that businesses are involved in. It was only during a study of various communications stocks that this information about the clients of RRST was discovered.

I don't believe that stock analysis ranks as any "clown" pursuit as you may claim. An analysis of more Israeli business and stocks will uncover other interesting conflicts of interest of trading with radical Arab journalism or broadcasting, I'm sure.

Palestinians are the... (Below threshold)

Palestinians are the pinworms on the anus of the world..

Of course we'll never find ... (Below threshold)

Of course we'll never find bin laden in tora bora!! That's cuz he's here in a trailor park, in fact inside a double-wide, pushin barney's face into a pillow as he deposits a map of hawaii on his back.

Sh-long a-lickem, eh barn?

Barney is a member of "HIPS... (Below threshold)

Barney is a member of "HIPS."






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