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This is What Happens When You Give Children a Blog

It's really sad to see children try to pretend they can keep up with adults in the arena of ideas. Take the ever talkative Larkin from Wizbang Blue who tries to put in his two cents about the "General Betray Us" ad. It seems in Larkin's world view, the General brought it on himself.

Such attacks were predictable given the General's apparent acquiescence in becoming the chief spokesman for the White House in what should be an entirely political debate (i.e., no generals invited) centered on the the question of the continued involvement of US forces in Iraq.

After all, in America, it's rule by the people, not the generals. And the people's representatives, the 435 members of the House, the 100 members of the Senate, and the President should be the ones to decide how many troops we will keep in Iraq and for how long. The input of the generals is of course informative and essential, but it should be funneled through the proper channels, namely the civilian leader of America's impressive war-making machine, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

Gates should have been the one to deliver testimony on the state of our mission in Iraq on Capitol Hill last week, not Petraeus.

Heavy Sigh.... Larkin, meet Public Law 110-28. It was written Rep. David Obey a Democrat. It was passed overwhelmingly by the Democrats. From Public Law 110-28, written by Democrats:

(3) TESTIMONY BEFORE CONGRESS- Prior to the submission of the President's second report on September 15, 2007, and at a time to be agreed upon by the leadership of the Congress and the Administration, the United States Ambassador to Iraq and the Commander, Multi-National Forces Iraq will be made available to testify in open and closed sessions before the relevant committees of the Congress.

General Petraeus testified before Congress not because Bush asked him to but because the Democrats passed a law saying he had to or they would cut off funds for the troops. Larkin continues:

I have the utmost of respect and admiration for General Petraeus as a warrior. I have little respect or admiration for him as a politician. Surely he must understand how he is being used by the Bush White House to promote the continuation of a war...

But somewhere along the line, Petraeus agreed to take on the unwelcome task of becoming the public face for the Bush administration's policy in Iraq

Um, Larkin, that "somewhere along the line" happened when your Democrats passed a law saying he had to testify. And the stupidity continues...

He's a capable military man who may have found himself star-crossed by the double-talkers in this administration who coerced him into a political battle where he himself knows he should not be.

It was George Bush's fault!

But my absolute favorite part of the post is when Larkin, who is babbling in complete ignorance, gives a Ph.D, 4 star General some advice...

So my message to the General is this: please reconsider your position in our democracy as it is described in the Constitution and under our rule of law. Raise questions the next time that anyone asks you to carry their water in an essentially political debate over the necessity and wisdom of our nation's continuing involvement in any war, and please politely defer to the civilian leadership that by law instructs you on how to carry out the will of the people as it is expressed through our elected representatives in Congress and the Executive Branch.

I'm sure the General will be consulting Larkin next time he does something.

UPDATE Larkin the dumbass answered in his comments....

The fact that the Democrats fell for it doesn't invalidate my post. They should have realized how the administration planned to use Petraeus.

The old "Don't Blame The Democrats, Because They are Stupid defense... They keep saying Bush is dumb but he keeps managing to singlehandedly outwit the entire Democrat party time and again. OK Larkin, you're right dude... The Democrats in Congress are all stupid. You said it, not me.


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Comments (32)

Ouch! That's going to leave... (Below threshold)

Ouch! That's going to leave a mark.

Nice job Paul.... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Nice job Paul.

In that first excerpt: ... (Below threshold)

In that first excerpt:

Is Larkin describing General Patreus or lefty-hero Gen. Hugo Chavez?

Alas, I think the irony of his own folie a une is lost on him.

Liberals never let facts ge... (Below threshold)

Liberals never let facts get in the way of a good ass-hat rant. If ya ever shut down wizbang blue I am going to buy Crayola stock cuz there'll be a sudden surge in playroom walls being colorfully massacred.

Whats worse, that idiots l... (Below threshold)

Whats worse, that idiots like this actually exist(and believe what they shovel) or that someone actually gives them a forum to spread their manure?

But,but Chumpybushitler lie... (Below threshold)

But,but Chumpybushitler lieeeeeeeeeed.

It is really sad someone who can't read writes those damn talking points.

Poor Larkin passes them on as gospel -- and enhances them too.

How strange.Usuall... (Below threshold)

How strange.

Usually by now, Larkin and his pals would have shown up to call all conservatives liars.

I would expect mantis or someone to call for renewed discussions about Larry Craig or something.

When you consider the avera... (Below threshold)

When you consider the average number of comments submitted posts at Wizbang Blue, Larkin should be thanking you for the increased exposure.

Liberals can be the most ob... (Below threshold)
spurwing plover:

Liberals can be the most obnocious persons at times they blabber about tolerence but they sure dont practice it

Larkin=Dumbass... (Below threshold)


I TOLD Kevin we needed a "w... (Below threshold)

I TOLD Kevin we needed a "we're professionals, kids -- don't try this at home" notice before Blue went (sort of quasi) live...

No one ever listen to Zathras. Or Jay Tea.


LOL, liberals are so incred... (Below threshold)

LOL, liberals are so incredibly myopic they don't even consider their point of view is standing on a nonexistent foundation.

What a frigging idiot. Chan... (Below threshold)

What a frigging idiot. Chances of retraction? Slim to none.

It took wee wee about 3 min... (Below threshold)

It took wee wee about 3 minutes to ban me again(got a new PC with a new IP) after I asked him to thank me for commenting on one of his post that had "0" comments.LOL

Wow. Just wow.Thi... (Below threshold)

Wow. Just wow.

This is the same "Larkin" who is trying so very hard to turn Boehner's recent comment into a John Kerry "botched joke" moment. Fortunately, it seems 99% of their readership is their fellow posters. Look at their comment section. Most of it is back-patting. Talk about sycophants....

Larkin is a deep thinker. W... (Below threshold)

Larkin is a deep thinker. What will he be when he finally gets half way out of the sewer? With all of the quotes of the law I thought he was a lawyer, or a first year law student. Either may be correct if he attended a left wing liberal led (aka communist) college in America. Nice bitch slap Paul.

But the bloggers point is a... (Below threshold)
Dick Butts:

But the bloggers point is a good one. Bush has tried to make it sound like Generals make the policy, not just carry it out. When asked about his policy he says he is listening to the generals. That is wrong.

General design the strategies and tactics to carry out policy. Civilians set policy. Bush is ducking.

The last time we had a general set policy was when MAC freelanced in Korea and ignored Truman. He pushed too far North and brought the Chinese into the war.

Dick Butts,Uhm... ... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Dick Butts,

Uhm... Sure, the evil GW should definitely NOT listen to his Generals... WTF?

Do you guys ever think before you write?

What about when those baseb... (Below threshold)

What about when those baseball players were called to testify? It's it's rule by the people, not the outfielders, dammit!

Now do you want to know the terrifying truth, or do you want to see me sock a few dingers?

Oh yeah, Larry Craig...or something (your welcome, Drago).

"Do you guys ever think bef... (Below threshold)

"Do you guys ever think before you write?"

Nope. He's too busy inserting his first name into many last names.

Larkin and Lee have a red p... (Below threshold)

Larkin and Lee have a red phone hook up with the Pentagon, no doubt. And they not only love the troops, they really know how the military works!

Nice slap on old Larkin. Pathetic little man.

"Larkin and Lee have a red ... (Below threshold)

"Larkin and Lee have a red phone hook up with the Pentagon"

... and you can call Mickey Mouse on it, too!

mantis: "Oh yeah, Larry Cra... (Below threshold)

mantis: "Oh yeah, Larry Craig...or something (your welcome, Drago)."

Dude, that took way too long.

Don't leave me hanging baby.

Anyone who thinks a General... (Below threshold)

Anyone who thinks a General is not a political animal hasn't known any Generals. Makes me laugh every time I hear someone say, "Keep the Generals out of it and leave it to the Politicians."

Don't leave me hanging b... (Below threshold)

Don't leave me hanging baby.

As we learn from Aristotle, an important component of protasis is suspense, lest we lead the audience to despair. You do your part, Drago; I'll do mine.

JT:No one ever... (Below threshold)


No one ever listen to Zathras. Or Jay Tea.

Yeah, Kevin didn't listen when he was told not to corrupt the "environment" with the likes of the Blue denizens.

As soon as the crapola hit critical mass, catastrophic disc failure was sure to follow.

Lee, Larkin, Hooson and Crickmore lied and the disc drive died.

When asked about his pol... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

When asked about his policy he says he is listening to the generals. That is wrong.

Wasn't 'Bush should listen to the generals!' a Dem talking point last year? I guess now it is wrong. It's so hard to keep up with the Lefty memes.

comment of the day:<p... (Below threshold)

comment of the day:

Lee, Larkin, Hooson and Crickmore lied and the disc drive died.


Thanks Paul do you know how... (Below threshold)

Thanks Paul do you know how I can trademark it?

You can't fix stupid.... (Below threshold)
Ron White:

You can't fix stupid.

So - let me see if I get th... (Below threshold)

So - let me see if I get this straight.

The Dems were duped into confirming Petraeus 81-0 to go out and try to jump-start the stalled effort to get Iraq settled down.

He does the job - comes back and reports what he did. No more, no less.

And we're supposed to be upset that the Democrats were too stupid to figure out that was what Petraeus was going to do?

Tell me again just WHY, if they're so damn gullible, they should be in control? 'Cause I'm having a real hard time figuring out why we're supposed to want to have our government run by folks who would gleefully and quickly buy the Brooklyn Bridge from some fast-talking Hsu-salesman with a good line.

And they're supposed to be smart enough to guide our country through all the diplomatic snares and traps and troubles in the world today? Damn, you're asking me to suspend a hell of a lot of disbelief to buy that.

As Ron White said - "You can't fix stupid".

The Democrats in Congres... (Below threshold)

The Democrats in Congress are all stupid.

Stopped a little short there, it's not limited to the ones in congress. I believe it's referred to as 'universal coverage'.






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